The Human Emperor

The Human Emperor

Chapter 1531: Life Execution!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong shot forward, and as everyone watched on, the two supreme experts collided like comets. Boom! Powerful shockwaves with immense force exploded outward.

In the air, forty to fifty meters from the ground, the Deer Immortal and Wang Chong fiercely collided against each other, one gold and one white, two scorching suns battling for supremacy. Their light was so blinding that the martial artists could hardly open their eyes.

“Immortals Pursue the Deer!”

“Life Execution!”

The callous voices of the Deer Immortal and Wang Chong rang out in everyone’s ears. The bleating of deer began to resound through the air and clouds began to gather. Rumble! Six thick golden arms, bursting with muscle, suddenly began to punch at Wang Chong from various directions.

‘Immortals Pursue the Deer’!

The six massive arms naturally represented the Immortals pursuing the deer. When breaking the Origin Immortal Formation, the Deer Immortal had only used two of these arms, but they had been wholly sufficient to tear apart the formation’s defensive barrier. One could easily conjecture what the power of six arms would be.

Even Song Yuanyi had to grimace upon seeing this attack that seemed like the judgment of the Immortals.

Worry appeared in everyone’s eyes. The Deer Immortal was far too powerful, much more frightening than the Goat Immortal. And once Wang Chong was defeated, all of them would be doomed.

But both Song Yuanyi and the Deer Immortal had clearly underestimated Wang Chong!

Waves of scorching and frightening Subtle realm energy converged on Wang Chong’s body, and Wang Chong’s power continued to swell to frightening heights.

More importantly, as he clashed with the Deer Immortal, Wang Chong immediately sent his mind into the white chess piece hidden within his bosom, communicating with the thoughts that the peerless sword expert Su Zhengchen, the uncrowned king of the Central Plains, had left upon it.

Just like how the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had techniques like the Great Yin Yang Art, Vast Heaven Earth Art, and Great Destruction Art that could maximize one’s energy, the Art of God and Demon Obliteration naturally had its own. And though this art was second to the Origin Immortal Art, when it came purely to offensive power, this supreme sword art even surpassed it.

The Art of God and Demon Obliteration, as the world’s most terrifying sword art, was not so simple and straightforward that its power was expressed by swinging one’s sword. It contained its own frightening sword techniques, but Wang Chong had always been at the level of minor understanding, so he had naturally been unable to use these supreme techniques.

But that was then, and this was now…

‘Life Execution’!

This was the first technique that Wang Chong had comprehended from the white chess piece. Not even Wang Chong had imagined that Senior Su had left behind a part of his will and the techniques of the Art of God and Demon Obliteration within the chess piece.


A destructive intent that surpassed time and space rose up from Wang Chong’s body. This pure and somber sword intent was imbued with a dreadful energy that would make any living being tremble in fear.

This sword was meant solely for taking lives!

The path of the sword was the path of killing!

A soldier needed to be fierce. The apex of the path of the sword was to live by killing. Only immense slaughter could display the full power of the path of the sword. When all living beings in the world could be executed, what else remained to be killed?

As Wang Chong infused his mind into the sword intent of the ‘Life Execution’, he suddenly understood why Su Zhengchen had refused the request of so many nobles to pass down this supreme technique to anyone.

This sword art emphasized killing too much!

This was never met for kings and sovereigns to use. How could a sovereign who could kill all living beings possibly be a wise sovereign?

Only Great Generals on the border could fully express its power.


As this thought flitted through his mind, Wang Chong’s Sword Qi and the Deer Immortal’s attack fiercely collided.

The sword split itself into six, each one moving to block one arm of the Deer Immortal’s ‘Immortals Pursue the Deer’.

The Deer Immortal called out in a cruel tone, “Brat, you can’t—”

He had just been about to say ‘you can’t win’, but a moment later, a destructive sword intent slammed into his mind.

The destructive sword intent of this attack divided into thousands of strands that began to assail the Deer Immortal’s mind.

The Deer Immortal’s face froze in shock, and he failed to finish his sentence.

