The Human Emperor

Chapter 1879: The Eastern Island Elites!

Chapter 1879: The Eastern Island Elites!

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Wang Chong’s eyes flashed. In a corner of the Forbidden Art Sea, he had glimpsed a black-robed figure, the last shred of the High Priest’s mind. He immediately moved over to that corner, but he was too late. The High Priest was gone.

A dark cloud of worry appeared on Wang Chong’s brow.

His stellar universe had already engulfed this area, and there was nothing that the universe could not hold. Logically, even if the last sliver of the High Priest’s soul had wanted to escape, it should not have escaped Wang Chong’s notice, but he really had managed to escape.

“It seems that he still has many secrets! This man… is far too mysterious!”

Wang Chong recalled the High Priest’s parting words. For a moment, he even believed that this ‘High Priest’ was just a substitute and that he had not killed the real one. Or else that this High Priest was just an avatar being commanded by another.

But these were merely speculations, and Wang Chong soon regained his composure.

“Regardless, he no longer poses a threat for this war!” Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

Although the enemy had escaped, the strike of the stellar universe had left him heavily injured, even on the verge of death. There was no question about this. In other words, no matter how many more secrets the ‘High Priest’ had, Wang Chong had used his strength to ‘eliminate’ him from the battlefield.

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With these thoughts in mind, Wang Chong quickly calmed down.

“It’s time to leave!”

The situation on the battlefield was constantly shifting. Though he had defeated the High Priest and eliminated this formidable threat, Wang Chong could already sense that the battle was beginning to turn against the Great Tang.


All the suns, nebulas, and black holes disappeared as Wang Chong withdrew his stellar universe, and his mind began to withdraw back into his own body.


As Wang Chong opened his eyes, his ears were greeted with heaven-shaking roars. He immediately saw that the battlefield was engulfed in intense fighting, and in the distance, he spotted the bedraggled figure of Li Junxian fearlessly leading the Confucian Sect in stopping the Arab forces from joining their ‘V’.

The Arabs were continuing to build up their advantage, and Li Junxian’s location was now the floodgate. The moment the Confucian Sect fell, the entire Tang defense line would collapse, and even Wang Zhongsi, Zhangchou Jianqiong, Gao Xianzhi, and the other Great Generals would be in dire straits.

The situation was precarious and extremely grim for the Great Tang!


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A general near Wang Chong cried out in elation, the first to realize that Wang Chong had ‘awoken’. The Arabs were simply too numerous, and at this stage in the battle, everyone was truly helpless as to what to do.

Wang Chong was the supreme commander of this army, and the news that he had awoken was truly worth celebrating.


Wang Chong gave a slight nod that instantly calmed down the nervous general.

“There’s no need to worry. I have a plan!”

As Wang Chong spoke, he glanced at the distant Khatabah. Based on his original plan, the Arabs should have never been able to push past his steel defense line, regardless of their numbers.

There was no doubt that this was all the work of Khatabah!

Arabia was not a country that placed much emphasis on military strategy, but this did not mean that it did not have any formidable strategists. It was obvious that, just like Wang Chong, Khatabah, beneath his calm exterior, had been laying down plans this entire time.

Others might have been surprised by this, but not Wang Chong.

If he didn’t have this ability, he would have let down his title as the Arabian Empire’s most legendary existence!

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“Alas, you’re just a little lacking!”

Wang Chong coldly chuckled, a sharp gleam in his eyes.

“Su Hanshan, cover with the ballistae! Aim to the front and right, thirty-five degrees, a distance of three hundred and forty-five! Aim well and shoot in unison!”

Rumble! A powerful mental wave entered Su Hanshan’s mind.

“Your Highness!”

Su Hanshan was startled, a hint of happiness flashing in his eyes.

“Adjust to an angle of thirty-five degrees and a distance of three hundred and forty-five! Release!”


The air exploded, gears groaning as ballista bolts were unleashed like raging dragons. And their target… was not the Arab cavalry fighting the Confucian Sect, nor was it the God’s Ordained Cavalry or Adnan’s Savage Fang Army. Rather, it was an unremarkable area on the right flank.

At present, this area seemed to have no connection to the rest of the battlefield.

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“Aaah!” As the ballista bolts descended, a force of around one thousand Arab cavalry was wiped out.

The bodies of humans and horses dropped to the ground.


This was no problem for master archers, but firing a ballista was not so easy. This was particularly the case in a melee where friend and foe were mixed together. Trying to strike the enemy while not injuring one’s own side was extremely difficult.

