The Great Thief

The Great Thief

Chapter 1462: Flying Dragon Reigns

Lu Li looked at the battle record.

He only just figured out what happened. The skill that Hachi Chan used at the end was not just a simple single damage skill; it had a damage-over-time effect. Even though it dealt minor damage, Onyxia’s HP was expended and she fell to the ground.

Now, it was incredibly fortunate that the Boss was in a weakened state after being Beserk.

This was the only level where the Boss would not regain any HP. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have even felt a scratch from this type of skill.

No matter, a kill was a kill.

And it was a First Clear too!

“Why is it them again? Why can’t someone get rid of these devils?” Infinite Silence cried out.

“It’s difficult to say. Didn’t you see that even Water Fairy got killed by them?” Dusk Bell replied.

“Gaming officials should say something! I want to report Ruling Sword – they’re the game’s BUG! Cancer! I recommend Dawn banning them!” Elevenless shouted.

“Elevenless is becoming more and more shameless,” Midnight Wizard thought to himself.

“I’ve played this game for 10 years and seen it all, looks like it’s Ruling Sword’s time,” Anti-War Faith commented.

“Looking at the combined strengths of the three guilds, Ruling Sword could win without fighting,” Roaming Life added.

“I’ve decided – Lu Li is my idol! He’s so manly, making a First Clear look like nothing. A few days earlier, Glory Capital boasted that they were ten times better than Ruling Sword. They probably feel like they’ve been slapped in the face now!” Baby Bear said.

“Should all major guilds feel that too?”

“If you think you can do it then why don’t you go ahead and try? You don’t know our hard work,” Sea Breaker defensively replied.

“Sea Breaker mate, let’s go PVP,” Gaze chimed in.

“Screw PVP, I’m still single,” Sea Breaker answered angrily.

“You make it seem like you won’t be single, even if you don’t go PVP,” Gaze replied.

“Looks like Peerless City has finally gotten up there and gotten a First Clear. Aren’t you happy and surprised? Haha…” Stellar Union Silver Radiant joined in.

“I refuse this! Don’t we have any pretty leaders?” Floral Paralysis added.

The topic of conversations had changed so rapidly and for some reason, fingers had ended up being pointed at Peerless City. Many fake accounts who weren’t even players had come and joined the conversation. These people were usually not genuine in their messages, but just want to expose the underlying infighting between guilds.

Azure Guard, Wings of Dawn, Seventh Heaven, Peerless City and perhaps Gale Legion were five guilds that were on-par in terms of abilities, and often fiercely competed among each other.

In reality, on the basis of total strength, these guilds ranked above Ruling Sword.

Considering the guild’s Elite Group, First Clears, and battles, most players would rank Ruling Sword around the third-tier guilds, and on a similar level with Purple Lunar Paradise and Majin Temple. Hence, all these people accusing Peerless City of latching on with their flattery, while having the intention to get First Clear themselves were rather dangerous.

In contrast, Drizzle Court didn’t have anyone saying anything about them.

Firstly, a majority of this guild was made up of female players. Unless you didn’t plan on ever getting a girlfriend, offending this many female players was asking for a death wish.

Secondly, Water Fairy and Lu Li had declared openly to be together, so it was reasonable for Lu Li to bring his girlfriend to Instance Dungeon.

Lu Li couldn’t be bothered dealing with all of this. Two hunters from Peerless City arrived as the System announcement conveniently notified them. Everyone was saying they were only here hitch on to the First Clear. As for how Peerless City felt, Lu Li had no obligation to make them feel any better.

His focus had been on Remnant Dream, who had unequivocally made it clear that she as a little Hunter was everyone’s princess.

Ruling Sword as a cute-yet-dumb combo had received much of the spotlight. Hachi Chan survived to the very end and killed the Boss, and Remnant Dream (carrying the hopes of everyone) went to go and loot the dead body.

At the same time, everyone’s EXP bars rose and their bags were filled with rewards after their First Clear.

In fact, this was much better than killing a BOSS and looting items. This was the reason why everyone had been fighting to get a First Clear.

Lu Li had a look at the bag and saw a T2 hat.

They were all level 60 Epic set items!

Lu Li then saw other players’ Skill Points and Enhanced Skills Book, and could only speechlessly cry – he really didn’t need any more equipment!

Once you reached Level 60, you couldn’t level up anymore. The Skill Points given every two levels no longer applied, so there was nothing else that the players wanted more of. If Skill Points could be traded for, they would be way more valuable than Epic equipment.

When it came to the Enhanced Skills Book, these could only be found and not bought.

Even though Enhanced Skills Books could be traded, no amount of gold would ever be worth it for the seller. Even if someone in the guild received an Enhanced Skills Book, the higher-ups could not ask for it to be given to the other players, because an Enhanced Skills Book determined a player’s fate.

There were two people who received Onyxia’s leather bag, which was equivalent to a Level 22 backpack. This was the biggest one so far.

There were a few unlucky ones who only got Dark Gold Amor – one of which was a Hunter of Peerless City. First Clear prizes weren’t all Epic – Dark Gold Armor also accounted for a certain percentage. In fact, this would only happen under the circumstances of Nightmare Difficulty.

If it were a Difficult level of Instance Dungeon, the First Clear prizes would only consist of a very small number of Epic equipment. The majority would be made up of Dark Gold, and even a certain amount of Gold equipment.

Elite Difficulty First Clears wouldn’t even have Epic equipment as rewards.

This was why Lu Li chose to First Clear Nightmare Difficulty every time. Not because he had a lot of time, nor because it would add to his reputation, but because the difference in First Clear rewards between Elite Difficulty and Nightmare Difficulty was so drastic.

What made people more envious was not only the Enhanced Skills and Skill Points, but also the Mount!


Onyxia’s Flying Dragon Reins!

The winner of this was none other than Dawn’s famous Remnant Dream.

As the saying went, fortune favoured fools. This is was to be entirely true with this cute-and-dumb duo. Hachi Chan was treated compassionately on whichever quest she undertook, and as a result, had all sorts of strange and exotic equipment.

Similarly, Remnant Dream’s Mount made the other players’ mouths water.

This was a flying Mount!

Only Lu Li knew how low the drop rate of this type of mount was.

Everyone was growing envious, and even Lu Li was tempted.

If someone else was the commander, they would have taken the mount and subsidized her with some more DKP or Gold Coins. After all, this is a team activity.

This game could have someone who was even luckier than Remnant Dream, but she had the greatest access to high-level Instance Dungeons. One could not make bricks without straw, so no matter how lucky you were, if you couldn’t get into Onyxia’s Instance Dungeon then it was of absolutely no use.

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