He had thought that he had stopped Wang Chong’s sword technique, never imagining how terrifying it could be. Stopping the Sword Qi alone was not enough. One also had to block the vicious sword intent as well.

A significant amount of the Deer Immortal’s mind had been eaten away by this sword intent.

The Deer Immortal’s heart shivered, and he immediately cast aside all his disregard for Wang Chong and began to fiercely battle with him.

“Bastard! No matter what, you must die!”

The Deer Immortal narrowed his eyes as killing intent erupted in his heart. At the same time, the six golden arms began to rain down attacks at Wang Chong from various directions.

Each blow from these arms was enough to sunder mountains. Their attacks were fast, vicious, and constantly changing position.

The martial artists on the ground turned ghastly pale at this offensive, gulping in fear.

Song Yuanyi, Xie Guangting, the Black Yin Ancestor, and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor also had solemn expressions, deep fear in their eyes.

The Deer Immortal was unimaginably powerful. Only one of those arms would be difficult to take, and Wang Chong had to deal with six at once.

“Come! Let me see just how much ability you have!”

Dazzling bolts of Sword Qi tore through the air, slamming into the golden energy of the Deer Immortal.

Wang Chong’s voice brimming with fighting intent resounded through the air.

The stronger, the better!

This was a unique aspect of Wang Chong’s personality. The Deer Immortal’s immense strength would have made a normal person afraid to fight, but it only further stimulated Wang Chong’s fighting intent.


The air howled as a grandiose bolt of Sword Qi twenty to thirty feet long tore through the air and slammed into a massive golden arm.

Before the light of the first bolt had begun to fade, the second bolt was shooting forward.

A third, a fourth, a fifth… Wang Chong’s bolts of Sword Qi were like an endless river, ceaselessly coming forward, each one intent on tearing apart the heavens.

These dreadful bolts of Sword Qi slammed into the massive Immortal arms, each collision making the martial artists and men in black pale in shock.

“How could this be? Just how powerful is this kid?!”

The most shocked of all was the Black Yin Ancestor, who frequently referred to Wang Chong as just a ‘kid’ or ‘brat’.

He had been completely pessimistic about Wang Chong’s chances before the battle, not because of his grudge against Wang Chong, but because the masked men leading the men in black were simply too powerful. But this battle before him was upsetting his understanding of the world.

In the little time that had passed, Wang Chong seemed to have completely transformed, his strength rising to inconceivable levels.

If Wang Chong had displayed this fearsome cultivation level from the very start, the Black Yin Ancestor would have never dared to make any trouble for him. Let alone pursuing, he would have kept very, very far away.

Song Yuanyi was just as stunned as his evil path counterpart.

Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting looked up at the air, their eyes constantly flashing.

The heaven-shaking battle had left them speechless, far exceeding the bounds of their imagination.


As explosions rang out endlessly, Wang Chong and the Deer Immortal moved around like ghosts, their positions constantly shifting.

The Immortal techniques of the Deer Immortal were powerful, but the Art of God and Demon Obliteration was not one bit weaker.

The Deer Immortal’s advantage in strength and speed were completely matched by Wang Chong’s tangible Psychic Energy and the offensive might of the sword.

One shockwave after another was created by their clashes, drowning the entire core region in a storm.

The winds blew so hard that they seemed as heavy as mountains, and they blasted into the rock walls.

Even the thick fog in the distance had thinned, and more than ninety percent of the lanterns lining the stone bridge had gone out. The remaining lanterns were at the very edge of the stone bridge, and these lanterns gave off a weak and flickering light.

The more the Deer Immortal battled, the more astonished he was. He had used every move in his arsenal, but he had still not been able to kill Wang Chong.

“Puny mortal, I’d like to see how long you can last!”

The Deer Immortal was infuriated. This was the first time he had ever encountered such a powerful foe, and this display in front of so many subordinates robbed him of all his dignity. But a moment later, the Deer Immortal felt a strange pulse of energy from the ground. Turning his senses to the area, the Deer Immortal instantly grimaced.



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