The Legendary Master's Wife

The Legendary Master's Wife

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The The Legendary Master's Wife novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Yin Ya. 731 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with dubious potential, so just when he starts to adapt to his new circumstances, he receives a piece of bad news. If he is unable to produce the required result after half a year to become an official disciple of the TianXin sect, he would be driven out of the sect.

While You XiaoMo is going all out to make medicines and earn money, he runs into Ling Xiao. To his horror, he later discovers that Ling Xiao is actually someone cloaked in human skin.

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11 days ago

The translation is good, and so is the plot. The characters though are a bit messed up and the development of these characters is nonexistent. It's an eh for me, I wish the MC would be more independent. He's too weak for me personally, sure he gets stronger, but not by himself, with the ML. I wrote a huge ass rant about it in the comments lol.

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  • Destiny_Lu Oct 12, 2020

    Possible Spoilers: tbh I don't like the ML or the beasts the MC contracted with. The ML constantly insults the MC, at first it was funny, now it's repetitive. Like every chapter, he has to insult the MC in some sort of way. Not only that the beasts aren't even loyal to the MC so what if they call him master they only follow the ML's orders, you'll see that a lot. I get embarrassed for the MC, at this point I'm convinced the MC is a masochist. I don't have problems with only the ML, wait- no- actually I do. Sure the MC is naive and too kind, but that's character development. The ML is a hopeless cause. I do not hate the book. I repeat I DO NOT hate it. I enjoy the plot it's just- the ML- I can't with him. He completely monopolizes the MC, his freedom, and his overall lifestyle. Like all of the MC's power originates from the ML and it's almost like the MC can't do anything himself. The ML stole a cultivation book for him, stole treasure for him, contracted beasts for him, and more. The beasts he contracted don't even respect the MC they disdain him and take advantage of him. The only person they actually listen to and don't cause trouble for is- guess who- yes the ML. The MC seems so freaking weak because of the ML. Also, the book is pretty good translation wise but you'll see a few typos as you get further into the book. I'm sure the autocorrect in the brains of the readers can deal with it though, it's not too bad. Dropped: 376 ( I don't have the p a t i e n c e)