Chang Le's home was not far from the park. After about ten minutes, they arrived at the entrance of the estate. They saw a large group of people gathered in front of the entrance as if they were looking at something.

Chang Le and Fangzheng exchanged looks and walked over curiously.


Someone shouted from afar, "This old man is very unreasonable. I haven't even eaten the dumplings I made, but he came over and snatched them away!"

"I saw it too. Old Sun mans the store every day and eats late. He hasn't even eaten the dumplings that his son sent over just now when this old man came over and snatched them away. When he was caught, he refused to say a word and pretended to be mute!"

"If it weren't for his age, I would have beaten him up… This… what is this! Snatching things in broad daylight!"

"Have you called the police?"

"What else can we do other than call the police? He's already so old, how can we hit him? Who dares to touch him? What if he falls to the ground and blackmails us?"

"Master, look at him! He snatches when he's hungry! Look at us. We need to rely on lying…" Salted Fish said with a voice transmission.

Fangzheng directly slapped him to shut him up. What did he mean by lying? Who did he lie to?

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However, Fangzheng was also curious. In this day and age, he could occasionally see people snatching wallets, cell phones, and gold necklaces. However, ever since cell phones became cheap and people no longer use physical cash, almost no one committed snatch theft. The necklaces might even be able to float on water. After all, it wasn't a lucrative matter.

It was the first time Fangzheng encountered someone snatching dumplings on the streets.

Following that, Chang Le pushed away the crowd. Chang Le immediately turned anxious and shouted, "Dad!?"

Fangzheng also saw clearly that in the crowd, an elder dressed in a blue coat was sitting on a curb. His hands were tightly hugging a box of dumplings. He had his head lowered and did not say a word. His eyes stared straight, a mystery as to what he was thinking.

Hearing Chang Le's shout, the old man did not react.

The onlookers finally reacted.

The store owner who was the victim exclaimed, "Hey! Someone's finally here. What's wrong with your old man? Why is he snatching dumplings? Are you starving him or is there something wrong with this old man?"

Chang Le hurriedly apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry… My dad is old and suffers from dementia. He can't remember anything. Now, he's just an old kid who doesn't know anything."

Upon hearing Chang Le's words, the boss who was originally angry frowned. He helplessly said with some pity, "Forget it, forget it… Quickly bring him back. Just count myself unlucky!"

"I'm sorry…" After Chang Le said that, he hurried to Chang Jianghe's side and said, "Dad, let's go home."

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However, Chang Jianghe remained motionless. He hugged the dumplings in his arms tightly, as if afraid that getting up would result in the dumplings being snatched away.

When Fangzheng saw this, he came forward and whispered, "Amitabha. Elder, the ground is cold. It's time to go home."

Chang Jianghe remained motionless.

Chang Le said, "Dad… let's go home."

This time, Chang Jianghe had a reaction. He raised his head slightly and looked at Chang Le. "You are?"

Seeing the puzzled look in Chang Jianghe's eyes, Chang Le's heart felt a sharp pain!

He seemed to have seen his father when he was young. Back then, Chang Jianghe was young and strong. He raised him up high and smiled as he shouted, "Son, is this high?"

"High…" Little Chang Le would shout loudly.

At that time, he was everything to Chang Jianghe! He didn't understand much previously, but after his mysterious experience, he suddenly understood everything—he was his father's everything! He was his everything in life! Everything in the past, everything now, and everything in the future!

When he saw his father who had raised him up single-handedly from a young age, he suddenly felt so helpless, weak, and unfamiliar. It was as if his heart was being pricked by needles!

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Chang Le's eyes were red as he whispered, "Dad, it's me, I'm your son. Come home with me… okay?"

"Home? Home… Home!" Chang Jianghe suddenly stood up as though he had been triggered by something. "That's right. Home… I want to go home!

"My son is still waiting for me at home for dinner!

"I got him dumplings, his favorite dumplings!

"I want to go home… I want to go home… Home… Where is home?

"Where is home?

"Where is home?

"Where is this?

"Where is this?

"Can anyone tell me where this is?"

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Chang Jianghe hurriedly stood up and looked around blankly. His face was filled with panic and anxiety as he shouted and asked…

Seeing the old man hugging the dumplings in his arms and shouting about bringing the dumplings back for his son, many people's eyes turned red.

Chang Le could no longer hold back his tears as they streamed down his face. He hugged Chang Jianghe and exclaimed, "Dad… I was wrong… I shouldn't have shouted at you… Dad… Look at me, I'm your son! I'm Chang Le! I'm Lele!"

When Chang Jianghe heard this shout, he suddenly stopped. He lowered his head to look at Chang Le and looked at him in confusion. "Chang Le? But… aren't you only this big?"

Chang Jianghe gestured to the height of his thigh and said, "Why are you so big?"

Chang Le said, "Dad, I've grown up. Now, it's my turn to take care of you."

"Are you really my Lele? Let me take a closer look…" Chang Jianghe caressed Chang Le's face. After a while, he smiled and said, "It's really my Lele. Lele, you're back?"

When Chang Le heard this, his heart ached as if it had been stabbed by a knife. He knew that he had left home after slamming the door and had caused great agitation to Chang Jianghe. That was why he had run out to find him!

He might be mentally challenged, but he was still worried about him!

He forgot where home was and forgot what year it was.

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However, he still remembered that his son had left and that he needed to look for his son!

Even so, he still remembered to get his son's favorite dumplings!

Chang Le cried, crying like he was when he was young. He cried ungentlemanly as he opened his heart. He hugged Chang Jiang's thigh and cried…

Chang Jianghe cried as well. "Son, you're back! You're finally back! Quick… Dad brought some dumplings for you! Your favorite dumplings! Come… eat the dumplings!"

As he spoke, Chang Jianghe offered the dumplings that were in his firm grip.

At that moment, it wasn't only Chang Le; the surrounding people were also crying.

When the shop owner saw this, he wiped away his tears and moved the table out. "Sit down and eat."

"Thank you…" Chang Le nodded at the boss.

The boss sighed and said, "My dad left early… Your father is still alive, and you still have a home. When he passes, you'll know what it means to not be able to find a home no matter how big the world is."

With that said, the boss shook his head and entered the store.

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Chang Jianghe didn't seem to realize that there was anyone in his world except Chang Le. He opened the lunch box mysteriously and said, "Lele, look, what's this? Dumplings! Haha… You should eat more today. and healthy. Lele will be strong and healthy."

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