The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 747: Grand Era

Everyone in the starry sky was guessing and discussing exactly who it was that had done such a shockingly gargantuan matter.

In the first moments of that happening, people suspected the top ten. Only they had this kind of strength and motivation. The speed at which the army was dispatched was too quick.

The faces of the relevant people in charge from the top ten turned dark. Even though they wanted to attack and already had people on the way of doing so, they really weren’t responsible for what happened. They were being wrongly accused!

“In order not to be wrongly accused, we have to… hastenand quickly capture the Deity Race’s ancestral city. If not, we won’t be living up to such slander!” someone from the top ten said.

“Hurry! Activate the super wormhole and head straight for Deity planet. We must obtain the Deity Breathing Technique!”

The top ten were on the move and attacking thunderously. At their level, they towered over every race and this hadn’t changed since time immemorial. As such, all of them naturally had the scent of blood on them.

There were wandering cultivators amongst them and experts from other races being mobilized. All of them wanted to share a part of the delectable soup.

Take An Sheng for example. He had been deflated on Earth and retreated out of shock due to the spider lilies. Now, he had ran over to the proximity of Deity planet and said to himself, “The meaning of life is in discovery and conducting textual research. For that, I have come to this planet to look for the Deity Breathing Technique and research it. As for poetry and what lies afar, to hell with it all!”

At the moment, there was a violent development during turbulent times. The Deity Race was in a troubling spot again with a group of experts gathering!


Some people wanted to find the truth to determine who was the culprit. In the end, they heard a massive explosion before they could even get close. Ultimate ranked weapons were rumbling and attacking the Deity Race’s ancestral city!

Other than that, some experts at the heaven-illumination realm were roaming about and weaving about on the Deity planet.

For a moment, the outer realm was in great shock. Everyone was frightened.

“Just who exactly did this? They’re not done pillaging the top ten and are attacking again?”

“That’s not right. The top ten definitely has those attacking first and those coming along later. They must be splitting their tasks into batches because some people had just left and now another batch is coming along.”

A few people were making guesses.

Uncle Ming stood in front of the camera lens. He first coughed, and then he tidied up his appearance in preparation to make a speech. He appeared very solemn and maintained a serious expression.

However, at this moment, a shocking piece of news travelled within the starry sky. Someone was broadcasting what was happening outside live.

This was a man wearing a devilled mask. He was having a news conference on the platform under the banner of the Black Blood Arena. His influence was great and he attracted the attention of countless people.

“I will announce right here and now that our Fallen Angel organization takes responsibility for this matter. I am solemnly informing everyone that we are the ones that massacred the Deity Race, Xilin clan, Spirit Race, Netherworld Race, and Mechanical Race. We are hereby making a declaration that we taught them a lesson on their ignorance and arrogance.”

“Huh? Aiyoh! Hey!” Chu Feng was dumbfounded on Earth.

As for Uncle Ming, he had cleared his throat and adjusted his posture at the camera lens as he prepared to issue a statement that shocked the world. Yet in the end, someone had cut him off!?

“Mmp…” Uncle Ming was immediately disarrayed under such circumstances. Where did this Fallen Angel organization hop out of? They actually wanted to take responsibility for the matter that happened this time!?

Uncle Ming wanted to curse. He hadn’t seen this kind of person before. They even wanted to falsely claim responsibility for such a terrifying purge and took the initiative to fight over this like that? He was dumbfounded for a moment. After which, he really wanted to roar twice. Who is it? Come out!

A group of people in the starry sky were so shocked that they were stunned. Someone really stood out and admitted to this matter. This really shocked them to the point where their chins fell to the ground and many people were speechless.

“Who are they exactly?” Many people asked each other as they didn’t understand who this organisation was and they’d never heard of them before.

But after a group of seniors from the older generation heard this, they were startled and inhaled a cold breath as they had been immensely shocked. That was because they knew they had heard of this group when they were youths.

“They are an assassins organization from ancient times who are equally as famous as the Sky-Piercer, but they competed against Sky-Piercer and lost. In the end, they declined and were almost destroyed. I never would’ve thought that they would be reborn again!” said a saint who had lived through the ancient times.

The Fallen Angel organization actually had such a significant background!

Uncle Ming was unhappy. They could even feign such a matter which really made him speechless.

In reality, the universe’s black market as well as the group of old saints who had escaped from the universe’s black prison were fairly speechless as well. They too hadn’t seen such a person before.

Not long later, someone disclosed that it was impossible for the Fallen Angel organization to have done it because someone pointed out that said organization was proficient in the arts of assasination. If they were to truly launch a frontal assault and fight so extensively, it was practically impossible for them to be so powerful.

Moreover, if they had the ability to massacre the Deity Race, then they wouldn’t have lost to Sky-Piercer during ancient times.

Besides, such powerful races like the Netherworld Race, Xilin Clan, Spirit Race, and Mechanical Race that were second only to the Deity Race simply weren’t forces that the Fallen Angel could shake up.

