Tang Wulin raised his head. A golden radiance circulated in each of his enormous Golden Dragon’s eyes, and a blood-colored layer gradually emerged on the scales’ surface.

The Shrek Six Monsters were immediately anxious upon witnessing this scene from below. Was he about to transform into the Blood Dragon once again?

The sixth golden soul ring on his body shimmered with radiance soon after. Suddenly, Tang Wulin paused for a moment. He waved his right hand in the air to conjure the Golden Dragon Spear which appeared in his grasp. A golden light shadow bloomed from underneath his feet soon after, turning everything in his surroundings misty. His entire person vanished similar to an illusion that had transformed into spheres of golden clouds that floated toward the gold-silver dual-colored vortex.

The massive vortex that was spinning at full speed paused for a moment in the air. The vortex was beginning to slow down. For some unknown reason, the vortex suddenly exploded. The violent boom dissipated the golden light mist in the surroundings in an instant while Hu Jie’s body shrank rapidly following the event. He transformed back into his original figure as he appeared in the center of the arena, while his face was filled with anxiety and doubt at the same time.

“I’ve lost.” The golden radiance condensed and Tang Wulin appeared on the other side of the arena with his face ghastly pale. He used his Golden Dragon Spear to prop himself up while he panted heavily. With his heart beating strongly, he managed to stand upright soon after.

“No.” Hu Jie’s smile had disappeared completely. A deep frown was seen on his face instead. “Sect Master didn’t lose completely. Both of us held back. However, I’m thankful to Sect Master for showing mercy during the final strike. Otherwise…”

He did not mention what would happen otherwise but one could tell from his expression that it would not be good.

Tang Wulin smiled with great effort. “Many thanks to Sect Master Hu’s guidance which benefited me greatly. I’ve learned a lot today.” He nodded toward Hu Jie in all apparent seriousness. Then, he took a step and walked to the side.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu hastily dashed over in an attempt to help support him, but Tang Wulin shook his head. He had already regained his mobility within a short period of time with his body’s ultra strong self-healing ability.

“I’m going back to my room first to review this battle. Get some rest, everyone.” He walked in quick strides and left upon saying that.

Hu Jie stood at the same spot and gazed after Tang Wulin’s departure. The fear in his eyes gradually dissipated bit by bit.

He raised his hand and found a strand of gray hair on his hand. He pulled at it gently. As soon as the gray hair was in his hand, it transformed into ash which flew away rapidly without a trace.

The most powerful part of the Smiley Face Douluo was his martial soul avatar. Just as he had mentioned, he still had some reservations. His martial soul avatar was different from all the other soul masters’.

An ordinary soul master, even one with twin martial souls was supposed to have two martial soul avatars. In his case, his two martial souls were from two different parts of his body. In addition, he took a different path and chose a special cultivation method after he left the Body Sect. As a result, a mutation occurred when he was condensing his martial soul avatar such that his avatar became a mutual condensation of two martial souls.

His martial soul avatar possessed a certain skill level in martial soul fusion. The power of his martial soul avatar could only be described as ‘terrifying’.

The complete version of his martial soul avatar would increase his height to over a hundred meters and his weight to over a thousand tons. Even a Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouse would not risk a frontal confrontation with him.

Due to the limitation of the arena, he suppressed his abilities. With his controlled attacks, he could not injure Tang Wulin as well. He knew Tang Wulin had other choices in launching his final attack. Although the attack of Tang Wulin was an unknown soul skill, Hu Jie knew full well that Tang Wulin was capable of injuring him severely if they truly collided. At the same time, Hu Jie knew that his life was shortened by at least five years, and it was just his conservative estimate.

Tang Wulin’s attack was closely related to his time domain. It was extremely terrifying. Moreover, it seemed like the fusion had yet to be fully completed. Otherwise, the effect would be even more frightening.

No one would willingly substitute shortening one’s lifespan by five years for a severe injury!

Tang Wulin was only an eight-ringed Soul Douluo, while Hu Jie was a rank-98 Hyper Douluo. In addition, Hu Jie felt that he was actually no less inferior to a Limit Douluo.

How much did Tang Wulin choose to hold back actually? He could not figure out the number of skills that Tang Wulin had yet to utilize during the spar earlier. He felt very confident of the Sect Master after the fear and shock had subsided.

Tang Wulin stumbled onto the ground upon returning to his room. He began to have difficulties in sustaining his effort.

