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The Novel's Extra novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Jee Gab Song. 379 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body.

A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished.

He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story.

The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline.

However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation.

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  • lnwUser14068 Dec 04, 2020

    I still had not reading this novel, i see no romance at categories, but from i read thro review, there is fl?

  • TopeChishi Nov 25, 2020

    I'm glad that I read the comment section coz I was in the verge of dropping this novel if the Nayun (Or Rachel) ended up being the FL. And at the part where I'm at Nayun was giving off a very FL vibe.

      • Zer007 Dec 27, 2020

        Her most cherished brother was killed. Found out the mc was the one who killed him. Mc didn't bother to explain anything and left. She went on a path of vengeance and sorrow... Don't see the comparison bud... I genuinely liked her character and definitely pitied her.

      • Zenni04 Jan 18, 2021

        For that yes, i pitied her condition.What i felt annoyed is not that part. But during the time they were at school. After that event, it is understandable for me.

  • Nixie_pixie Aug 14, 2020

    DNF!!! Im so disappointed. Im really invested with MC and Chae Nayun then suddenly BAAM! MC is in love with boss, the f*** It came out of nowhere! It doesn't make sense! I hate it! Argh... why? Just why? ... The story is really interesting but...sigh... I'm not gonna finish it.I just can't bear to finish it, sorry. >_<

  • AddictedReader Aug 09, 2020

    Anyone sad that the fl suddenly became the Boss rather than Nayun?? I mean, i guess its fine that they got a happy ending but the way the storyline was proceeding, it clearly showed that Nayun was the fl but then just near the end it suddenly showed signs that the ml was liking Boss. From what ive read, i assumed the emotion he felt toward Boss was like family or an older sister and the way he acted towards Nayun, not being able to remain calm and all, was like one with affection or maybe even with love so i kinda feel messed up with it. I guess this is why people say don't blindly assume things. Welp, guess my ship sinked.

    • marewoof Aug 13, 2020

      I'm still at 330 but I can say that I was not sad but kinda disappointed like of feeling? I see Chae Nayun as Sakura from Naruto kind of character, author is trying to put her in the main plot but eventually dismisses her as a whole, like when MC and Nayun finally reunited? And their talk just got pushed back and back and back till he fell in love w/ Boss. I mean, there's so many potential love interests the author keeps on hinting about but what did author do? he made MC witness boss past & after he came back? BOOM! He loves her lol.

      • dokjanim Nov 06, 2020

        yes the romance plot is really laughable, just what is author thinking to turn out the story like that? i really dont understand, the ending is really a mess

      • HyungReturneeNim Aug 15, 2020

        The only reason Kim Hajin ended up with Yi Byul, was becouse when he got feelings for Chae Nayun he was split between staying or going back, simply he was still too scared to get attached so he ended up hurting her badly and regretting it, then he finally stop being a coward and decided to get attached and he fell in love with Yi Byul, the author made so Chae Naun can go to her own world to be happy with the regression stone

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I came in with minimal expectations after binge-reading other web novels, but I got hooked pretty quickly. The overall concept of the novel is based similarly to Trash of the Count's Family (TCF), where the main protagonist becomes a side-character. There are moments where others have said that the plot points become pretty predictable even more so than the ending, but it was a nice journey.

Fair warning though, the ending is rather lacking and while it does touch upon most major points, the execution could've been better. It dulls in comparison to the ending that Solo Leveling or SCOG (just barely considering the comedic ending & side stories).

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It's worth reading but I dropped it at chapter 344 because the story telling became sloppy and too predictable for my tastes. I would've dropped it earlier but I was really curious about some sub plots that turned out disappointing.

Great start develops into hot mess and forced development. Feels like the author either lacked patience or inspiration which is ironic considering the plot

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The way how the author weaves the story is very interesting. It was able to get away from the common pitfalls that destroys a good story by incorporating sudden and unexpected changes/takes to the story. It is true that foreshadows and stuffs does not really exist on this novel that much, but in a sense the novel was able to let the readers themselves experience what could the characters experience (to be played with by the grasp of the writer's plot XD).

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I am very satisfied with the novel and its ending . It didn't give me a thought as if it was incomplete or anything of the sort after it ended. For me, this is the most satisfying novel I have read till date.

