The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero
The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Return of the catastrophic hero

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The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author SAN.G. 447 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The dead cannot speak.

It means the living can create any story they want.

Inheritance, honor and wealth can be taken away by lies.

However, what happens when a person, who was presumed to be dead, returns alive?

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  • InThend 3

    I've read 22 chapters and if I'm going to comment accordingly, it's a really weak and incomplete story.The novel lacked depth and felt like I was reading a 2D story.The background stories of the characters are very weak and the emotions are very lacking.That's all I can say for sure over the course of 22 episodes. I couldn't read any more.The thing I've been paying attention to most recently in novels is to feel the characters very sincerely, but this novel is really lacking in that regard.I think anyone who is objective can understand that the shortcomings I mentioned are not an exaggeration, for at least 22 episodes.

  • hachiman5670 10

    Is this bl?

  • Shineinouzen 2

    the chapters are back.

  • Cribb 2

    Anyone know how many chapters pre reset?

  • SkyPotato 1

    I found this title not so long before the website attack, i am grateful that i still can read chapters I haven't read despite most of the chapters are gone. Although its coming to end soon, i hope translator nim will add more chapters asap~

  • francis_kg 17

    It feels a little bit empty... Oh it's just my library. Will you feel it with me?

  • theraptor 1

    uses death magic only on everyone His own creation uses life magic only Also the secretary was treated nicely compared to everyone else and now she messed up. (Excluding Hugo's wife)

  • HENCE 2

    when will the manghwa continue? its supposed to be on may i heard?

  • val24 3

    i just started reading and wanna know does he get revenge on the saints or not or is this gonna be one of those novels where the bad guys don’t really die?

  • Zoro2224 7

    Ch 177 Let's upgrade Heaven's Punishment!!! All the way to the max level.