In addition, in order to ensure accuracy, firing speed had to slow down. Amongst the tens of thousands of ballista soldiers under Su Hanshan’s command, only a small group was capable of this feat.

But this small group was enough for Wang Chong’s needs.

As those thousand-some Arab cavalry were brought down, two groups of soldiers on the Great Tang side suddenly realized that there was no barrier between them, and the two sides immediately merged.

“Kouluoxisi!” (Kill)

A sharp cry rang out from the battlefield, not in the Han language or in any Hu language, but a completely different one. Even the distant Su Hanshan who had assisted them was taken aback.

“Eastern Islanders!”

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As someone who had interacted with Miyasame Ayaka before, Su Hanshan immediately recognized the language.

Upon returning from the east, Xue Qianjun had brought back both his original army and a force of tens of thousands of elites from the Eastern Islands. These people were not equipped as well as the Tang soldiers, and their fighting power was somewhat lacking. Once the battle began, they had suffered significant losses.

But these people were fearless. Once they received an order, they would suicidally throw themselves into completing it, even more dauntlessly than the Arabs.

“Miyasame, order the army to attack the enemy on the left flank!” Wang Chong immediately sent a mental wave toward the armored general commanding the Eastern Islanders.

“Yes!” the general respectfully replied. It was none other than Miyasame Ayaka.

When Xue Qianjun returned with this army of Eastern Islanders, Wang Chong had immediately given them to Miyasame Ayaka to command, as they shared the same homeland. Rumble! The Eastern Island soldiers charged heedlessly toward the southeast, throwing back another force of Arab cavalry.

The Tang soldiers to the left and right immediately seized this chance, closing in on both sides to surround the Arabs from three sides, swiftly crushing this force before moving on to a nearby Arab force.

With one order, the balance of power on the right flank was overturned. The six hundred thousand soldiers had all been deployed on the battlefield, and there had been no more soldiers to go around, but under Wang Chong’s direction, a force of around ten thousand men had been freed up, and it was growing in number.

This development came as a great shock to generals on both sides, Arab and Tang.

“Hurry up and kill those Confucians! Crush them!”

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Adnan roared as he swung his saber at Wang Zhongsi.

He had campaigned with Khatabah for many years, and when this force of Tang soldiers was freed up, Adnan instinctively sensed their strategic objective and felt endangered.

“Hmph! Too late!”

Wang Chong heard Adnan’s voice and snorted. This battle was a contest between him and Khatabah. What right did a nobody like Adnan have to participate? A plan put into motion could not be stopped. This was a basic and necessary skill for a top-class commander.

“Giant ballistae, hear my order! Change targets! Units, three, four, six, eight […] thirty, concentrate on the third rhino Behemoth! Release!”

Wang Chong’s mental wave swept out, instantly communicating with the several dozen giant ballistae. These giant ballistae were divided into teams and were firing at various Behemoths, but when they received Wang Chong’s order, they all targeted a single rhino Behemoth.


There was a great boom that even drowned out the howl of tens of thousands of ballista bolts, and those long giant ballista bolts thudded into the head of that rhino Behemoth.


With a tragic howl and one strike from the Behemoth Slayer atop the Behemoth, the massive beast staggered and fell, collapsing onto the army of Arab soldiers to the right of the Confucian Sect.

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“Not good! A Behemoth’s coming!”

“Retreat! Retreat!”

The Arab cavalry widened their eyes in fear.

The Behemoth Army was an allied force, and so all of them had been focused on dealing with the Confucian Sect experts, not expecting a sudden development from this angle.

The massive body of the Behemoth was certain to crush anyone beneath it.

Boom! The soldiers scattered in panic, but on this packed battlefield, escaping was easier said than done.

Kaboom! The howling Behemoth’s body crashed down.


The pale-faced Arab cavalry only had time to scream before their lives were snuffed out by the immense weight of the Behemoth. The earth shuddered and groaned as four to five thousand Arab cavalry were pulverized.

At the same time, under Wang Chong’s command, another force of Tang soldiers had been freed up on the left flank. Together with Miyasame Ayaka’s army of ten-thousand-some soldiers, they attacked the V from the left and right.

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In the space of a few seconds, the situation had reversed. Not only had the Nine Dragon Army smoothly escaped being encircled, it was now the two flanking Arab armies, God’s Ordained Cavalry, and the Savage Fang Army that were in danger.

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