The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me
The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me

The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me

내게 주인공은 살인이다

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The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me novel is a popular light novel covering Action, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Backstage. 259 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Regressor, Reincarnator, Possessor, Traveler, or Predestined. I will hunt down the protagonists that exist in the countless worlds and absorb their abilities.

Here lies the protagonist.

The continent’s hope.
The hero who will save the world.
The hero who currently has a hole through his chest!

With the Spirit of Earth, freed the Dwarfs and gained their trust.
Purified the contaminated Forest of Spirits and became the Fairies’ benefactor.
Resealed the Ancient Stone statues found in one of the ruins.
Exterminated the giant sea serpent that emerged from the sea.
Defeated the 47th Demon Lord of the underworld…

“Aside from assaults and murders there were other death related incidents as well as vandalism, arson, and etc…”

“S-spare me…”


This was the protagonist.
But now he has died by my hands.

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  • sociopath

    Omniscient reader viewpoint, btw I recommend it if you didnt already read it

    yesterday 0 Likes
  • Thersuse

    Started reading this while stacking chapter on Author's POV and I'm at vol 3 HAHAHA it's good for me but there's some veryyyyy vague events that happened in the story like the one with cheonma,wish they make it a little bit clearer so that in could have another wholesome chapter

    3 days ago 0 Likes
  • MatheusWerly

    An incredible read, too bad the ending was very ambiguous and didn't have a proper romanceSpoiler AlertAnd I liked the fact that the author turned him into a real 'protagonist' In the end, it's a shame that the end was kind of dubious and didn't confirm or deny the romance and I wanted Arcelline (the best girl) so badly to stay with the MC and I pray in my heart that it happened.

    9 days ago 0 Likes
  • Rimuru_Simp

    Oh yeh it end been two year since I seriously start reading novel and this the one that got me hook tbh it too short like seriously it could be way longer and am interested about the dragon the reason why it go around saving world etc etc and the ending is similar to orv even though I didn't read orv

    22 days ago 0 Likes
  • Qwteirotjwhdhbfkd

    Amazing read

    23 days ago 0 Likes
  • abir

    is it just me or is this author a hypocrite? mc has a system, protagonists have systems, mc has a harem, protagonists have harem, mc can steal stat and techniques, protagonists do the same, why the fuck does he get to use up his probability and there aren't any opportunities or tech to help the other mcs use up theirs? mc of this ln deserves to die as much as the rest

    1 months ago 7 Likes
    • lnwUser61385

      That's the whole pointSpoiler Alertlater on, we learn that he has been one of the artificially created protagonists. So he had to escape from the known universe to stop the eventual downfall of his world. That's one of the reason he starts of with the cheat-like abilities like the other mcs

      6 days ago 0 Likes
    • HaremDetector

      mc is a hunter, not a being considered to be a protagonist in his world ffs.

      24 days ago 0 Likes
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  • abir

    is the mc here some braindead evil fuck or does the mc kill protagonist because they are corrupt? i don't like edgy evil mcs

    2 months ago 1 Likes
    • NightTarot

      Nope, It's actually a really interesting take. The main character Yoo Seodam, isn't evil, nor are the protagonists inherently corrupt or evil themselves, but using their cheat skills or clichés end up draining their world without their knowledge Sadly, its actually rare for him to hunt the protagonist successfully without needing to kill them, it only happens twice from what I recallSpoiler AlertThe ending is a bit of a mindfuck thoughWorth the read

      2 months ago 4 Likes
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  • Xzodia

    The ending is only the 'Good' part of the story. Because it's believable enough for people not calling it a plot armor However the whole story, or rather author himself is a hypocrite. He made a cliche seems bad, evil, etc. However said cliche is also being used on our protagonist. He made a plot armor (Protagonist Correction) seems bad, evil, etc. However said plot armor is also being used on our protagonist. He made a 'heroine love the protagonist for no apparent reason' seems bad, evil, etc (Which it is). However said 'heroine love the protagonist for no apparent reason' is also being used on our protagonist. If this is not hypocrisy, then what is?

    2 months ago 1 Likes
  • __xxGGxx__

    its completed with not even 300 chapters???

    2 months ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser61385

    Can anyone check my understanding of the plot please?Spoiler AlertSo basically hells gate's will did not have a sure fire way to destroy a lot of worlds using yheir original protagonists. So he created an artifial one who became the main protagonost of those worlds(using hell's gate's own probability), so that when Seodom ultimately finishes his joirney he will bring all the world down with him. But to prevent that Seodom first threatens to kill himself and then finally escapes to put his story on hiatus thus in the process stopong all the worlds from moving towards distruction. The power to transport the protagonist was Reina's. So reina was the one who threw him into the abyss. The hell's gate's will did try to stop them but wasnt as he was not really omnipotent. And he cud not get the protagonist back as the protagonist was out of reach and he was almost out of probability.

    Edited: 26 May, 10:00
    2 months ago 2 Likes