The Predator’s Contract Partner
The Predator’s Contract Partner

The Predator’s Contract Partner

The Predator’s Fiancée

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The Predator’s Contract Partner novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Fantasy, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Lisabel. 171 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


“You shouldn’t have crossed this line, Elisha, if you didn’t want it to be like this.”

A sturdy arm wrapped around her swaying body. Her head became hazy and an intentional hot sweet sigh was pulled out of her.

‘How the hell did I get myself in this situation—’

Elisha recalled. This never happened before.

‘Yeah, I remember.’

Her future in which she would become the fake concubine to a demonic man from the same family, and would be eaten to death—even down to her bone marrow. A future in which the Cartier ducal family is embroiled in a power struggle and fragmented.

To avoid that future, Elisha threw herself at Lucerne, the archrival of her former life.

Yeah. There was no problem. She knew this man, before and after her regression. She already knew he was the most notorious maniac in the Empire.

20-year-old Elisha owes 30,000 gold coins (about 15 billion won in Korean currency or around 15 million in USD).

After going back in time, in order to avoid a hellish life because of debt, she becomes the most capable illegitimate child in the world and visits Lucerne, the archenemy of her master.

“What do you want from me?”

“Please lend me some money. And… make me your subordinate. I’ll give you all the information I have.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“I’ll give myself up as collateral.”

Lucerne listened to Elisha and watched her quietly.

“Okay. But I decide how to deal with the collateral.”


“First of all, marry me.”

“…… huh?”

Elisha didn’t expect it either. That her information transaction would become a marriage contract.

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  • Reformed_Potato

    Hey correct me but is this THE predator we're talking about?

  • fllvri

    When does the next chapter come outtt it’s been a month

  • lnwUser42340

    Lucerne, you naughty, naughty boy. 😏

  • minako

    Is isn't.

  • Zixy

    This is a good story, and it's not rap*y as everyone says.The ml stop when she said no, so yeah it's a good story.

  • DaniCurl

    Thankyou for updating admins ❤️ stay safe ❤️

  • TsadeGranados

    she dies at around the end of the story but then is revived by the ml who happens to be Castillo

    Edited: 9mo
  • Zyluna

    is not rape

  • Its_Alivia02

    I haven't started reading this yet, just added to library. But I love how Trashta literally became a popular term to insult a character lmaooo

    • Rose_

      Her name literally has "trash" in it

      • penthesulia

        Her name is actually Rashta but let's face it - they're no longer Rashta and Soveishu - they're Trashta and Soveish*t. I am ECSTATIC this has entered the general lexicon as a description of someone. I want to say Trashta is technically a white lotus, but she's just ... yeah.

  • _clonut

    It’s a good story, I’d recommend it for anyone thinking about reading it… only complaint is that FL is constantly leaving ML with blue balls lol. He always stops whenever she wants so I don’t think it’s non consensual.