The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1573: One With The Heaven!

Tang Wulin raised his head to check the weather and sensed the changes in heaven and earth elements. Even though he could faintly feel the intoxication faintly inside his body, it had also helped him to feel emotionally relaxed.

As his abilities became more powerful and he step by step made his way until today, his state of mind had been trained countless times and it had already become incomparably tough. More importantly, Tang Wulin was confident as compared to the past. As a result, the oppression he felt in his heart had been continuously unleashed following his every elevation. He firmly believed that he would one day be able to stand on the same level as Atlas Douluo back then. In fact, he might even pursue his father’s level.

His goal was not limited to the Douluo Continent. His final goal was set on searching for the Divine Realm and looking for his birth and adoptive parents.

On the other hand, the people that stood in the surroundings to watch him had a completely different feeling at present.

Under their close attention, Tang Wulin stood at the center of the courtyard. They noticed as Tang Wulin’s aura changed abruptly. The change was extremely strange. It felt as if his entire person had suddenly vanished in that instant.

On the other hand, he was obviously still standing there. He existed in their vision but had vanished from their perception.

What was this?

“It’s the One with the Heaven!” Yuanen Zhentian muttered to himself.

Tang Wulin was still at the feast a moment ago and yet he had already completed One with the Heaven in the next moment. It was not something that could be accomplished just by having powerful spiritual power but more importantly, the person had to comprehend heaven and earth laws.

This young man’s future was truly limitless! No wonder he was capable of becoming the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and Shrek Academy’s Sea God Pavillion Master at such a young age.

The moon was bright and the stars were few. Tang Wulin finally began to move.

He raised his right hand to toss out a piece of metal with all sides about half a meter long.

The metal that was tossed out appeared weightless. It was tossed out into midair before it rose slowly into the sky.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin slowly raised his head and looked at the metal that was tossed into midair with a burning gaze.

All of a sudden, a gush of incomparably overbearing consciousness burst forth from his body. At that precise moment, Tang Wulin who had already completed One with the Heaven originally and whose body seemed to have turned illusionary was like an awakened giant dragon.

Ha raised his hand and threw a punch.

“Roar…” An aroused dragon’s roar echoed through the entire heaven and earth. A golden giant dragon came gushing out of Tang Wulin’s fist just as such.

The dazzling golden giant dragon had its mustache and hair stood up with every piece of its scales appearing crystal clear. It appeared especially dazzling and resplendent in the night.

The giant dragon rose into the sky and abruptly crashed onto the metal. It was peculiar that there was utterly no change to the metal itself. It was as if it had not suffered from any impact but the giant dragon had encased it as it continued to rise again.

Golden radiance swept across the sky as the giant dragon surged skyward.

On the other hand, the piece of pitch-black metal burst forth with dazzling golden radiance during that instant. It was as if a golden little sun had appeared in midair. The gushing golden radiance spurted more than ten feet into the air while being coiled up in starlight.

It was a super grade Thousand-refined product that shot out ten feet of radiance!

Tang Wulin did not use his forging hammers but he had used one punch to elevate this piece of metal to the Hundred Refined stage followed by Thousand Refined. Moreover, it had achieved the highest standard of Thousand Refinement.

There were blacksmiths in Yuanen Clan too but the highest rank of their blacksmith was only Spirit Forging Realm.

This person was also a skilled master in the clan. He watched the metal spurting with radiance as if he was completely infatuated. He had never imagined that a blacksmith could actually use a method like this to complete the forging process. It was simply unbelievable!

Yet, Tang Wulin had managed to complete it. The metal finally began dropping down. However, the golden radiance on its surface remained shining bright. Moreover, there were faint dragon patterns coiled around the metal too.

Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed brilliantly. At this very moment, he could only feel as his essence, energy, and spirit were already elevated to its peak. He gently swung his arms and brought out the pair of black forging hammers in his hands.

A peculiar aura was unleashed from his body as the hammer’s consciousness soared into the sky.

He swung both of his arms at the same time and the pair of forging hammers surged skyward. At the exact moment when they flew into the sky, the pitch-black surface of the forging hammers suddenly burst forth with dazzling silver light. Faint seven-colored radiance coiled around the silver radiance. His double hammers rose and flew on its own accord along the mysterious trail akin to meteors chasing after the moon in the sky. Then, the hammers crashed onto the piece of metal in succession.Read the next chapter on our

“Clang, clang!” Two crisp sounds were heard. The metal flew up at the moment of impact and piercing explosion noise was heard. Golden radiance splashed everywhere at once.

