The Great Thief

Chapter 1940: Winterspring Stronghold

Chapter 1940: Winterspring Stronghold

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If you didn’t want to become the target of the public, then you needed to shy away temporarily.

To shy away didn’t mean to hide into a corner in the middle of nowhere. Lu Li was commanding high up in the sky and found a club that wanted to stay away from the fighting.

This club had already been encircled and suppressed by the people led by Lu Li. Now, there were only 40 or so people left. They planned to hide until the other clubs were done with fighting, then take over again.

As for going to sneakily destroy the Stronghold tablet, that was looking for death.

The tablet required at least 5 minutes to break through, and an announcement would be made if it was attacked. Once it got to that time, they would become a target of the public.

These 40 or so people were rather careless. They didn’t realize that they were being hunted down.

Lu Li didn’t need to participate in the ensuing fight.

Sky Moon needed independence and similarly, Judgment Spear needed growth.

The main and sub-clubs who had performed best in the gaming circle were Drizzle Court and Glory Capital. Drizzle Court’s Peerless City was in the top 10, while Gale Legion was the same.

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As Lu Li observed the tangled battle, he found that these people fought very conservatively.

A lot of the time, small skirmishes would break out, as if they were waiting for something.

It could be clearly seen that they were waiting for Ruling Sword’s Judgement Spear, who was waiting behind them.

As Lu Li watched from the sky, other clubs found it difficult to even touch Judgement Spear.

Lu Li watched the drama from the side as the players of Judgment Spear eliminated those 40 or so opponents.

No matter how amazing the battle formation, the situation of losing members in a large battle was inevitable.

“Let’s go with guerrilla warfare if the opportunity comes. If there’s no opportunity, then we can just play hide and seek. I don’t believe that these clubs can truly be cohesive and harmonious.”

Lu Li knew how ugly human nature could be, especially when it came to personal interests.

These clubs who had reached temporary agreements didn’t have any foundation for cooperation.

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Sure enough, after not being able to find Judgement Spear in the ten minutes, there was finally a club who couldn’t suppress themselves anymore and attacked the Stronghold tablet.

War erupted in this moment. The club that attacked the Stronghold tablet was targeted by everyone else.

“You guys go find somewhere and fight monsters. Quickly get to level 70 and find some equipment. You don’t need to participate in the fight; let them all fight first.”

Lu Li was worried this was a trap and stopped his team’s plans of attacking.

He himself also found an opportunity to kill off a few players who were left behind and successfully advanced to level 70.

Many of the players in the tangled battled still hadn’t reach level 70. After all, Judgment Spear had killed a majority of the players, so their Experience had increased by a massive proportion.

Lu Li observed for a while and determined that this wasn’t an act. Hence, he started to transfer some of his team closer to the Stronghold tablet.

After the Stronghold tablet had been claimed, it did not mean the end of the Stronghold battle. The person with the tablet needed to protect it for 5 minutes. Victory could only be achieved if it was not lost within these 5 minutes.

In the end, the tablet was obtained by a Warrior player. He wore a lot of defensive equipment, and had the protection of a couple of teammates.

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He didn’t hesitate in the moment and charged out of the circle, then ran wildly the whole way.

As long as he didn’t die in 5 minutes, they would be the owners of the Stronghold. They didn’t care if they had made a lot of enemies in the process.

The other clubs became upset as soon as they saw this. There was no point in fighting now. At least in normal Stronghold battles, people could still pick up some equipment of their opponent afterwards. However, in the Grand Melee, they all had nothing going into it. So, naturally they had nothing to come out of it.

The people who had the tablet laughed loudly at everyone. Everyone’s speed while horse-riding was the same, so it looked like there was no way they could catch up to him.

This person’s smile still hadn’t stopped, until an army of people appeared in front of him. They encircled him, and he was already in the middle without him realising.

Or, it could be said that they had run headfirst into the circle.

“First and second team, kill them. Everyone else, stop our enemies. Finish this battle quickly; I’ll collect the tablet,” Lu Li ordered and fell from the sky as he flew straight towards the person with the tablet.

This person was emanating a golden halo from head to toe so there was no way he had the wrong guy.

Lu Li collected the tablet, then transformed into a crow straight away, while the others welcomed the pursuing troops to buy him time.

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A dark red crow emanating a golden halo flew past in the sky and spread its wings into the distance as everyone watched.

This also signalled that the Stronghold battle was at its end.

Judgement Spear claimed the Winterspring Stronghold and became the new owners.

At the same time, Fat Monkey, who was poor because he had insisted to pay for everyone and rejected Square Root 3’s suggestion to apply for reimbursement, had finally become ‘fat’ again.

He had bet on Judgement Spear emerging victorious.

The other gamblers hadn’t really looked favourably upon Judgement Spear.

They even thought that Judgement Spear could very much be the first team to be eliminated because the other clubs would gang up on them. However, they also knew that Ruling Sword would definitely send some of their own members to participate.

Ruling Sword’s three strongholds were now protected firmly under the Fel Reaver.

There wasn’t much change after this Stronghold battle; the two newly-released Strongholds were the focus.

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Loch Modan was taken by Stellar Union. Other than this new Stronghold, they also occupied the Arathi Highlands.

Ruling Sword, Drizzle Court, Peerless City, Glory Capital, Blood Red War Flag, Seventh Heaven, and now Stellar Union – these 7 clubs all occupied at least two Strongholds. There were others that occupied one, and some of them had relations with these seven clubs as principal and subordinate.

One could only imagine how intense the next Stronghold battle would be.

Once the time came, there was no guarantee how many people Ruling Sword could transfer to help Judgement Spear. At the very most, they could assist them with two Fel Reavers. It would be all up to themselves to see if they could handle it.

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