The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel)

Chapter 1348: Magnificent Faceoff

Nevertheless, everything that Tang Wulin had displayed throughout this Battle of Five Gods had exceeded everyone’s imagination. Even if the Heartless and Amorous Douluos were here, they certainly would have been amazed.

Unexpectedly, he frowned a good deal in such a short span of time. Who could have imagined that?

Maybe the Heartless Douluo would be more ready to accept all this. This was because he was the only one who saw Tang Wulin receive the favor of the plane with his own eyes. That was how the great disaster was averted back then.

He unleashed his Dragon Emperor Avatar, and Tang Wulin’s aura changed again. At that point, his initially wild aura was completely contained. His eyes were still the color of pure gold. When they blinked, they flickered with a violet-gold light.

After he entered the Dragon Emperor Avatar state, Tang Wulin felt a peculiar sensation. It was as if all his abilities had perfectly combined into one.

This was the sensation he had always been seeking throughout his cultivation. It had finally come. There was no reason he would not feel jubilant. What he needed now was to hold on to this feeling and get used to fighting while having this sensation. This was the only way he could become even stronger and enter a more powerful state.

When a person’s cultivation base was raised to this state, the elevation in soul power was no longer that important. His foundations were well-rooted already. If he wanted to become more powerful in the future, he would have to put great effort into ensuring that the state he had attained right now would be more stable.

Just as the Amorous Douluo had told him before, even among the ranks of Limit Douluos, there were different states.

There were Limit Douluos like the Atlas Douluo, who was the most powerful personage, and there were Limit Douluos who had weaker cultivation bases.

The Amorous Douluo himself was not considered overly powerful among Limit Douluos. At least, he was not a match for the Heartless Douluo, the Dragon Emperor Douluo or the legendary Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master. He had personally admitted all of this.

The current question was what kind of Limit Douluo did Tang Wulin want to become in the future. This was a question the Amorous Douluo had asked him before.

If Tang Wulin only wanted to be an ordinary Limit Douluo, the Amorous Douluo could confirm that within three to five years, Tang Wulin could do it as long as he could form his spiritual domain throughout the process. This was because his natural talents and potential had been completely brought out already. It would be a quick process for him to improve his soul power alone. He would definitely not experience the slowdown in cultivation pace that ordinary Title Douluos faced after they achieved a nine-ringed cultivation base.

However, if that was the case, he would never be able to stand at the pinnacle of the world.

The other way was for him to improve slowly but surely. With every step, he would build his own foundations, fully comprehend his current state, and feel the entire world completely. When he had the favor of the plane’s lord, this was the path Tang Wulin should have chosen.

After the Amorous Douluo explained all this to Tang Wulin, the Heartless Douluo had also gave him an explanation through a soul call and set a goal for Tang Wulin. The goal was that, in the future, he would become the expert who could represent the entire Douluo Continent to fight against the abyssal plane. In other words, he would be strong enough to fight the Sage King. That way, he would not waste the favor he received from the plane. At the same time, it was also his duty to the plane’s lord.

It was precisely because of this burden that the Heartless and Amorous Douluos decided to let Tang Wulin, who was only in his twenties, to become the Tang Sect’s Sect Master in the end. This way, they would be able to mobilize all of the Tang Sect’s resources and support Tang Wulin unhindered so that he might reach that state as soon as possible.

There was no reason to doubt Tang Wulin’s foundations. More importantly, he needed experience and process to grow.

If the person sent to the Star Luo and Dou Spirit Empires had been the Amorous Douluo, everything would have progressed more smoothly. A Limit Douluo would be respected no matter where he was. He would not have had to deal with the pressures Tang Wulin was facing right now.

This was also one of the reasons that Tang Wulin participated in the Battle of Five Gods. He needed to convert that pressure into motivation.

Reality had proven that the two Limit Douluos were wise. Tang Wulin had been constantly evolving and transforming throughout this entire journey. He was growing each and every day into a different person.

Without a doubt, the Qilin Douluo would be an important whetstone in this process. Hence, Tang Wulin had wished to be facing the pressure from a peak expert. It was just like his anticipation toward the all-out battle that he would be having with Monster Academy’s principal, the person who was regarded as the strongest person in Star Luo Empire, the Holy Dragon Douluo En Ci two days from now.

Tong Yu could feel the thick will to fight coming from Tang Wulin at this moment. He was all too familiar with this sensation.

He had such a period in his life once. He had also grown continuously throughout the process.

This young man was more talented than he was back then. He also had many things which he did not.

In that instant, he was actually feeling envious. However, this feeling of envy disappeared as quickly as it appeared. After all, he was not Tang Wulin. Otherwise, he would have been able to become the beloved child of the generation long ago, just like this young man before him, who had become the Tang Sect’s Sect Master at such a young age.

Not every powerful soul master would have such smooth sailing. Take him, for example. He had taken some wrong turns in his life which he could never go back from. However, he would not let the opportunity he had on this day go to waste.

“Rawrr!” A cry came from the Five Elements Qilin and a five-colored light barrier immediately appeared around him. It was a manifestation of the extremely dense five elements which he had attracted. Under the envelopment of this five-colored light barrier, his own aura was being wildly elevated at a rate so terrifying, it seemed surreal. It was rising rapidly at a shocking rate.

Tang Wulin let out a dragon’s roar toward the skies. At this moment, techniques were practically meaningless. All he could do now was clash with his opponent at full strength.

He beat his pair of wings behind him. The Blue Emperor Dragon Flies! Tang Wulin was like a moth flying toward a flame as he flew brazenly at his opponent.

The Five Elements Qilin moved at blinding speed as well. He seemed to be walking on air. He spat Five Elements Truefire which rolled toward Tang Wulin.

In midair, Tang Wulin was clearly nimbler in his smaller Dragon Emperor Avatar form. He avoided the flames with a deft turn. He lifted his head and breathed fire as well.

His flames were the color of pure gold and contained his extremely dense bloodline aura. It also had a threatening sensation that was filled with a terrifying aura.

What was that?

He did not have time to think it over. The Five Elements Qilin sidestepped in midair, seemingly defying the laws of physics, and avoided Tang Wulin’s Dragon Emperor Truefire. The two opponents started their dogfight in that manner.

Just as Tang Wulin did not dare to be hit by his opponent’s Five Elements Truefire, the Five Elements Qilin was also trying his best not to let Tang Wulin’s Dragon Emperor Truefire hit his body.

Tang Wulin’s Dragon Emperor Truefire contained the immense aura which originated from the Golden Dragon King. If Tong Yu was hit, his bloodline would be completely suppressed. At the same time, the Dragon Emperor Truefire contained a concentrated destruction aura that was near madness. Even Tang Wulin himself was unsure what the effects were if a person were to be hit by this aura.

The destruction aura contained within his Dragon Emperor Truefire originated from the Golden Dragon King’s origins. After many days of cultivation, Tang Wulin felt that this was the best way of venting the Golden Dragon King’s destruction aura.

The clash between the two opponents was in full force. The two huge silhouettes streaked lines of shadows across the skies. None of them used more powerful soul skills as they could not afford to make any mistakes at this point.

This was already the third match of the Battle of Five Gods. Compared to the first two matches, this battle was clearly taking a longer time. The battle between them was magnificent. Half an hour passed quickly enough.

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