The pair of forging hammers seemed to have come alive. It projected a stretch of dazzling light shadows in the sky as a series of crashing noises were continuously heard radiating from midair.

Silver light fluttered in the air. It felt as if even the most dazzling fireworks in the world could not even compare to a millionth of it. The piece of metal had already shrunk by half in size after the Thousand Refinement earlier. At present, it had also begun to continuously shrink in size during the constant hammering process of forging hammers.

Piecing radiance shimmered. The originally surging golden radiance began to dim, or rather it was being condensed.

In just one short minute, the powerhouses from Titan Giant Ape Clan on the scene who were watching the demonstration started feeling dizzy.

Could a person really forge like this? This was the first time they had ever witnessed such an intriguing forging method in their lifetime. How could they refrain themselves from feeling surprised?

Despite being fully aware that Tang Wulin was showing off intentionally, they still had no choice but to admire him from the bottom of their hearts.

“Hum!” A peculiar humming noise was heard. The pair of forging hammers descended from the sky and landed back into Tang Wulin’s hand. On the other hand, the piece of metal remained floating in midair. Its originally cube-shaped body had already turned into a sphere at present and it was gently shivering in the sky as if it was attempting to struggle free from something.

“Clang!” A wonderful feeling came radiating into everyone. It felt like the appearance of a newborn in this world. Even though it was only a minute fluctuation of consciousness, everyone on the scene could clearly feel it because of their strength.

The Spirit Forging Realm blacksmith in Titan Giant Ape clan suddenly blurted out. “That’s Creation Spirit Forging!”

He was capable of performing Spirit Forging too so he was able to recognize the effect of Spirit Forging. Yet, he had never expected that a person could complete Spirit Forging with such a swift speed. It was simply unbelievable! This speed was truly too fast. Moreover, it was carried out in such perfection. It was the first time he had come to the realization that one could actually play with forging in this manner. This had already surpassed the range of his understanding of forging.

Yes, that was precisely Creation Spirit Forging.

Tang Wulin had not bothered to use his hammers to knock on the metal at all but he was already capable of doing this step.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin finally leaped upward. His silhouette moved like a dragon as he had arrived before the piece of metal in a flash. Purple-gold radiance gushed out from his eyes and illuminated the newborn spirit-forged metal.

The spirit-forged metal shook violently at once. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s pair of forging hammers had already softly landed on the metal.

This was completely different from his flying hammers method earlier that emphasized on huge movements. This time, his forging method was fine and exquisite as if he was trying to produce a perfect artwork with care and precision. There was an indescribable wonderful texture to his product.

The crisp knocking sound was complemented by an intriguing yet pleasant rhythm. It sounded just like the most pleasant music in this world that lingered in the sky.

The feeling was amazing. It truly sounded just like the melody of the fairies.

On the other hand, the piece of metal was also continuously emitting a soft humming sound. It sounded just like a newborn baby cooing to his father while nursing on nourishment.

There was no change to the surface of the metal sphere but the condensed golden radiance on its surface was being unleashed once again. It was different compared to the bright golden radiance. This time, its golden radiance was condensed, thick, and even filled with spirituality.

Golden radiance shimmered. Streams of dragon-shaped light patterns were unleashed outside. The light patterns repeatedly spun around the metal as they gradually turned clearer. They spun around the metal and also Tang Wulin. The patterns were cheering in excitement.

Spirit Forging had created life while Soul Forging had bestowed it with intelligence.

Golden splendor shimmered. A large shadow suddenly appeared behind Tang Wulin.

A crystal clear silhouette emerged from it. It was no other person but Yuanen Zhentian.

In the scene, Yuanen Zhentian threw a punch and resulted in the change of color in the sky and on the ground. It was precisely the final strike when Tang Wulin endured three attacks from him back then.

The fist’s consciousness that seemed to be able to pierce through heaven and earth appeared just as such behind Tang Wulin’s back. It was Thought Concretization!

Then, the scene disintegrated in a loud roar before turning into speckles of radiance that fused into the sphere metal before Tang Wulin from all directions.

A ghastly scene appeared. The sphere metal shook violently and produced a feeling that was incomparably familiar to Yuanen Zhentian.

That was fist’s consciousness. Yes, the fist’s consciousness was exactly the same as his precisely.


What was that? This was already more than just bestowing intelligence to the metal but he had even bestowed the metal with a natural endowment.

The Spirit Forging Realm blacksmith was already stunned from watching the scene. Could this actually be done with forging? Even though he was still incapable of Soul Forging, he had seen it before. Yet, a Soul Forging process like this was something he had never heard before!

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