Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!
Chapter 1623: Old Acquaintance Comes Knocking

Chapter 1623 Old Acquaintance Comes Knocking

Uncle Chen didn’t tell Ye Jian because he didn’t want Ye Jian to worry about it, and there’s also the intention of trying to protect Ye Jian, then he would absolutely not bring up Uncle Chen’s past in front of Ye Jian.

Today, he had almost made a terrible mistake; he believed since Uncle Chen and Ye Jian were like family, then Ye Jian should’ve known everything about him.

Ye Jian pursed her lips; Uncle Chen didn’t want to tell her, neither does Captain Xia want to tell her… why are they hiding things from her? Is it because Uncle Chen was actually still in danger? What other secrets does Uncle Chen have on him?

Is it a dangerous secret?

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The keen-minded Ye Jian drooped her eyelids, the complex and hard to distinguish emotions under her eyes were covered up by her thick eyelashes… she was starting to get worried.

Xia Jinyuan noticed and realized his words still disturbed Ye Jian’s emotions.

After the exercise is over, he’ll have to call Uncle Chen immediately and confess his sins to Uncle Chen.

Far away in Shuikou Village, Uncle Chen put on a shirt as he opened the wooden door, and when he had a clearer look of who was knocking at the door under the help of light, even the expression on his stern face changed drastically.

“Hello, may I ask if this is War-hero Sun Xueqing’s home?” At the door, the Director of Tongzhou City’s Police Department politely asked, “I’m looking for her daughter, Ye Jian.”

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Uncle Chen sighed gently, and with politeness: “Yes, please come in.”

After he entered and sat down, DIrector Chai looked at this middle-aged man who was quite a few years his senior. He sipped at his tea as he lowered his head to hide the questions in his eyes, this person… why does he seem so familiar?

As if he had seen him somewhere before.

After putting on clothes and after a basic washing up, Uncle Chen was also looking at the middle-aged man sipping on tea, a similarly curious look within his eyes.

He knew who he was, Ye Jian’s mother’s old comrade; he had seen him in the pictures before.

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“I apologize, disturbing you so suddenly.” Director Chai stopped thinking who this familiar-looking middle-aged guy in front of him was. Instead, he spoke his intention of coming forthrightly, “I’m here to find my comrade’s daughter, Ye Jian, may I ask who you are?”

Uncle Chen sat down and sipped on the hot tea, then he replied, “I’m Ye Jian’s Uncle, surname’s Chen. Sir, I wonder what business you have with Ye Jian? She’s currently not at home.”

Director Chai had already investigated before coming here and knew that Ye Jian was luckily taken under the wing of an old Revolutionary and her middle school’s Principal Chen; if it weren’t for these two, Ye Jian would very likely turn into a useless person because of her own uncle.

“So you’re Principal Chen, nice to meet you, Principal Chen, my surname is Chai, an old comrade of War-hero Sun Xueqing.” The moment Director Chai realized he had found the right person. He couldn’t help his smile from turning more genuine, and he opened his briefcase to pull out a yellowing diary, “This belonged to Sun Xueqing, may I ask Principal Chen to help me give this to the child, Ye Jian?”

“I encountered her in a rush when returning to Tongzhou, and we parted before having said more than a few words. After seeing her, it was as though I was seeing the past glory of War-hero Sun Xueqing, the daughter had inherited her mother’s will, that is quite the impressive child.”

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And he had actually met little lass Jian already!

Uncle Chen’s more at ease face suddenly turned solemn again; he didn’t take the diary. Instead, he stared at the old acquaintance with a sharp, burning gaze who suddenly appeared on his doorstep, “I wonder if Mr. Chai had brought up little lass Jian’s mother in front of her?”

“Principal Chen, rest assured, I still know what is appropriate and what isn’t, and I haven’t said a word about War-hero Sun Xueqing at all.” Director Chai noticed Principal Chen’s gaze was suddenly piercing; he straightened his back and said with a solemn expression: “From the looks of it, Principal Chen also knows about War-hero Sun Xueqing, about that, I do not have any intention of telling Ye Jian about that for now, because I have plenty of unanswered questions about that.”

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Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1623: Old Acquaintance Comes Knocking
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