After that, the world was in an uproar. People were very speechless. Such a gap in facts couldn’t be more obvious than they were. This Fallen Angel organization was really avant-garde.

Even though this sort of achievement was terrifying, it wasn’t a good thing. They absolutely wanted to be hasty in falsely claiming such achievement as their own which made people roll their eyeballs.

But people soon clearly understood that the Fallen Angel organization wanted to broaden their influence. They wanted to resume their old trade and accept assassination tasks, and to do so, they needed such successful reputation.

In the end, a group of people denounced their lies and unanimously agreed that they weren’t the ones who did this. After that, many evidences were laid out.

Soon, the victim’s family appeared. Someone went to the Spirit Race and Mechanical Race and paid them a visit to look into the truth and expose it for what it was.

A few victims’ families were invited before the camera lens. They immediately cursed and roared with scarlet eyes. They had all gone mad.

At this moment, Uncle Ming finally took the scene. Before someone exposed him, he immediately convened a news conference and borrowed the Origin Beast Platform as he faced the whole universe and made an announcement.

Earth was naturally receiving worldwide attention now. The outside world would excessively interpret the movement of grass being blown by the wind on Earth because they had to treat Earth seriously.

The reason being was because there were four powerhouses at the heaven-illumination realm on Earth. They had just achieved a great victory that shocked the starry sea and were about to enter the top ten now. Who wouldn’t care about such a thing!?

In the first instances, no one paid attention to the victims’ families’ live broadcast. The main thing was that these victims’ families were crazed with their scarlet eyes that resembled blood and all they spewed were curses.

At this moment, Uncle Ming had a look that bemoaned the state of the universe and one that pitied the fate of mankind. He spoke in a grieving tone, “We mourn the casualties as do we deeply sympathize and regret what happened this time. This sorrowful day is one worthy to be engraved in the memories of us all. I propose that we treat today as a memorial day and commemorate those who passed every year from now on.”

Everyone from every race were feeling chaotic in the universe. In the immediate moment, they were all dazed and couldn’t understand what was going on.

The Deity Race, Spirit Race, and Xilin clan were all Earth’s mortal enemy, yet he was here in mourning and wanted to establish today as a memorial day. Was he trying to make trouble out of nothing?

“At the same time, I want to warn the Dao friends of the Deity Race and every other sect that they have to be dutiful in conducting themselves. Do not be too arrogant, if not tragedies will still occur. May this be a lesson for you all! Finally, we are taking responsibility for what happened this time,” Uncle Ming continued.

After that, he got off the platform, ending his news conference in a short and low-profiled way.

The starry sky was silent in a flash.

Everyone was stupefied. Everyone stood there, dumbfounded. Everyone had turned to stone. What mother f*cking news conference was this about mourning and commemoration? This was… a celebration with added provocation!

After that, it was as though the starry sky had exploded. Every race was clamoring and the evolvers were flaring up. The Origin Beast Platform and Black Blood Platform were in a mess.

The shock every race felt wasn’t light. They simply didn’t dare to believe that a fallen Earth could be in such defiance of the natural order. They could actually massacre the Deity Race, Spirit Race, and Xilin Clan.

If that was true, their ranking would definitely soar. Even the primal chaotic demons and deities couldn’t stop them from advancing into the top ten. This was an accomplishment that defied the natural order!

“The victim’s family has spoken! They cried tears of blood and cursed, saying that Chang Ming led his people to do this. The victim’s family said they want to pull out his muscles, skin him, and press his bones to make juice. They haven’t had their end with him yet!”

Finally, they verified this from the victim’s family. Uncle Ming really did lead his people to do this. Such news shook the universe’s starry sky.

“Chang Ming, I want to have a decisive battle with you! Come to the starry sky and have a fight with me to the death if you dare! I want to beat you to a pulp!” exclaimed an ultimate saint from the Spirit Race with disheveled hair. Half of his body was covered in blood and there was a bloody hole where his glabella was. It was evident that he had survived from the brink of death and hated Uncle Ming to the extreme.

Since things had reached this point, everyone knew there was nowhere to run anymore. They were sure that Uncle Ming led a group of people to do this; they verified the truth from this saint.

Cold air was emitting from the backs of many evolvers. Earth had so many great strengths? Based on the words of the victim’s families, this was done by the group of old saints. There was a considerable number of people amongst them who were wearing devil masks and weren’t revealing their true faces.

Only a small portion of people showed their true faces. Many of them were formerly prisoners of the universe and had broken out of the universe’s black prison not too long ago.

At this moment, not only was the universe shocked, but a few people on Earth were so stunned that their souls almost left their body. For example, the evolvers from Penglai, Fangzhang, and Yingzhou felt their scalps go number. Things were happening one after another that made them scared out of their wits and they were almost losing their souls.

