The Prodigies War
Chapter 1585: Storm in the Nine Domains, Waiting for Flying Immortal

In the rain of light, a figure rushed out from the entrance of the Origin Magnet Secret Realm. His body was mangled from top to bottom.

“I have ascended the dao to become a Saint. The wind and thunder rages, the fish and dragons are ruthless, who in this world knows how to appreciate my brilliance?”

The man was dressed in a green robe and had a handsome face and shining golden eyes. Who else in this world besides Toady would utter such arrogant and narcissistic words?

A heroic and free-spirited burst of laughter immediately followed, “Fellow Daoist Jin, why did you leave? Do you not want to fight anymore?”

Then, Xiao Cangtian strode out, his long hair fluttering with the breeze, and his narrow eyes flashing like lightning.

“Hmph, I am your opponent!”

Almost at the same time, a beam of unparalleled fierce sword intent shot forth. Sword Demon Ye Chen stepped out, carrying a sword on his back. His purple hair whipping about made him look even haughtier.


But very quickly, a blast of violent power mixed with an ancient aura appeared. Armed with an iron rod, A’lu charged forth like a tall and strong tower.

He grinned, showing his snow-white teeth. He said boorishly, “Come on, come on, whoever is not happy can fight me!”


But just as he finished speaking, he staggered and screamed in pain, “Ouch, Little Silver, you attacked me again!”

Little Silver emerged from his body. He was dressed in all white and had his arms folded in front of his chest. His handsome little face was full of coldness and superiority, “Did you not want a fight? I’m just doing as you wished, stupid big man.”

“Do you dare to come again?” A’lu roared provocatively.

“Really?” Little Silver raised his eyebrows. His expression was an exact likeness to his master Lin Xun.

As he was speaking, a black butterfly emitting the aura of chaos fluttered and landed on Little Silver’s shoulder.

The sight of the butterfly immediately shut A’lu up. He was not afraid of Little Silver, but if Little Silver and Little Sky worked could give him quite a headache.

It should be noted that the duo ran wild in the Origin Magnet Secret Realm, frightening many cultivators to flee for their lives.

“You guys fight all you want, but I won’t participate.”

Ji Xingyao’s graceful and ethereal figure emerged in a shower of light.

Beside her, Luo Jia stood as elegant as an orchid flower, and her beauty was unmatched.

“Hahaha, everyone is having a good time, why don’t we have a friendly match?”

Following a burst of gentle laughter, Mi Hengzhen, Ye Mohe and others also came out in a line.

All of a sudden, the sea area was filled with figures hovering in midair, each one radiating a transcendent charm and remarkable powers.

Just like the brightly shining stars in the sky, their appearance lit up the sea!

Lin Xun couldn’t help smiling, full of pride and enthusiasm. He stepped forward and said aloud, “If you are going to have friendly matches with each other, can you count me in?”


Everyone almost unanimously refused without even thinking about it.

Are you joking? Is there difference between a friendly match with Demon God Lin and torture?

Met with rejection, Lin Xun said helplessly, “Just a friendly match, why are you all so worried?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Only A’lu was eager to give it a try. “Big Brother, how about we play together?” he shouted.

Before Lin Xun could respond, Little Silver and Little Sky appeared directly in front of A’lu.

A’lu lost it and huffed, “Fine, forget it, I don’t want to play!”

Everyone broke into loud laughter.

Soon, more supreme figures came out from the Origin Magnet Secret Realm, but they all looked somewhat dejected.

Among them were Yue Jianming, Mo Tianhe and several others who were good friends with Lin Xun.

From one glance, Lin Xun could tell that they had not reached the supreme Saint stage, and he couldn’t help but sigh to himself.

Although great opportunities existed in the Origin Magnet Secret Realm, not anybody could win them. This was the reality.

Fortunately, there was no shortage of supreme Saint opportunities in the Nine Domains Battlefield. The Origin Magnet Secret Realm might be gone, but other opportunities would definitely come in the future.

After learning what happened, Lin Xun found out that of the Ancient Wasteland Domain cultivators who entered the Origin Magnet Secret Realm, a total of twenty-nine people became supreme Saints.

This was an astonishing achievement.

For example, in the Absolute Hell Secret Realm, only seventeen cultivators seized the opportunity in the end to set foot into the supreme Saint Stage.

“Brother, the reason why me and the others were able to become supreme Saints in the Origin Magnet Secret Realm was, of course, we were strong enough, but also because the other cultivators deliberately stepped aside for us.” Toady suddenly sent a voice transmission to Lin Xun.

“They all know that we are very close with you and that we were only able to enter the Origin Magnet Secret Realm with your help. We encountered little obstacles in the secret realm and therefore successfully ascended the dao.”

Lin Xun looked surprised, feeling emotional inside. “Don’t worry, I will help them fight for more opportunities in the future.”

Toady nodded.

On the same day, the group of people left Black Cliff Sea and headed to the City of Protection!


“In the present Nine Domains Battlefield, the Blood Demon Camp is no longer a threat. The Star Fiend Camp and the East Mulberry Camp have also suffered heavy casualties and are no longer a real threat to our Ancient Wasteland Camp.

“Also Jian Qingchen is dead, so the Great Luo Ancient Domain is left without a leader.”

In the City of Protection, Shaohao analyzed the present situation with Ruowu.

“The only ones we need to worry about are the camps of the North Sea, Heavenly Flame, Absolute Yin and the Nine Dark.”

