Chapter 621 618:Invasion[4]

Hearing the first sentence drowned them in worry and made their hearts grip in fear but hearing the next second gave them an urge to hit Alex.

"So you are saying that you can kill him but can't one-shot him. Is that what you meant by strong?''Mezov asked, blinking his eyes.

"Yeah!"Alex nodded, rubbing his chin.

"Fuck you!"Jack screamed.

"You almost gave me a heart attack."

"Are you kidding with the old fogies?

"Hey, Alex, stop scaring us now."The Elder of the Wolf tribe shook his head. This guy is troublesome to deal with.

Suddenly a buzzing sound erupted and the other side gave up on taking on attacks. Instead, they took on heavy bombardment and started throwing their attacks.


The barrage of spells ceased a little creating a gap and taking this chance, a dense mass of black fog immediately shot forward.

The dense black consisted of dark creatures.

They roared and spread out charging at the enemies. The front formation collapsed due to the other side's attack.

"Mage fall back. Warriors began your slaughter."

Within a span of moments, Warriors shot out towards the front lines while Mages fell back. Most of them were exhausted due to firing for so long while the Warriors were almost full.

While recuperating, they also prepared themselves to provide support.

"I will go now and help them before things become a mess," Jack spoke and jumped with a fierce roar.


His humanoid body surged many kilometres wide.

Two huge wings spread over the sky casting huge shadows on the ground.

With a flap, his wings stirred a storm in the vicinity. He opened his jaw wide and spoke.

"Otherworldly shit have a taste of my breath."

[Dragon Breath!"]

A dense mass of energy coagulated and soon a mass of heavy energy tore through everything and shot forward carrying a huge might of destructiveness.

The beam of fiery energy struck the dense mass of dark creatures whose bodies were wiped out under the high temperatures of flames.

Like a mosquito dying and falling down under the spray of repellent, the army of dark creatures burnt and fell.

The slaughter went on until a dark sword cut through the fire breath.

"Stop scaring weakling. If you have guts fight me."A dark-veiled man with two pairs of wings spoke.

"Fair enough."Jack sneered and both of them engaged in a destructive fight.

"I can't fall back."Mezov stepped forward and shot forward like lightning.

Lifting his hammer enlarged as big as a mountain, he started pummeling the enemies into pulp.

On the other side, Hindell summoned giant vines that struck like a whip. While some vines wrapped around dark creatures and sucked their energy and then started growing fiercely.


Suddenly a loud shattering sound echoed similar to thousands of glasses breaking at the same time drew everyone's attention.

And everyone's eyes fell on a huge metallic black giant whose body emitted a black metallic lustre. He ran his way through the enemy slamming them into dust.

Screams of the Allied army rang as they were shot out after clashing against this guy.

"I am Inedelebis and I am indestructible."The guy named Inedelebis roared and beat his chest creating loud shock waves that shook away Alex's soldiers.

"This guy is dangerous for our army. He is almost as God King Levelz" Alex spoke with a frown and raised his hand to attack.

"You dare to interfere with Juniors. Aren't you ashamed to attack a junior below you?"Paimon sneered with laughter that irked Alex.

"What do you mean by attacking a Junior? Son of a bitch, I am a junior myself. I am just 23 years old now, not like you, a billion years old Grandpa like you."Alex shouted and stepped forward to attack but at the last moment, he was stopped by the Elder of Wolf Tribe.

"Leave this to me, Alex."

"Wait!"Before Alex stops him, The Elder of Wolf Tribe is already before Inedelebis.

"An old man with one foot in the grave, there to take my charge. You should shoulder your coffin first."He sneered and rammed his body at the Elder of Wolf Tribe.

A blasting sound resonated due to the blast and everyone waited to see the Elder Of Wolf Tribe to fly back.

Even Alex raised his palm to catch on the case but much to everyone's surprise, they saw an unexpected scene.

It was Inedelebis's body that shot back.

The Elder let go of his staff and threw away the cloak.

His body expanded into a huge burly figure. His chest muscles bulged with well-proportioned abs that seemed to bulge outward.

Seeing the wide back and huge menacing muscular body, Alex almost swallowed his breath.

''Wow, Grandpa Wolf, you look like Mr.Olympia.What kind of muscular body is that."Alex cheered him while feeling surprised to see the frail Elder Wolf whose body was always trembling bursting out with majestic power.

Such a broad palm was enough to swat him away.

The Elder of Wolf Tribe with his newfound Majesty, hit his puffed chest muscles that reverberated like drums of war echoing across the entire sky and screamed.

"Naive, insolent boy. Do you think this old man is weak? Let me tell you, I have travelled to a different world and fought with many Body Cultivators. These muscles of mine have crushed many of you."

Alex raised his brows thinking that the old man seemed to be too much out of character.

'Old man, was it really necessary to shout this at this time? I asked about this many times but you always ignore him but now....'

Alex sighed and shook his head. Out of all people, this old wolf was the only person who dared to call him Alex and he allowed him out of respect.

Though this guy was being of this world, his body contained energy that even his eyes couldn't peer into it and it didn't seem to be from this world however Alex didn't pry into it.

"Come here, let me show you who is the Daddy?"The Elder of the Wolf tribe screamed

With that declaration, he smashed Inedelebis who raised his palm to deflect but a cracking sound echoed and his palm turned into meat paste.

"Why is this happening here..Just why are you getting beaten like this? Isn't this a small world so why?"

"What the hell is happening here?"Paimon screamed in disbelief seeing his army get thrashed around.

Paimon, who was about to scream, suddenly felt a jolting force that sent his body galloping across the sky.

"You don't need to shout what the hell, what hell any more cause, I am gonna directly send you there."

Chapter 621: Invasion[4]
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