The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel)

The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel)

Soul Land 3 (Douluo Dalu 3)



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The The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Tang Jia San Shao. 1986 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The Age of Gods has long since ended, their voices no longer heard on the continent of Douluo. Humanity, standing on the shoulders of legends from its history, advanced soul technology to inconceivable heights. The humans of Douluo invented weapons of mass destruction, mechanized armor, and living metals. With these advancements, they went on to conquer the oceans and discovered two new continents. To fuel these new technologies, humanity hunted the soul beasts to the very brink of extinction.

Once the dominant force of Douluo, the few surviving soul beasts now hide in the darkest recesses of their last sanctuary. The weakest have all been hunted, leaving only the strongest to scheme in the heart of the forest. The soul beasts, not willing to fade away, plot an uprising for their survival. In the midst of this, a god from a long forgotten era awakens in the depths of the Great Star Dou Forest to seek vengeance for the soul beasts.

As darkness encroaches from the abyss, hope is found in a young boy who holds a power beyond divinity within himself—Tang Wulin! Hope for both humanity and the soul beasts, as the bridge between the two. He finds his way into the fabled halls of Shrek Academy, where he learns to wield his prodigious powers, makes friends and finds allies, eventually rising to become a towering leader.

As he learns to harness his strength, danger lurks within the shadows as the various factions of humanity maneuver and plot to usurp Shrek Academy. Tang Wulin discovers the threat to the only world he knows as he sinks deeper into the intrigue. Meanwhile, camouflaged by the chaos and unbeknownst to the humans, the soul beasts’ plot continues to steadily advance.

To defend what he loves and reclaim what was lost, Tang Wulin must seek out the legacies of legends past and unlock the full might of the Golden Dragon King!

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  • inzilladun Nov 02, 2020

    Many thanks to the translator(s) for their diligent, high-quality and painstaking work. Wish they would take over translating DD4 as it is the much-deserved continuation of DD3.

  • Thoriqsan Oct 29, 2020

    Solid from the beginning till the end!(In My Opinion). Love it!❤️

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Started this thinking that it would just be another random webnovel I'd read through to pass the time. I ended up devoting a week straight to reading through all 2000 chapters. The whole book is emotional torture and I've never actually ugly cried reading a book until this one. Highly recommended.


By far, the best out of the other soul land stories, Love the character! You can see and feel how they grow from all of their experience, especially the MC, you can feel the struggle he had go through all his life. The story is beautiful, exciting, and intruiging. The the action, fighting, and all the problem regarding the world is intense, exhilarating, and blood boiling (all of these are just My Opinion).
I can't wait for the continuation of Soul Land 4!


I actually really, really like this story. I like the characters, though they act a little too mature a lot of the time and I forget that they're only 9 years old as of chapter 146. I like what little worldbuilding there is, even though it's a little lacking due to this story just being a puzzle piece in the Soul Land series. I like just about everything-

Except for Gu Yue. I guess I don't read too many stories of this quality because this is the first time I've seen a 'Mary Sue' that's a side character. She has basically no flaws: she's good looking, she's extremely talented, she has high soul power, she has a powerful ability, she's good in combat, etc. It's genuinely frustrating to watch every character in the story going through all of their personal struggles, and then she comes along and does what they can do 10x better without breaking a sweat.
Edit: On chapter 361, and the situation hasn't changed. She's still overpowered and always manages to stay stronger than everybody else throughout the story. It's still annoying, and she still has no character depth.


This book is book three in the Soul Land series. In my opinion it is by far the most action packed in terms of fighting at limit/God rank. You must read the books in order for them to make sense the author does not do much backstory explaining. This book is a great read especially since the translation is so on point.