Unquestionably, the surface area of their psychological shadow was boundless. They felt as though the end of the world was nigh. Every hope they had turned to dust because they didn’t know when Demon King Chu was going to visit them and god knows how they were going to end up.

Chu Feng arrived before the camera lens on Earth and followed in Uncle Ming’s footsteps. He proposed to establish today as a day of calamity that was worthy to be engraved in every race’s memory—it was also for them to learn a lesson from this day.

The lungs of the relevant races outside the realm were about to explode and their livers were about to crumble. They really couldn’t take it anymore. To them, this was a day of humiliation.

Evidently, it didn’t matter whether it was Uncle Ming or Chu Feng because this was bare ridicule on both their parts. They were sprinkling salt on their wounds.

“I appeal to everyone across the lands right here for all the powerhouses to join hands and suppress Earth. They do not have their limits and want to challenge the order of the universe. Ever since the war from ancient times, the order of the world has been set and cannot be challenged!”

At this moment, an old monster jumped out in the starry sky and stood in the shoes of those victims’ families unconditionally.

The old monsters from the Netherworld Race immediately responded and solemnly expressed that the current structure of the universe had already been set. No one could challenge the order set in place and everyone had to comply. If Earth wanted to rise up, they had to do so in the set framework.

“F*ck your grandfather! Moo!” Big black yak immediately responded like this at the camera lens.

Now, the camera lens pointed at Earth was broadcasting live to the whole universe. It was receiving worldwide attention and they could challenge the whole starry sky in its entirety just by standing here.

That was because Earth was sufficiently powerful now. As such, every party was paying close attention to it.

Chu Feng was very disdainful to what they said and replied, “If you don’t accept this, come to Earth. I’m waiting for you guys!”

There were four characters at the heaven-illumination realm now. As long as one wasn’t stupid, no one dared to spearhead the attack nor did they dare to make a rash movement. After all, there was still purgatory on Earth. No one could truly destroy that land.

“Today, my desire to recite poetry is strong. I have prepared my throat to sing and welcome everyone to Earth,” said Ouyang Toad. After that, he started singing, “Earth welcomes you. She splits the heaven and earth apart for you. The charisma flowing through is filled with vitality…”


A group of people exploded in the starry sky. They really wanted to attack Earth. This was making them too angry! This was a challenge to the whole universe! He even started singing about this and welcomed everyone to come to Earth to challenge them.

But after thinking it through clearly, who would dare do so?

There were four powerhouses on Earth now along with a group of old saints that had followed Uncle Ming back. This sort of strength was practically bursting at its seams, not forgetting Yaoyao, one who dared to single handedly annihilate everyone in the same generation as she was. In addition to that, there was the new emergence of Demon King Chu. The circumstances were simply too good and the potential for development was boundless.

At this moment, the sagemaster personally made a move in front of Mount Zijin and ground that rotten tree root. Even though it was said to be an immortal medicine, it appeared to be moldy. No one could accurately discern whether it had medicinal efficacy.

“This is a supreme treasured medication. This kind of thing can be used on one’s will and soul. This divine item is not something the corporeal body can enjoy. It defies the natural order very much!”

The sagemaster made such an evaluation, dispelling the doubts everyone had immediately.

Yaoyao was very decisive as she immediately poured that kind of powder into her mouth!

At the same time, the rating agencies under the banner of Wormhole Express Company and Black Blood Arena made an external announcement saying that they were conducting the most rigorous assessment of the situation and that they were about to release their report to determine the final rankings of Earth, the Deity Race, and the Netherworld Race!

The whole world was alarmed. Every race was shocked. Everyone was aware that the true major power structures were shuffling their cards to reveal the final result.

“I never would’ve thought that Earth would rise so quickly. Chang Ming roped a group of saints and went through the sagemaster’s test. The suitable individuals could stay there on a long-term basis. From now on, this planet is destined to achieve great things!”

A few people were sighing. People were clearly aware that no one could stop the rise of this planet. It was going to achieve great things in this lifetime and prosper!

“The Jun Tuo egg from the outer domain, whoever doesn’t accept this can come to the top of the heavenly vine on Mount Kunlun and challenge me to a decisive battle. We’ll have a fight at the same rank. This old yak can fight ten of you alone!” challenged the big black yak. He had now turned into the Innocuous Yak Demonic Divine Physique with high fighting spirits. He was recovering on Earth; after evolving thoroughly, he finally had the confidence to face off against the powerful races in the universe. He too wanted to challenge the opponents from every path.

“Your Grandfather Ouyang can fight a hundred of you alone. That’s right! I’m talking to you, Netherworld Race, Spirit Race, and Deity Race. Come here if you dare. I’ll beat all of you up into Jun Tuo eggs!”

This kind of declaration made a group of opponents gnash their teeth in anger.

But there was someone who was even more furious. On that day, the ancient saint Jun Tuo flew into a rage out of humiliation and made a complaint at the universe’s personage defence association requesting to severely punish a few hoodlums from Earth.

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