The New Gate (LN)

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I really like the novel. It seemed slightly inconsistent with the strength of characters, but not too badly and the story progressed well and kept me interested.


This book is essentially having an op mc similar to like a literal god or superman. But instead of seeing him use his powers to fight bad guys and kick ass he goes to the market and does random shit. It’s mega disappointing cause for one considering how long each “chapter” is I thought that the context and stuff would be better. In the beginning it was decent but then it just went to shit. I kept waiting to see if he would use his op powers and do something and stop doing random shit with weaklings but that literally never happened. Super disappointed so I dropped it. Felt like only review for this book would leave a bad taste in people mouth if they actual read the book. Dont get me wrong there are some fights but he puts like this cap on his abilities and other annoying shit. I just couldn’t do it


Great book with an interesting concept in my opinion. While some times it feels tiring to read, for the most part it's pretty enjoyable overall.

**there was a flash back arc which I thought I would hate but at the end I hated it even more then I thought I would**