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I liked the story and the plot but still in my opinion there were some development than were a little forced ( like how how KH become friend with KS? They talk to each other for like 5 minutes at best ). And the more it goes on the story became more and more jam-packed without a clear explanation of some arc's end ( like what happened with Vassago in the colosseum? ).
I also wanted to understand better the relationship between dimensions and so on but guess what? nothing. It also remain a mystery how he was forced in his novel ( with what authority? )
The end had a nice start because I liked the fact that everybody forgot him 'cause he wasn't the author anymore but I tough it would be resolved with something like 'a great friendship' or ' someone indebted to' or 'a strong bond' and I was really disappointed to the fact they remember him because the have something to do with Kim Chundong ( like what that has to do with KH existence? ).
To conclude this novel had a great start but an unsatisfying end

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I cried a lot when Hajin's existence was denied by the world. I feel how lonely he has been by that time. If I were Hajin, I think I would be commiting suicide. What disappoints me the most is when Suho can't even remember Hajin in the end. Hajin has been the person that helped him the most.

Also, it's sad that people had not known the truth regarding fenrir and black lotus being the same person. They didn't know that this 'shadow hero' is the one that worked the most to fight against the destruction of the world. That made me realize that in the end, he is just treated as a mere extra.

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Read 100 chapters so far. Enjoying it greatly even though lots of high-school drama. Hopefully the this will finish as well as it started. Highly recommended

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You know, this novel I love it and at the same time I hate it because of the ending well you will know. The story is good yeah "clap clap clap"

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This one is great. Although it upset me a bit with the ending where everyone doesnt remember mc, but i feel like there's a good meaning behind it. Some characters showed annoying personality at first, but as it concluded toward the end, it has quite good development (although it took long). This epilogue has open ended stories where i can imagine what will happen for each character. It brought me to what suho said, each of us can be a main character of our story. I think the title and this part is connected in an interesting way.

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One of the best out there.

The first arc was absolutely perfect, however, the succeeding arcs got quite deteriorated in quality. but still 5/5

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It's a nice story, it's fun, but I didn't enjoy the ending you'll understand once you finish reading xD.
The story was full of holes, but it was fun as well.
If you are bored go ahead and read!

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an amazing novel, I haven't read anything nearly as good. The sp system is well thought out and the power boosts is not overly powerful and there isn't anything like plot armour. The charters are well thought out and with very interesting personalities. The romance in the novel also has a nice twist and although I felt dejected, heartbroken and sad at first for mc abandoning chae nanyun, but in the end it played out well and I was happy for byul and mc. thank you for writing and translating this novel.

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Honestly, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis story is interesting and has the potential to become an extraordinary novel, but in my opinion, the way the writer develops the story is a bit chaotic, especially since mid of story when MC dropped out of Cube, there are also story loophole such as the existence known as Kim Chundong, and the romance plot which forced and i feel kinda WHAAT?! that is how shocked iam although I prefer this story without romance but I was really shocked by the forced romance flow that was really disappointing, i mean What's going on with the sudden appearance known as "boss" even though it's said mc spent the longest time with the boss. but it was never really told how the process went by them to fall in love.
Unlike when the MC went to the academy, where it was told in detail about MC's youth and the things he went through as well as how MC built various kinds of relationships there, there told in detail how to build certain relationships and feelings towards certain people. it would make more sense to choose fl from one of the schoolmates such as Chae Nayun, Yoo Yeonha or rachel because the development of their relationship with MC was explained clearly rather than sudden emerge of random people with the explanation of "spent the most time together with"
even though I admit that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis story is extraordinary, the way the author packages and develops the story is a mess
i don't understand why the author wrote it like that, sometimes its make me frusrated and irritated.

anyways thats just my opinion, you are free to agree or disagree with me

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Personally I loved it. Good mc and aight romance. There were many different possibilities for where this story could have gone, and I am mostly fine with how it used those possibilities.

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Ok, so I just finished the novel yesterday and I really wanted to share my point of view about it for u guys.

The question that many people go into the review look for is that the novel is worth to read? The answer is yes.

The beginning is hella great. I saw a lot of potentials in this novel like the humour, creativity, good plot, new idea,etc. Everything attracted me. But, it becomes sloppy at the middle and till the last. The author seems like to run out of the idea since he borrow too many usual details of other novels like the towers, level-up system, devils,etc. I mean, that is too many unnecessary details and characters. The end is rushed and cliché, which makes me confused and irritated. In the conclusion, the middle and the end of the story is just a big hot pot with many unexploited details and plots. The bond between the characters is plain too.

Hmmm, it will be a good but not so great experience if you read this novel. But i still recommend it for u guys since it's good to kill ur time.

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