The Hero Returns
The Hero Returns

The Hero Returns




475 Chapters 3.36M Views 5.78K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

The Hero Returns novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author B.Ain. 475 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The strongest hero of humanity, Kim Sung Bin.

He threw everything on the line and fought but… He still couldn’t prevent the destruction of the world.

But his legend has just begun as he returns 20 years into the past.

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  • chibipotato

    damn it. it's good but almost all of the characters are male. there are male characters fawning over the mc, is friendly to the mc, the enemies are almost all male and heck, even his admirers are males too! the author doesn't know how to balance his story. the abundance of male characters kinda ruined this novel tbh. it's like 8/2 male and female ratio. the longer it lasts, the more frustrating it got. what's next? a legendary sword possessed by another male character? another villain male character? or whatever it is as long as it's a male character? heck. looks like the author didn't like females to be included on his novel or he simply didn't know how to portray female characters

    Edited: 05 Dec, 11:51
    yesterday 1 Likes
  • Purgatory

    Where is the fl

    2 days ago 0 Likes
  • basicc

    im at 300 it has the slow romance tag, when do i see the fl?

    Edited: 23 Nov, 04:20
    13 days ago 1 Likes
    • lnwUser109809

      Yeah idk hahaha. Caught up to the latest chapter Spoiler Alertand no fl yet.

      4 days ago 0 Likes
    • Aesaran

      I'm all the way caught up and I haven't seen any sign of romance so your guess is as good as mine ;-;

      12 days ago 4 Likes
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  • lnwUser109148

    Is this adapted to manhwa???

    Edited: 18 Nov, 09:14
    17 days ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser110651

    Story is good. I would read it without thinking too deeply, everyone MC meets says he's strong at least once, even the ones built up to be the strongest just end up begging him to help. Some arcs are completely pointless and add nothing except showcasing. . you guessed it, how strong the MC is. The big plot twist is kinda lame but once again, don't think too deeply about it and you'll enjoy the story. Would recommend reading if you're bored

    21 days ago 4 Likes
  • Pixmania

    it's not like that at all, the plot and storyline is very well written with plot twists and is different from all those types of novels which has the same repititive plot

    24 days ago 0 Likes
  • ySkippy

    Chap43 mc: 'tis but a scratch

    26 days ago 0 Likes
  • YourOnlyMr

    Bro just read it one of the best dungeon novels. It has great plot, story, twist, characters, and even though Mc is Op there is always someone powerful than him and not everyone is his enemy. Many characters are there , some are his friends some teacher and Some brothers. U will like surely ✌️

    1 months ago 5 Likes
  • lnwUser102049

    is this using repetitive plot, like defeat someone arrogant, and then someone stronger come to revenge him, and i want to ask is the mc super overpower like there is no one who can defeat him?, if so then i will skip cz i dont really like novel like thay

    1 months ago 1 Likes
    • aji549

      U r in the wrong genre bruh. This is a dungeon/gates, Hero - demon king, return to the past kinda story not a cultivation novel.

      12 days ago 1 Likes
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  • Selene237

    I finished this novel (i have read all chapters that are available right now) with almost tears in my eyes... (emotion). I've been reading this novel for 2 months and I have enjoyed it every second of lecture. 9,8/10. If you have a lot of time to read and you enjoy reading a light novel with a mc who gets overpowered by time, this is your novel.

    1 months ago 2 Likes