The Loner Who Conquers the Other World
The Loner Who Conquers the Other World

The Loner Who Conquers the Other World

Alone on the Different World Strategy ~ Cheat Skills Were Sold Out ~

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The Loner Who Conquers the Other World novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adult, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Goji Shoji. 233 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The strongest doesn’t need cheats.

Haruka, a high schooler who spends his life as a “loner,” is suddenly summoned to another world with his classmates.

Noticing the god in front of him, Haruka was going to get cheat abilities by picking what he wanted from the skill list so that he could live in the other world――or so he thought, but the skills were first come, first serve.

All the cheat skills were taken by my classmates?!

After not being able to get any amazing skills, Haruka’s “loner” skill made him unable to join any parties. Even in another world, he’ll adventure in solitude.

Haruka, recognizing the crisis of his classmates, decided to secretly help them out while not relying on cheats. He’ll surpass cheats as he walks the path of the strongest――.

Let the curtains raise for the tale about the strongest loner’s attack on the different world!

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  • AiriDislikesThisSite
    Reader KP:761

    This one’s LN is far better as the Mc, while still… “crazy” in that everything he says is utterly incomprehensible, is obviously just playing being crazy up for laughs and has his serious moments. Along with that the story isn’t ruined by the sh*t translation like it is with the WN, and the LN gives far more depth to the side characters than the WN does, giving them entire chapters dedicated to how they view Haruka(The Mc) and actually expressing their thanks instead of constantly getting mad at him like they do here in the WN. The arcs also flow far more smoothly between one another, Angelica isn’t just a chance encounter for Haruka and is more prevalent in the story, and the world itself is more fleshed out with a bit of a world map beginning to form in your head along with the discussion of other continents and kingdoms. We also see more of the towns view as a whole in Haruka as people like the duke get full chapters, showing just how much unintentional good Haruka does for the town

    8 days ago Reply
  • VeerenPrashar
    Reader KP:52

    Mc is really something, what overpowered he is better suited to be drama queen. Always thinking about stupid things without realizing the situation he is in.

    13 days ago Reply
  • Okboka
    Reader KP:113

    "loner" but there is Harem tag... Def a nope for me

    1 months ago Reply
  • Alexandre
    Reader KP:60

    Hey where I can read the ln version of this novel

    3 months ago Reply
  • JeremyBollinger
    Reader KP:21

    Would've been better if it was in third person pov

    Edited: 15 May, 11:34
    4 months ago Reply
  • EgregiousThoughts
    Reader KP:4

    Well it had potential, but the group of girls ruined it. It is also disappointing that it isn't an actual loner. spoilers- they actively get in his way even though they owe him their lives. they spy on him with the ex-dungeon emperor while masturbating, super gross. Especially since they scold him for looking at any of the girls. they ruin the story, so I ended up dropping it. It had a ton of potential and was really good, but I got tired of them.

    6 months ago Reply
    • AiriDislikesThisSite
      Reader KP:761

      It’s for this reason I prefer the actual light novel. All of them are a lot more chill, with their scolding’s occasionally making sense, and none of them actually holding him back with the dungeon emporer(Angelica), even when some such as class rep(still hasn’t been given a real name) end up getting jealous, it’s simply some pouting/sulking for a bit without actually being a bother to Haruka(MC). There’s even been some times they’ve been useful in fights, and when they aren’t useful they just sit back and let Haruka do his thing.

      4 months ago Reply
    • Show More Replies
    Reader KP:1

    I like how the skills he got at the beginning ended up stacking and made him basically create a cheat even among cheats out of trash skills. He's basically breaking the world and he doesn't even know it.

    6 months ago Reply
  • Goofygoobs
    Reader KP:23

    What chapter do I start on for the manga chapter 114?

    7 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser74805 (Banned)
    Reader KP:0

    why is there no indication or atleast double quotation marks in the conversation? I'm getting confused if its part of the conversation or its just a part of his POV

    7 months ago Reply
  • Eldicrify
    Reader KP:0

    It’s a decent story except the fact that the title basically has no relevance to the story as he isn’t actually a loner.

    8 months ago Reply