No matter how powerful his physical quality was, it was still stressful for him to fight against a rank-98 powerhouse. The disparity in their spiritual powers was huge. Furthermore, he was incapable of suppressing his opponent’s bloodline.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin felt that fighting against the Light Dark Holy Dragon, Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue with his current abilities might not be as exhausting because Elder Long’s martial soul would most probably be affected by his Golden Dragon King martial soul.

The Smiley Face Douluo was more powerful than he had imagined. Thus, he resorted to using the divine skill of the Millennium Cloud at the final moment.

It was Tang Wulin’s first time in using the Millennium Cloud in a battle. At that very moment, he felt his essence, energy, and spirit were completely fused together. His spiritual domain had also become part of the Millennium Cloud which was pervasive. Regardless of how powerful the opponent was, time control was the ultimate weapon to counteract the opponent in every possible way.

At the final moment, he retracted the Millennium Cloud’s true powers. The Smiley Face Douluo sensed the retraction as he had already exerted his martial soul avatar’s full force in an attempt to disperse the Millennium Cloud. Had Tang Wulin resisted the attempt, Hu Jie would have been incapable of dispersing it.

It was certainly a waste that he was only capable of controlling the Millennium Cloud at the preliminary stage. In any case, if it was capable of threatening such a powerhouse, it had lived up to its reputation of being a divine skill.

Tang Wulin felt gratified. His lips cracked into a faint smile. The stress of an actual battle was good for the elevation of his skills.

The Smiley Face Douluo who originated from the Body Sect had not cultivated the Innate Secret Technique successfully. Still, he was capable of cultivating the Body Sect’s ability into such a potency. No wonder the sect was once on par with the Tang Sect. Tang Wulin was awed by the Body Sect’s profound inner secrets. It was the right choice for him to cultivate the Innate Secret Technique.

The thoughts in his mind surged, yet the lethargy made him enter into a deep meditation state gradually.

If one were to say that the Blood Dragon sublimed Tang Wulin, then acquiring the Ice God Pearl and meeting his biological father, Tang San, sparked off his transformation into a cocoon. Each cultivation and each encounter deepened the process. The day he broke out of the cocoon would be the day he would be considered to have joined the ranks of the top powerhouses on the Douluo Continent. From Tang Wulin’s perspective, it did not seem that far away.

The world changed constantly and time brought great changes to worldly affairs. At the moment, the Millennium Cloud covered the entire battlefield. Tang Wulin was able to see the Smiley Face Douluo Hu Jie’s life for the past few decades. He could sense the changes in Hu Jie during the different time phases. Finally, he could see Hu Jie at old age.

A hundred years passed in the blink of an eye and a woman’s beauty faded in a flash. This was the dreadful part of the effects of time. Any form of power was incapable of competing against the time factor. Any form of power connected to the human body, regardless of its potency, would be affected and obliterated in the passage of time.

That blow earlier enabled him to comprehend his spiritual domain in a profound manner. Time was not considered an element for it was different from space. Space was formed from countless fine particles with all the different elements contained in it. On the other hand, time was the process of change and the formation of space. Compared to space, time was even more difficult to grasp, as it was intangible and did not exist in the form of pure energy.

Despite his current cultivation base, Tang Wulin’s Millennium Cloud was even capable of affecting a person whose rank was close to a Limit Douluo.

However, using the Millennium Cloud struck fear in Tang Wulin earlier. The power required for unleashing it was too terrifying such that his spiritual power was almost drained instantaneously. His skills and various forms of power, bloodline power, spiritual power and all the energy he had were fused into the Millennium Cloud in an instant. It felt as if it was converted into special energy, perhaps it was precisely time power. If he were to sustain and complete the Millennium Cloud, he would need at least three days to recover provided he was not severely injured by the opponent.

At his current cultivation base, his calculations showed he would need at least a three-day break after using the Millennium Cloud before he could use it again. He was afraid that he would need to be a Limit Douluo before he could possibly utilize it with ease.

He was supposed to use the Golden Dragon Inferno Kill, but he was concerned that he would not be able to suppress his emotional fluctuation. Instead, he chose to test the Millennium Cloud’s effect so he changed his attack.

Reality proved that the Millennium Cloud was truly powerful beyond imagination.

In a corner on the second floor of the Tang Sect’s gymnasium, a master with bright eyes remained squatting. At present, her gaze revealed that she was in a daze.

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