Ruowu nodded and said with a smile, “The situation is much better than in previous Conflicts of Nine Domains. Counting the days, it has only been less than two years since the opening of the Nine Domains Battlefield, but our Ancient Wasteland Camp’s situation is already completely unlike how it was in the past.”

Shaohao couldn’t help smiling. “In the past, I would never imagine that such earth-shaking changes could happen in such a short period of time.” He sighed with emotions.

It was indeed different.

At first, the experts of the Ancient Wasteland Camp could only hide, flee and endure all sorts of humiliation. They were regarded as two-legged sheep and were bullied, trampled, and killed.

But now, they had the impenetrable City of Protection and gained a firm foothold! They were no longer always panicking and feeling uneasy!

All those changes resulted from Lin Xun!

“Oh right, today is the day that the Origin Magnet Secret Realm comes to an end. If everything goes well, from today on, our Ancient Wasteland Camp will gain a group of supreme Saints!” Shaohao suddenly remembered and sprang up. “Let’s go to the city tower to take a look and welcome them on their triumphant return.”

That day, many cultivators in the City of Protection stopped what they were doing and waited at the top of the city wall together with Shaohao and Ruowu.

Everyone’s expressions were filled with anticipation.

Compared with the disastrous defeats and humiliations in the previous two Conflicts of the Nine Domains, the Ancient Wasteland Camp’s situation in the present Nine Domains Battlefield had indeed changed!

Everyone was full of hope for the future and was no longer pessimistic or filled with despair.

“They’re back!” someone suddenly cried out.

In the distance, rays of light streaked across the sky like rainbows, each one bright and magnificent, roaring towards the city tower.

They were led by none other than Lin Xun!

All of a sudden, all gazes in the city gathered on him and cheers erupted.

On that day, Lin Xun, Zhao Jingxuan, twenty-nine supreme Saints and a group of Ancient Wasteland Domain experts returned from the Black Cliff Sea, causing a stir in the city.

That night, the city was full of laughter, conversations, and cheers, forming a joyous atmosphere on this dark night.

Since then, with the additions of Lin Xun, Zhao Jingxuan, Shaohao and Ruowu, the Ancient Wasteland Camp had thirty-three supreme Saints!

They were all peerless figures of the younger generation in the Ancient Wasteland Domain. They had extraordinary talents, remarkable potential, and boundless prospects.

Unlike the other eight domains, the rise of every supreme figure in the Ancient Wasteland Domain came with ups and downs and many obstacles.

Those hardships were like ultimate tempering. When they rose to become a supreme Saint, their strength would trump any cultivators from the other eight domains!

It was no exaggeration to say that the Ancient Wasteland Domain never lacked geniuses and talents, but just lacked a supreme path for them to pursue!

From this day on, the cultivators in the Ancient Wasteland Camp no longer withdrew into a passive defense in the City of Protection, but began to truly patrol and take control of the Ancient Wasteland Territory.

This was their territory to begin with!

In the past, they were too weak to defend it, but it was different now. Even if the enemy came, they had nothing to fear.

Soon, news about the twenty-nine new supreme Saints from the Ancient Wasteland Domain spread to the other eight domains.

For a time, countless sighs and voices of indignation and helplessness rang out.

The eight domain camps all realized that the situation had changed. The Ancient Wasteland Camp was completely different from before. It was as though a two-legged sheep had transformed into a beast with sharp fangs and possessed the strength and ability to go against them!

“Let them be insolent. When the Flying Immortal Battle Realm comes, Lin Xun will die. Let’s see if the Ancient Wasteland Domain will still be so indolent then!”

In the North Sea Territory, Kun Shaoyu’s eyes were swirling with murderous intent like the turbulent sea.

“Lin Xun, if you don’t die, then maybe the Ancient Wasteland Domain will indeed be able to wipe away their past humiliation and reverse their inevitable fate of defeat. Unfortunately, when the Flying Immortal Battle Realm descends, you are doomed.”

In the Nine Dark Territory, Chi Wushu’s voice rumbled, echoing in the hall and causing the clouds in all directions to collapse.

“There are only five months left before the Flying Immortal Battle Realm arrives. Almost... almost here...”

In the Absolute Yin Territory, Zhu Yingkong murmured, eyes flashing with frightening killing intent.

Similar voices filled with hatred and murderous intent sounded simultaneously in the Heavenly Flame Territory, Blood Demon Territory, Star Fiend Territory, East Mulberry Territory and the Absolute Yin Territory.

The leaders were all waiting for the Flying Immortal Battle Realm to come!

Meanwhile, Lin Xun went into closed-door cultivation.

The Flying Immortal Battle Realm was no doubt going to be a land of storm, given that only the tyrannical figures in possession of a Flying Immortal Tablet were qualified to participate.

It was destined to provide the stage for a true battle of the supreme, the most earth-shaking showdown of the top supreme Saints in the nine domains.

It was no exaggeration to say that whoever excelled and overpowered the others would be crowned with the title of number one supreme Saint of the younger generation in the nine domains!

In fact, in the past two Conflicts of the Nine Domains, the Flying Immortal Battle Realm also had a similar special significance.

For those leaders, it was not just as simple as collecting Fortunes of War Merits.

It also determined who was the strongest in the nine domains!

The storm of the nine domains was just waiting for the Flying Immortal!

Chapter 1585: Storm in the Nine Domains, Waiting for Flying Immortal
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