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11 users have written reviews for the The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness novel and rated it with an average score of 4.3 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 298th among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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Its pretty good the early parts of the story of him and his sister was good Spoiler Alertbut it got a little boring when he first met xiao bai then around the time she died up until the recent chapter is pretty good so over all i like it and hopefully the upcoming chapters dont get too repetitive and boring


Interesting story, can’t wait for more chapters! I must say that this main character is sooooo unlucky! Transmigrated in a story and you’re actually dying… please don’t die!


I like the story so far, I’m probably going to keep a 5 star for this story temporarily, hopefully I can read the whole story and see whether it is actually good or not.


The reviewer below me is an absolute dumbass but the only thing I agree with is his low rating. 31 chapters in and honestly, its dogshit. There's a lot of development that has happened and honestly, the novel is chugging along at quite a fast speed but other than that, it's just not good.Spoiler Alert If we start from chapter 1, literally all the emotion in this novel is sapped away once its told to you that this is literally all made up which is ironic, considering you know it's made up by the author. This story is literally about the main character just emotionally manipulating you and the characters around him. But let's ignore that. I would like to focus more on the general intelligence of all the characters and the extremely forced emotion on them. They keep on going on and on about the Heavenly Emperor's crimes and how he'll slaughter millions of innocent people if he's let free, but then the next chapter mention that he is in fact the one who saved billions of mortals from being terrorised by cultivators. It's only 31 chapters in yet I already know exactly how this novel is going to go and how braindead all the characters are. Consider this just another junk food novel to read. It's not terrible if you just dont think too much into it.


I don't see the appeal in this story and I lost interest in it. like when the hell is the mc going to do something? Holy hellfire it's only 28 chapters and people are giving 5 stars even though it's boring and has no plot development yet.


Normally I don't give reviews. actually I have never given a review but this story is addicting and I need more. Author if you drop this story I will find you and I will kidnap your family until you finish the book. Also if you could do a mass release that would be great thank you. There are some grammar issues but if your reading on a site like this you should have already got the auto-translate skill, so stop your bitching and moaning.


Definitely the most unique Wuxia/Cultivation novel I've read so far. The MC is reincarnated and is trapped in a mirror that shows the past he is re-writing and it shows how much he sacrificed to protect his women and how great of a man he was. If you love misunderstandings and like funny action drama, you'll love this series. Sadly there's only 28 chapters so far.


Very unique story and concept. It is satisfying to see the reactions of the people, especially the heroines, when they see the mc’s story through the mirror. I’m not sure if its a slow burn, but it seems like it will take a while to go through all of the heroines. I’m looking forward to what will happen and waiting for more chapters to be released (only 27 chapters in).Spoiler AlertFor those who think the mc is dead, I'm pretty sure he isn’t. It shows how he looks at the reactions from inside the mirror. From what I understand, the mc will die soon (3 days) and while he is dying, the mirror replays his memories. He uses the system to change his past so that he will be released by the heroines before he dies.


Now this is an interesting novel. Mc rewrites the past and clears the misunderstanding? There are more to it. . I don't wanna spoil the fun. There twist and turns in the story at chapter 190+ are really good. . I liked the brother and sister arc. .


Interesting concept. People feeling guilty and sad for misunderstanding the mc's goodwill and them regretting it is always a satisfying scene to watch. And making a novel based on it is genius. But the author should make sure he doesn't drag the plot simply based on this or else the story might get boring. All the best and waiting for more updates