The Lord's Empire

The Lord's Empire

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The Lord's Empire novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Shen Tianyi. 1729 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


“Ding! Soulbinding has been successfully completed; you will now head to the Heaven Awaken World.” After hearing this, Zhao Fu’s vision darkened as he fell to the ground.

With bleak prospects in the real world, Zhao Fu’s life is turned around when countless crystals fell from the sky one night, which people could use to enter an alternate, game-like world. After obtaining an ancient Chinese empire’s legacy, Zhao Fu uses his intellect and resourcefulness to develop his own empire from a tiny village. However, with enemies both in the real world and in the Heaven Awaken World, he must make brilliant decisions and use creative schemes to survive.

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This novel started of so strong and in terms of story telling and world building I thought that the quality was very decent. Now cut to later chapters past 592 where I realised that there are multiple chapters missing after looking the novel up on another site due to another one of light novels random site crashes. And the novel itself turning into, Who's getting added to the MC's Harem this chapter? or Which female character gets to sexually assault or molest the MC this chapter? What a disappointment, once the Harem elements get introduced, the quality of the story goes down the toilet

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Good, really enjoy it. There was some that were infuriating, but everything else made up for it. Out of the few kingdom building type novels this better, cause usually I lose after a certain amount of chapters.

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One of the best kingdom building novels if not the best. the only things that are bad about it that because in the first 1400 chapters it focuses on the kingdom building, then it changes focus to cultivation and kingdom building so it felt forced and the fact past chapter 800 the author made this a hentai, but it still is a very good novel that I have read multiple times

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This novel is very nationalistic and too arrogant. The author kept on insisting China is the best and keeps on mentioning other countries to be conquered by China and be treated as slaves and whatever.

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