The Great Thief

Chapter 1722: Robes of the Guardian Saint

Chapter 1722: Robes of the Guardian Saint

Titan’s Relic!

It was said that C’Thun defeated and killed Titans in the Battle of the Ancients, so it carried equipment like this. This proved that the rumours were correct.

Titan’s Relic was an item that buffed all attributes and gave special Physical bonuses.

Basically, any Physical professional could use this item, but it was particularly suited for Paladins, Shamans or Druids because of its additional healing effect.

There was also a special effect that could reduce the Defense of any non-Boss target, which meant that this equipment was better for use in PVP. After all, most people would plow through monsters quite quickly, so reducing their defense didn’t mean much.

The monsters they would be fighting would have to be quite hardy to require such an item.

In the end, the equipment was taken by Peerless City’s Paladin Green Flag Wine, the famous Tire Killer of the gaming circle. This item was very suitable for him and he used almost all his DKP to purchase it. He also promised to buy everyone a round of drinks.

In fact, even Lu Li could use this equipment to great effect.

Only the last special effect would be wasted as he didn’t have many effective HP regeneration skills. Nevertheless, it would still be good in his hands.

Mu Qiu could also use it, but he had just received the Enhanced Skill Book.

So could Sakura Memories, but she wasn’t interested in being a PVP player. Her interests were more inclined towards enjoying the game rather than using it as a means of earning income. There were rumours that claimed that if she couldn’t cut it in the real would, she could go home to inherit her family business which was worth millions.

The Penetrating Eye of Infinite Depths!

Something decent had finally been dropped, otherwise, it wouldn’t have felt like they had just defeated C’Thun.

This equipment was an extremely rare Legendary piece of jewellery.

This equipment had a total of five special effects and undoubtedly deserved to be called a Legendary item.

The last special effect was rather unique. When the player’s HP was less than 5%, the item would activate to give them invulnerability for 30 seconds. When the player died, the

special effect would trigger again and allow the player to continue fighting for 30 seconds.

This meant that the player could have a 1 minute window of invulnerability.

During this minute, that player could keep taking or dealing damage without issue. This special effect didn’t conflict with any other special effects either.

The rest of the special effects were also useful, but none were as eye-catching as the fifth.

“We’ll let the two Priests fight over this one. Everyone else, stay out of it,” Lu Li said. This judgment was fair and no one could really say anything.

Although it could be used by any Magic profession, it was definitely something that was more suite to Healers.

Innocent Child could use it, but he just had too few DKP. Lu Li couldn’t blatantly just give it to him either. Besides, a Druid’s survivability was far greater than a Priest’s anyway.

Eventually, March Rain won the item, exhausting all of her DKP in the process.

The next time a similar item was dropped, there was no doubt that it would go to Drizzle Court’s Priest.

The next items that were dropped were various quest items. Anyone who received the C’Thun quest could loot the body and gain those items. Lu Li was part of this group, and he received a soul fragment of C’Thun.

This item could be used to treat Mar’alith’s wife.

Mar’alith couldn’t wait to see Natalia, and was indifferent to their looting process.

As such, Lu Li just told everyone to travel to Natalya’s location, and discuss what First Clear rewards they had received. The most excited person seemed to be Deep Watersong.

“Haha, it’s an Enhanced Skill book! I got an Enhanced Skill Book! I finally got an Enhanced Skill Book!”

Deep Watersong almost burst into tears. Enhanced Skill Books were even more precious than Skill Points. He had defeated quite a few Bosses, but was just unable to find the Enhanced Skill book for Bear Tank. He had actually begun to regret playing this class.

But who would have thought that the Enhance Skill book that he wanted would suddenly appear now?

“Who else got an Enhanced Skill book?” Lu Li asked as he put his item into his backpack, not wanting to let anyone else see it.

He had received a pretty good… Dark Gold equipment!

He was just becoming more and more unlucky, ever since he looted that Steel item back in the Spider Lair. It was likely that his numbers were being tweaked to maintain balance within the game.

“I got a Skill Point,” Azure Sea Breeze said proudly. He didn’t know what lacklustre reward Lu Li got, but he could tell that it wasn’t good from his expression. One could roughly tell what a player in the party had received just by looking at their face. To Azure Sea Breeze, this Skill Point was even more precious than equipment.

No matter how good the equipment, it would eventually be replaced when they could train to level 70. On the other hand, Skill Points would always be relevant.

Most people received equipment as this was the most common reward.

However, most of them received Epic equipment, as this was a First Clear of an Instance Dungeon. The only exception was Lu Li.

Under normal circumstances, everyone would receive Epic equipment relevant to their profession. However, the item also had to be connected to the Ahn’Qiraj Temple Instance Dungeon, which came with advantages and disadvantages. Different players from different professions would have different opinions about that.

However, there was one item that they knew was really valuable.

Robes of the Guardian Saint!

This was the item that March Rain had been rewarded with – healer robes for the Priest profession.

A girl’s understanding of equipment was different from a boy’s. It wasn’t that they didn’t value the attributes, but they didn’t value them as much. If an equipment’s attributes were bad, a boy would be disgusted while a girl would still consider wearing it for its aesthetic value.

When March Rain put the robe on, she was instantly surrounding by all the other girls.

It was a colour that Lu Li couldn’t quite identify. Most men would say that it was a blue colour with a tint of green.

However, any man could tell that March Rain looked beautiful in the robes. She was almost as beautiful as Water Fairy now.

“I want it too!” Water Fairy cried as she pulled at Lu Li’s fingers.

“Uh…” Lu Li was speechless. She was a Thief, so why would she want a robe like that? However, he was someone with a girlfriend now, so he had no choice but to accept.

“I will definitely help you farm one.”

The Robes of the Guardian Saint didn’t actually have any profession limitations, so anyone could wear them.

Although the drop rate was low, it was definitely possible to farm one with the strength of the three guilds.

The attributes of this item were alright, and weren’t as good as what March Rain already had, but it could still be used as a fashion piece.

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