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Cantstopreading69420 4
Chapter 494 4 days ago

This is my favorite sports Novel. The MC is not straight away OP he does a lot of hardwork, also the other character are also likeable and the novel just doesn't focus on MC which is great to see. I just wish it had more chapter frequency

Chapter 493 20 days ago

One of the best sports novels out there if not the best . The pros: great details in describing football matches and the movement of the players even if you've never watched football you can still get the jist of it and the mc development as a player is enjoyable to read and nice progression of the story overall. The cons : this a sport novel so I was worried about introducing a love interest and my worries came true it adds absolutely nothing to the story and it's also done poorly and the last negative thing I have to say about this is the repetition of certain stuff in the novel like every time something good or bad happens the only sentence that is used " luckily lady luck was on our side or wasn't" and it became annoying after while. Overall a good story 4 out 5 for me .

AncestorDuck 5
Chapter 493 23 days ago

A great sports novel that mixes system elements with realism. The main character isn't the only person you find yourself rooting for. the side characters are all likeable and multidimensional. There isn't people trying to suppress the main character for no reason like in a lot of system novels(yet). The author introduces unique problems to challenge the MC while still making him strong. Only downside about the novel is that chapters aren't released very fast.

Centragon 3
Chapter 300 28 days ago

A well-written novel geared at sporting aficionados that uses the frequent motif of reliving a life scarred by regrets with a system that rewards work and achievement with the athletic improvement required to become the Greatest of All Time. This narrative is notable for its execution rather than its concept, but it is no less entertaining as a result.

Bhadra10 3
Chapter 459 29 days ago

fantastic sports novel!!! If you enjoy reading, this is the book for you!!! My first sports novel and i loved it . . . Well researched novel. .

MindlessGenius 11
Chapter 489 one month ago

This is my first sports novel i ever read. . i enjoy it first chap till the updated chap. . it is really great read and the only downside i may say is, the romance is kinda force somehow and ruined the story a lit bit for me. . because i do like slow romance and taking it course naturally.

Twinlight 9
Chapter 488 one month ago

This is one of the best novel you will read. It is fun and has many real information about world we live in, But the updates are slow otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.

Garett 2
Chapter 346 one month ago

Perhaps it is because I am a football fan and enjoy watching the game, as well as playing management football games, so finding this novel to my liking. I enjoyed the detailed matches on the field, and how the MC plays and bypass opponents etc. However, if this is detailed combat, like those hugely numerous fighting novels out there, it will be huge turn off for me. So conclusion, more football novels please, fighting/combat novels are just too many. Giving a 4 because not everything is to my liking which I cannot mention here.

TheFrogger 1
Chapter n/a 2 months ago

great sport novel!!! If you want to have a nice read this definitely for you!!! A little bit about the story: He( Zachary Bemba) want to become the GOAT of football

Lamperouge 3
Chapter n/a 2 months ago

Best sport novel you can find, if you're a fan of Football or even if you are one of the rare species that don't like it, I , your daddy goat 🐐 here will assure you that you won't regret it.