The Primordial Record
Chapter 616: The True Core of Lamia

At this surprising change, the Abomination Core unexpectedly screamed in rage and the yellowish energy pulsing from her hair increased until it became as bright as a yellow sun, the affected Abominations began to break away from their confusion, the energy cleansing their minds and their power levels began to skyrocket and for a moment it was almost as if all of them transformed into beings with the power level of gods.

Their howls spread throughout space and the yellow energy swelled and filled their bodies with light, and their bodies began to emanate a yellowish fog that acted like a potent acid, and space itself began to sizzle and crackle as the acid began to corrode the substance of reality.

Kuranes clapped her hands in appreciation and blew a wolf whistle, "Hahaha, this monster just bitch slapped you, Tiberius."

"I don't care what powers you have, I shall bury you in this place," Lamia's horrifying shriek reached the gods with a loud boom that left cracks throughout reality for endless miles across space.

The Abominations resumed their attack, as they quickly butchered and consumed what was left of the armies of Absomet and descended on the gods with renewed fury, in an instant the presence of the gods was covered by the bodies of millions of charging Abominations.

A pulse escaped from the piles of snarling Abomination surrounding the gods and every single Abomination covering the gods froze before they all collapsed to ash. This pulse spread throughout space and every Abomination turned to ash except for Lamia and the Akhurils who were shielded by a dome of yellowish energy.

Lamia growled in irritation, the energy linking her and the Akhurils had not ceased and with a loud rumble, millions of new Abominations from Reapers, Desecrators, and dozens of other variants of Abomination were spewed from the bodies of the Akhurils.

They tore out of their birthing sacs and quickly consumed them, growing bigger and fully formed in less than three seconds.

These newly born Abominations were slightly different, their bodies covered with a weird sort of glowing mesh, that seemed unimportant but that would be the assumption of anyone who did not understand what made Abominations terrifying.

There was a singular trait which was simply endless and rapid evolutions.

During her battles with the Rune Ship, Lamia did not use this particular ability, leaving it for when her campaign truly began against Trion.

What destroyed her previous Abomination Variants was a certain vibrational pulse released when the God of War snapped his fingers.

Although these new changes on the bodies of the Abomination could only shield them from this vibrational power to a limited extent and the God of War had many other tricks and powers, nevertheless it was an undeniable fact that given enough time, these Abominations would adapt to every attack inflicted on them.

This next batch of Abomination did not even reach the gods when they were turned to ash once more when Tiberius snapped his fingers thrice, but a trace of a smile was on his lips even though he had used a bit more power with dealing with these Abominations.

Lamia chuckled, "You came too late, I have drunk too deeply on the many worlds I consumed, and it is impossible for you to stop me. It was wise for three of you to attack me at once."

Her Akhurils spewed more Abominations, their bodies a little more different, and this time, the glowing mesh had integrated with their bodies, giving them a very enhanced resistance to vibration, if Tiberius used the same attack, it was unknown how many he would be able to destroy this time.

Horush shook his head, "You might have succeeded, but much of your power was obtained from the children of Trion, you were not wise and ate too much of them when you should have left our Domain, also we are not here to attack you at once, my brother and sister are just here to observe, I will be the one to finish you off."

The god stretched his left hand forward and he opened his palm to reveal a beating heart, Lamia suddenly retreated, shock and fear filled her features,

Horush whispered and peered deeply at the Core in his hand, "When we left our foul bodies behind, we kept the true Core of our Shell with us, and we forged a fake Core inside your bodies. This is Minerva's heart, your true Core."

Lamia screamed and turned to flee but a terrible suction force emerged from the beating heart in Horush's hand that was effective on every Abomination here, and it dragged them into the beating heart.

The Akhurils gave long despairing cries, but the beating heart used that yellow energy of the Abomination as a leash and drew them into the heart, as they grew closer to it they began to shrink until they were as small as a grain of rice, and were all absorbed into the heart.

Lamia screamed in anger and despair but she could not go far, her body was dragged closer and closer to the heart until she was a few feet away,

"You shall not trap me again, I refuse this indignity… I deny such a fate!" Her screams were filled with pain and she fought against the pull so violently her body began to tear apart, and the heart eagerly drank her blood and flesh.

Her struggles were agonising and she gave another louder shriek of pain when her legs were drawn into the heart leaving only the top half of her body outside,

At the cusp of despair, Lamia began to plead for her life,

"Leave me be, and I promise I shall never wage war against thee and your dominion any longer."

"Too late for that," Horush replied, "You had your chance to escape, Minerva gave it to you, but you wasted it."

Lamia screamed again, and her struggles increased, and in a feat of madness and strength that even made the gods surprised, she began to pull herself from the heart leaving massive wounds in her body until her bones were visible.

Kuranes rubbed her brows in irritation, "This is taking too long, feed her the damn ship, Tiberius."

The God Of War paused for a moment before he sighed and opened his palm and grabbed the Rune Ship, and Absomet was suddenly no longer the size of a city and had shrunken to less than seven feet long, resembling a broad silver sword.

"Tiberius… what are you doing? Stop it…. I'm your spear… your beloved child…. Father?"

The last words from the Rune Ship were almost a question. The god of war walked up to Horush and seized the struggling Lamia by the hair and began shoving the Rune Ship down her throat.

Chapter 616: The True Core of Lamia
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