The Incubus System
Chapter 501: The Hounds' Territory IV

The Incubus System Chapter 501. The Hounds' Territory IV

My eyes fell on a humanoid hound in their midst. The only Hound that looked different than the others. His level was above the others and his strength was clear from his appearance. He was also the only demon who had a humanoid form, while the others were in their true form.

His appearance was similar to the Gruesome Hound's humanoid form. A black-haired muscular man with a pair of black dog ears on top of his head. He was about 2.5 meters in height, making it much more prominent than the others.

But rather than sparks like the Flame Hound or purple miasma like the Gruesome Hound, a black aura surrounded his body. Behind him, three black tails with sharp spines wagged in excitement. A mischievous smirk on his lips and his eyes which glinted in lust looked at my servants.

The other Hounds' eyes were also on us. Growls came from their mouths. Every now and then, their saliva dripped from their mouths.

That horde of demons covered the building behind them. What we saw was the top of an unfinished stone building and based on Foxy's memory, it shouldn't be there. We also did not find Foxy's friends among them. I could only hope they hadn't killed them.

This horror sight proved that our guess was right. The worst had happened to Foxy's home. The Hounds had taken over it! That was also why the leader didn't come to us.

Before we could respond, the sound of clattering steps and rustling came from all around us. In just a few seconds another horde of Hounds had surrounded us from all directions, blocking our exit.


Due to the leader level, I decided to check him out. Even though I could beat him in one snap, since the star of this mission was Foxy, I wanted to know how much power I should use. I could say, I would use Foxy as my power's vessel to play with him. Besides, the queen would soon realize I was not an ordinary noble demon if I killed the Hound's leader with one critical hit.

[Observation skills succeeded.]

[Name: Bloodthirsty Hound]

[Level 60]

[Race: Demons]

[Class: Rare - Noble]

[Status: Middle intelligence type]

[HP: 2162/2162 ]

[DP: 470/472 ]

[Skills: Hound's Rage lv 5, Fire Volley lv 4, Demonic Claw lv 5, Dark Hole lv 5, Dark Orb lv 5.]

[Emotions: Excited.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weaknesses: Chest and Head.]

[Talents: Alpha's Howl (Calling the pack wherever he is), Alpha's Battle Cry (Adding strength of his subordinates for 5 minutes)]

'Yup, I just need one snap on his head,' I thought. The thing was I shouldn't have let him die with one hit just like that. While my one random hit was enough to reduce his HP by half, even without my Demonic Energy. I never thought I would have a hard time to refrain myself from killing my enemy.

I glanced at Foxy. Since she was our leader and we were only her bodyguards, she was the one who should answer them.

My sight quickly could catch her trembling hands, either in fear or anger. This was her home so I was sure she would be more emotional about this.

Due to her condition, I decided to answer the leader. But Foxy suddenly clenched her hands to hide the emotions bubbling up inside of her before she opened her voice.

"We will never be your sex slaves, you lowly demons!" shouted Foxy. Her anger was evident in her voice. She also raised her chin, showing that she was not afraid of them. It was good progress since it meant she was fighting her own fear.

Her shout was greeted with the leader's sly laughter.

"Playing hard to get, huh? But--" The leader's eyes traced from the top of her head to her feet before she glanced at my other servants.

"I know I won't be able to get a high noble demon lady like you so easily. Still… it doesn't mean I'll let you go. Does my legal wife position sound good to you? Apart from me, I will only let my few trusted subordinates touch you," he added.

"Disgusting! I told you none of us will ever be your sex slaves, neither will we be your wives," Foxy asserted.

"What if I insist? Besides, I'm not sure you can get out of here." A confident smile began to appear on his lips.

To which Foxy replied with a smirk.

"Where does that confidence come from? If you are confident because you have many subordinates, then you will be disappointed. Besides, haven't we already proven our power before? Should we kill all of you?" She challenged them.

The leader's smile faded. His displeasure was evident on his face.

"I see so you look down on us just because you were able to kill a few of us?"

Not only me, but Foxy, Ivy, and the others couldn't help but laugh at his statement.

"HOW DARE YOU!" he roared in displeasure.

I raised one of my hands. While my other hand covered my mouth to stop my laughter. But my chuckles still sounded between my words.

"Pardon me, sir. But we've killed a lot of you guys, yet you said we only killed a few. That's a really bad joke." I couldn't help but join the conversation since this was too funny.

"Shut up, peasant!" he snapped. His face was red with either embarrassment or anger.

I answered it with a nonchalant shrug.

"He's right. We've killed a lot of you. But you don't admit it." Foxy lifted her hand a bit, pretending to use her skill. Her smirk widened.

"Or… should I show it once more? That I can kill you easily?" she added.

Reflexively, the leader retreated a few steps and the Gruesome Hounds stepped forward to protect him. The Grim Hounds that surrounded us also started barking ferociously and advanced slowly.

I glanced from side to side as I held my smirk.

'They know our level is above them, yet they are still doing this. They must be thinking with their dicks,' I thought.

The leader gritted his teeth in anger.

"As I thought… This won't be easy. Then I have no other choice but to take all of you by force!" He ended it with a loud howl that signaled the battle was about to begin.

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Chapter 501: The Hounds' Territory IV
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