The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel)

Chapter 1835: You Must Take Care Of Yourself

1835 You Must Take Care Of Yourself
Yet, she could only communicate with her son by projecting her image and playing a recording of her voice. One could only imagine her emotions now.

Tang San looked at his wife quietly by the side. When the video was recorded, he could not see his son. His gaze was filled with a deep concern and unending worries.

He gently caressed his wife’s shoulder in an attempt to calm her. How could Xiao Wu possibly control her emotions now?

On the other hand, Tang Wulin was fully immersed in his emotional fluctuations. His longing for his parents was at its peak.

He lost track of time. Xiao Wu’s cries turned into sobs. Her voice was heard intermittently as she said, “Wulin, I’ve let you down. As your mother, I can’t protect you. Neither can I take you with me. I miss you so, so much. I want to come back to be with you now. I want to hold you in my arms, kiss you, and hug you. I want to be with you always and never part with you.”

At this point, Xiao Wu’s tears streamed down her face once again, and her speech was interrupted .

“Mother…” Tang Wulin was sobbing silently.

Tang San’s eyes reddened as well. He turned his head to the side and hugged Xiao Wu gently. He could only use his body warmth to pacify his wife’s agitated emotions.

After a long while, Xiao Wu managed to suppress her emotions with great effort. She took a deep breath and said, “Wulin, you must take care of yourself. I only hope to see you grow up strong and healthy. You must also cultivate with effort. You need to cultivate till the god rank as soon as possible. It’s only by achieving the god rank that you’ll be able to wait for our return. We’ll come back for sure and our family will certainly be reunited. Your father said that your Golden Dragon King’s bloodline will extend your lifespan for a long, long time. However, the power of the Golden Dragon King is extremely wild. You must be on guard at all times, so your mind will not be influenced by its wildness. You were never an orphan. You have us, and we’ve always watched over you. I’m sick because I miss you so much. If you can be happy each day, my sickness will recover knowing you’re happy, so I’ll be with you one day. My son, Mother loves you. Mother really, really loves you. Wait for me and I’ll be back for sure.”

Upon saying that, Xiao Wu opened her arms as if she was trying to hold her son. The color of her face was growing paler with time. All the while, her body was shivering.

“Mother, I’m going to be happy for sure, I will. Don’t be sick, and I hope you get well soon. You’ll certainly recover so that our family can be reunited!” Tang Wulin called out with a sad voice. However, Xiao Wu’s silhouette which was hugging him was disappearing gradually.

Tang Wulin would never forget his mother’s gaze the moment before she vanished. Her gaze reflected an unwillingness to let go. All along, she had been pining for her missing son.

Tang San stood there and looked up to the sky. How could he maintain his composure? His wife’s health was deteriorating because she missed their son too much. He had shown her this video recording to give her hope!

The father and son lost track of how long it had been in this illusory space before they managed to calm their emotions gradually.

“Wulin, there’s not much time left for this video recording. Please listen to me closely. This is the crucial point that will decide if our family can be reunited,” said Tang San at last. Tang Wulin raised his head and looked toward his father with teary eyes.

Tang San said in a deep voice, “The Sea God’s Trident is a super divine weapon that is on par with the Shura Sword in the Divine Realm. The Sea God, as a rank-1 Godhood, depended on the Sea God’s Trident to possess the power which is as strong as the Godking-ranked power.”

“In the past, I underwent the Sea God’s Nine Examinations when I was still on the Douluo Continent. I had to endure hardship before I finally received the approval from the Sea God’s Trident. Hence, you’ll need to take the Sea God’s Nine Examinations similarly. Although it’s not the same examination I took in the past, I believe that you’ll be able to do it a step at a time until you succeed.”

“The eighth examination is specifically designed for you by me, as the current Sea God. This examination is known as the battle of father and son. Later, you’ll be fighting against me before I was the Sea God. It’s me in my most powerful form before I achieved Godhood. It’s only by defeating me that you’ll be able get the approval of the Sea God’s Trident.”

“There’s one more important reason why I kept the Sea God’s Trident for you. I hope that it’ll be the marker for me when I look for you in the future. Hence, you must protect it. Besides, it’s exceedingly crucial for you to receive its approval.”

“According to the rules of the original Sea God’s Nine Examinations, the affinity level between you and the Sea God’s Trident will increase with each passing of the examination which will let you acquire even more power of the Sea God’s Trident. When you’re done with all the examinations at last, you’ll be inheriting the Sea God’s legacy and become the Sea God. I underwent the same journey in the past.”

“What a waste that I didn’t manage to pass down the Sea God’s legacy to you as there was no Divine Realm in the world of the Douluo Continent. I’m far away, and I can’t attach the Godhood tablet to the Sea God’s Trident. Thus, the only thing I can do is to weaken my seal on the Sea God’s Trident, so you can wield it to possess the power of this super divine weapon.”

“As such, you’ll be able to control this super divine weapon upon completion of the Sea God’s Nine Examinations. However, you can’t use it to achieve Godhood. You must depend on your own hard work and power to achieve Godhood because even the lord of the Douluo Continent world can’t help you in this. However, I believe that you, son of Tang San will certainly find a path which belongs to you.”

“Also, your mother mentioned this earlier. You’ve the bloodline condensed from the Golden Dragon King’s essence in your body. It’ll extend your lifespan indefinitely. Therefore, you’ll continue living even if you don’t become a God. You should be able to live until our return without any issues. So, don’t exert yourself too much, and don’t attempt to break through to Godhood recklessly. You must absolutely not touch the final two layers of the Golden Dragon King Seal inside your body before you’ve achieved Godhood. Otherwise, your willpower will possibly be devoured by the Golden Dragon King.”

“In the past, the Golden Dragon King infused all its essence into your body when it was slaughtered by me. One of the reasons was as a payback to me while the other was to hopefully be resurrected through you. If the two final seals are broken before you achieve Godhood, then, it’s highly possible that your soul will be seized. We can’t ever let it happen.”

“You must familiarize yourself with the divine skill, the Indefinite Storm which I taught you. It’ll be very helpful at the crucial juncture. There’s no need to fear when you are confronted with any enemy. Trust me. I’ll guard you at all times.”

“Son, you must stay strong. I want to see my son be strong. It’s only by staying strong that you’ll be able to persevere until the day we’re reunited. Next, you must be prepared. You’re going to defeat me who once stood at the pinnacle of the Douluo Continent. It’s only by defeating me that you’ll be able to get the approval of the Sea God’s Trident. All the best, my son. I believe in you. You can do it.”

At this point, Tang San paused and looked at Tang Wulin with a warm smile on his face.

‘I must defeat my father to get approval.’

The words reverberated in Tang Wulin’s mind. He actually felt his father’s words which were filled with emotions.

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