The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 1709: Infectious Disease

The boy who had just woken up was still a little confused. When he heard his father’s cry, he appeared at a loss. Then, he turned his curious eyes to Xi Yue.

Yes, the newcomers were naturally Xi Yue and Weizhi, while Little Red Bird stayed with the unconscious Little Nuo to guard her.

As soon as the little boy saw Xi Yue, his eyes widened. Although his voice was hoarse and weak, it was full of wonder, “Sister, you… you are so beautiful! You’re even prettier than a goddess!”

Kulun came back to his senses. He knelt before Xi Yue, kowtowed, and said, “Thank you so much for your divine blessing to save my child’s life!”

Xi Yue said helplessly, “Your son was never actually dead. He had just gone into shock. The method I used to save him wasn’t anything miraculous, it was just cardiopulmonary resuscitation.”

Kulun and the little boy, Linqi, looked blankly at Xi Yue. What is a shock? What is cardiopulmonary resuscitation? Is it a divine art?

Xi Yue, not paying attention to the reactions of the father and son, spoke with a slightly solemn expression, “Shock is not the major issue. The most serious problem is that the child has contracted malaria and has already entered the third stage. If he doesn’t receive treatment soon, I’m afraid this time he might truly die.”

“Malaria?” Kulun looked surprised and confused. What is that?

The little boy suddenly grabbed Xi Yue’s hand and said with difficulty, “Goddess, am I sick? Isn’t it a punishment from the gods?”

Xi Yue sneered, “God’s punishment? Tsk, as expected, every era has its charlatans spouting such words, and there are always people who believe them.”

Such rhetoric, whether in the world of cultivation or the real world, was the greatest insult to doctors, amounting to a complete negation of their efforts and value.

The little boy’s eyes lit up. He grabbed Xi Yue’s hand and said in a trembling voice, “Goddess, can I survive? Can everyone in our tribe survive?”

Before Xi Yue could respond, Kulun shook his head and said, “It’s impossible, this must be the punishment of the Pane God. Otherwise, how could so many people suffer from the same sickness? It’s not just our tribe, but also many others from the other tribes who died one after another. The gods must have been angry at our disrespect, so they brought down natural disasters.”

“Why would so many people contract the same illness?” Xi Yue, toning down his mocking demeanor, said gravely, “Because malaria is an infectious disease. Whether it’s through contact with each other, consuming the same food, or drinking from the same water source, as long as one person falls ill, others with insufficient immunity are very likely to contract the disease as well.”

Kulun still looked unbelieving, but the little boy stood up unsteadily and knelt in front of Xi Yue, “Goddess, I don’t know what disease is, but you can cure us, right?”

“It’s like how I felt cold and miserable just now as if I was on the brink of death. Suddenly, I felt a power calling upon me, and then I came back to life.”

“Goddess, if you can save the people in our tribe, I’m willing to serve you for the rest of my life.”

Before Xi Yue had time to speak, Little Nuo’s familiar voice suddenly came from behind, “Master, you… can you save our tribe?”

“Little Nuo—!” Kulun screamed, looking at the little girl walking in the dark in disbelief.

The entire tribe was almost driven mad searching for this little girl. Unexpectedly, she appeared here.

Chapter 1709: Infectious Disease
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