The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 619: Chapter 616:Invasion[2]

619 Chapter 616:Invasion[2]

A moment of silence lingered as everyone felt dense undulations of powerful energy shaking the entire void.

Alex stepped to relay orders.

"Soldiers, I am not going to spout some motivational bullshit at this moment."

The Emperor and the Elders who heard this suddenly coughed blood wondering now what kind of nonsense was this guy spouting.

Alex raised his fist towards heaven and roared.

"Because there is no reason for that. Our win has been set in stone and with me leading you, is there any need for motivation?"

"All you need is to fight to your heart's content and tear down the enemy that appears out of the hole. While fighting don't be conceited. Try to take the one you can and if there is any danger retreat. When you step back, there are others to step up for you."

"All you need is to believe in yourself and believe in your comrade."

Alex spread his arms, erupting his holy aura that spread around the place, making those who heard his words raise their heads with their blood boiling for battle.

"So tell me what we are here for?"

"To KILL!"



"Soldiers, today the world shall witness a storm of kill."


"I can't hear you."








With Alex's command, a hundred thousand warriors that had trained in hell reached the peak along with hidden forces of the world and started moving towards the place that emitted dense energy.


Inside the void...

Thousands of dark shadowy creatures gathered moving through the passage.

"Your Excellency, we have found the opening of the passage. We just need your command to move.

One of God's ranked Shadow creatures who belong to the vanguard of the Army reported.

"Hmm!" Paimon, who was leading the charge, nodded.

"Creatures birthed by darkness and bred by chaos. After holding on for so long and abstaining from causing a mess, it was time for us to do what we are born and enjoy to our heart's content."Paimon who is one of the heavenly generals under the God Of Darkness roared.

"Can you see that bright glowing spot in the void," Paimon asked, pointing to his singer.




"Inside it, lives a group of mongrels that had tried to defy our God and tarnish him. They denied his divine presence and refused to obey God's will. So, it is time for us to take revenge for disrespecting our Mighty Gods."

"Let us show them the Divine might of our God's forces and the might of our united belief."

"Go and break it!"Paimon roared.

"Create a hole through the void. If it's not enough, break through the place and make it large enough for our army to pass through. Show the lowly ants the feeling of despair as they take their last breath. Make them agonise over their powerlessness in the face of our strength."Paimon spoke with a sneer.

He didn't know why his God was so cautious about attacking this world. In his opinion, there is no need to fret over such a small world after they took over countless worlds.

'There is only one guy who has enough strength to defend but I am also God King. There is no need to waste time. I will conquer this entire world and make the guy kneel before God, devour this entire world into darkness.'

As Paimon submerged in his fantasies, the creature of shadows started to hack through the void to forcefully create a gateway that would allow them to descend into Everton.

Leia who was seeing this scene became.

'What the hell are they doing? Why are they breaking into the void to create a pathway when there is already one.'

The spell created a passage that connected with the world God of Darkness was residing now which would teleport the army of God of Darkness below their world with a small opening to allow access. However, the passage opening wasn't big enough to allow all troops to appear at once so they should take turns to come out.

The whole point was to come here stealthily and take down the other side in surprise but this guy.....

The split soul of the God of Darkness that was residing in Leia was turned speechless witnessing his subordinate actions.

'This shithead. Can't he just do what he is ordered?'

If Alex heard this, he would surely mock the God Of Darkness.

When the boss is a shithead, how can the one below him be normal?

A huge crack appeared over the land mass from below plunging the huge palace along with the city into endless darkness.

The crackling resonated all around the place. If not for arrays locking the place, the entire world would shake.

"Advance!"Paimon ordered.

"Leave no mercy. Spare no one, kill everyone."


The Pseudo Gods, and Demigods all jumped up before Paimon followed.

Behind him, a hundred-thousand-strong Army of destruction followed as they laughed out in preparation for one-sided slaughter.

However, something unexpected happened.

As soon as Paimon landed on the ground, he was suddenly struck by a strong force freezing his entire body.

The entire army who came from behind also froze in their face standing rooted in their place.

The surrounding him became dark shrouding the entire world in deathly stillness.

As he looked around, his ears suddenly caught wheezing and swishing sounds that started to become louder and louder.

At that moment, he suddenly felt an overwhelming presence and saw a golden-haired man standing with his hands folded behind his back.

"Oh!Paimon, so it's you. It's good to have a visitor from the other side. I was a bit bored so I came here myself to accompany you."

"How did you know me?"Paimon asked, confused.

He didn't fight back waiting to find out what antics this silly human was going to use.

"I know you and those black shitheads very well that's why I prepared a grand welcome. The grandest welcome that one could ever hand."


With an evil grin, Alex spread his arms and shouted.

"Sit back and enjoy my heavenly welcome."

The moment the words fall, the darkness around resides and the scene that is reflected in Paimon's eyes makes his scalp numb.

Millions of glowing spells and all types of aura arcs slashed by weapons blocked his vision and was about to fall on them.

"Have fun assholes."

These were the last words that the Darkness army heard before the attacks poured upon them like rain and pummelled them to dust.

Chapter 619: Chapter 616:Invasion[2]
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