Chapter 360: The Visitors WishThe Rise of Otaku

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Chapter 360: Chapter 360 The Visitor’s Wish

After watching the host’s report, the viewers couldn’t help but sigh. It was true that the Emperor seemed like a nice guy. However. the clear lack of love awareness and the crazily low EQ meant that no one would be able to make this hardcore otaku fall in love.

Zhou Yu also watched the live stream, but he was not surprised by the comments of others, because they were all correct. At least so far, no girls were able to make him leave the park. If he indeed fell in love with some girl one day, and if the girl also asked him out, probably he would hurriedly agree. In other words, if ever there was a girl who could get his heart pumping enough to get out of an amusement park, then that girl would be his destiny.

But would there be one? Zhou Yu wasn’t sure.

Anyway, Zhou Yu didn’t think that he needed a girlfriend or marry someone. There was an ACG World, and he also had many children and so many friends, so he was very happy about what he had at the moment.

Anyway, there was no need to think about that much. It was time to do some quests.

Unexpectedly, the first quest he received today in the real world came from a young male visitor to the park.

This visitor was a regular visitor to the amusement park. Perhaps because he has come to the park so often, he has also changed a lot like the villagers of Luhua village. Not only was there a mini person on top of him, the Buddhist beads bracelet that his girlfriend gave to him also became a beautiful nun in the ACG world.

It seemed like he had a very deep feeling for this object. Otherwise, the bracelet would not have become a mini person.

However, talking to a stranger was always a big problem for Zhou Yu. In particular, this guy clearly has a relationship problem, in case the quest was about helping him to get his girlfriend back or something like that, how do you want him, a single person, to feel?

Moreover, discussing relationship issues with a strange man required a high-level of conversational skills. First, you have to gain the other person’s absolute trust, and then you have to ask the question tactfully. None of those could be achieved in a short period of time, even with the help of the ACG’s dialog options.

Unable to figure out how to strike up a conversation, Zhou Yu had to follow the man all the way, looking for the right time to talk. Strangely enough, the young man was wandering around alone all the time, taking photos with a camera, and there was no sign of his girlfriend. Looking at the status of the Buddha bead bracelet, it seemed that there was no sign of damage to the Buddha bead bracelet itself, and the beautiful nun was also very solemn, there was nothing wrong with her as well.

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So why was this young man sighing all the time?

Puzzled, Zhou Yu could not help thinking of Lou Xiaobao, he was a Buddhist, perhaps he could understand this young man better.

Following all the way, Zhou Yu saw that the young man’s expression was obviously different from other visitors. Other people’s faces were covered with smiles, but his face was very gloomy. It was very dissonant with the park’s atmosphere.

Just as Zhou Yu made up his mind to speak, another man came up to him and said sternly, “Auntie called and said that the result of Yuanyuan has just come out, and she only has half a year left at most.”

Oh my God, does that mean his girlfriend is going to heaven soon? No wonder that nun was glowing in the holy light.

Hearing this result, the man immediately burst into tears, and Zhou Yu felt even more awkward to speak at this time, so he sat on a bench near them with his back to them and eavesdropped on the following conversation. Because he found that even if there was no conversation, he still received the quest of the young man. It was to fulfill his wish.

But what wish? The doctors in the ACG world would not be able to cure his girlfriend in the real world. Even the doctor Black Jack would not be able to save him. Bringing her back from the dead was even more ridiculous. Even if he had that kind of ability, he would not use it easily. Unless he was not scared of other people cutting him up and studying him.

When Zhou Yu was having wild thoughts, the man choked up and said, “Yuanyuan likes this amusement park the best. Now she can’t come here to play. I will take as many photos of it as possible and take them back to Yuanyuan to see.”

No wonder he was taking photos all the time with a sad face, so it was this. Another man sighed: “Have you taken all the photos? Yuanyuan wants to see you most of all, as long as you can stay with her for the rest of the days.”

Speaking of this, the man shook his head and said: “Yuanyuan likes Zen villa the most. She always says that once she gets better, she will come to the park to see it in person, but the park doesn’t allow outsiders to go in that place. Now Yuanyuan can’t even walk, there is no chance for her to see it anymore.”

Until this moment, Zhou Yu finally understood what the man’s wish was.

Regarding this wish, it was, in fact, not difficult. Zhou Yu thought about it and then left.

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After a while, the man was still wandering outside the villa area, he hoped that he would be able to go in to take some photos of the Zen Villa. Although Yuanyuan could no longer see it in person, if she was able to see the photos, she would definitely be happy as well.

At this moment, an announcement was suddenly being broadcasted in the amusement park, “Congratulations to Mr. Wang Haiyang, you have become today’s lucky visitor, you can now enter the villa area to claim the mysterious prize. Please bring your ID card to the villa area’s gate for entering registration, it is valid for today only.”

The announcement sounded many times, which made the young man very happy because he was Wang Haiyang.

In the office, Zhou Fu looked at Zhou Yu strangely because it was he, who came up with the idea of “today’s lucky visitor”, and he even directly asked Wang Haiyang to be the first lucky visitor. In the future, a random lucky visitor would be chosen on time and given a small gift or something.

But who is Wang Haiyang? Why would Zhou Yu want to treat him differently? What Boy Yu was doing became more and more incomprehensible.

It was not difficult to know the name of the man. Zhou Yu just needed to ask the flying bird knight to ask the nun sitting on that Buddha bead bracelet. In this way, the young man would be able to get into the villa area to take photos for his girlfriend. In addition, Zhou Yu also planned to give him something as a gift. After all, he and his girlfriend were die-hard fans of the amusement park.

The young man quickly completed the registration, and then quickly ran to the Zen Villa to take photos. Lou Xiaobao has already been notified, so he didn’t stop the young man.

After a while, Zhou Yu personally brought the gift and handed it to the young man who was about to go home and said softly, “Thank you for your support to the amusement park. Please tell Yuanyuan that The Zen villa will pray for her.”

After that, he simply patted the young man’s shoulder and then left.

How did Zhou Yu know about Yuanyuan?

The young man was first confused, but when he opened the gift box, tears immediately filled his eyes. It turned out to be a miniature model of the Zen villa. With the craftsmanship of the emperor, it was naturally wonderful and lifelike, and every detail was perfect. Even the most famous sycamore courtyard was perfectly reproduced in the miniature model.

With it, Yuanyuan would have no regret.

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