The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 757: Handsome to the Point of Being Friendless

This ferocious divine bird with a glaringly dazzling body suddenly opened its beak and moved. Chu Feng was truly gobsmacked.

Part of the object barely revealed itself in the bird’s beak. It was flat, smooth and round; it was also shining magnificently. An intense jolt ran through Chu Feng’s heart when it had just appeared. Was this smooth and round object a bird egg?!

He had a strange expression on his face. How can this dazzling bird be so unique that it laid eggs the opposite way?

In a split second, he thought that his thinking was skewed. How could this be a divine egg? It shouldn’t be a bird egg!

Sure enough, it kept spitting that divine object out as it opened its mouth. Golden sunlight bathed everything and sprinkled energy substance resembling sparkling and translucent raindrops.

“This…” Chu Feng was emotionally moved. His pupils were like the tip of a sword as he stared at what was going on without blinking. He suspected that this was a golden pill!

Was this the golden medicine pill Daoists concocted?

That was because he could already see from the exposed portion that this was golden and perfectly round with golden awns radiating all around. A sweet scent accompanied it as well and when one inhaled it, it made their spiritual energy grow in wisps.

“Is this the medicine in the belly of Daoists? The golden pill that can illuminate and destroy myriads of mountains and rivers?” Chu Feng was suspicious and his expression turned even graver.

But this matter was a little strange. A magnificently brilliant raptor had grown out of what should have been a plant. Its wings were real and its eyes were bright and full of expression. He even seemed to feel the fluctuations of a soul.

It actually wanted to spit out a medicine pill now?!


This time, a great brilliance erupted from the divine bird and sublimated to its peak. Brilliant rays of light exploded and illuminated the whole cave dwelling. Divine aura filled the air.

After that, it started withering like a plant. The bird’s whole life and essence qi gathered at its beak, forming heavy fragrance and energy.

Chu Feng was stunned. He thought that he might be overthinking it. Could this still be the seed?

What happened this time was too extraordinary. One was that it didn’t flower and the second was that it didn’t bear fruits. It actually passing it on to him in this manner and enabled the seed to continue transforming like this which greatly differed from before.

Soon, this verified the associative connection Chu Feng had made.

In a split second, that resplendent raptor started cracking after emitting its final brilliance and progressively crumbled like the tree it previously was.

In addition to that, strange changes occurred to its whole body at the final moment. It became pitch-black like ink and black light rose dramatically especially at its beak. It was as though the raptor was holding a very small black sun within its beak that was emitting dazzling black light that pierced the eyes, preventing one from looking straight at it.


After that, the raptor that had turned black and was full of cracks split up into pieces and streamed down to the ground like plants wilting away. A jet-black object the size of a pigeon’s egg fell to the ground as well and a fragrant scent filled the air.


When it fell to the ground, it actually made such a sound that resembled a large goblet from the primitive era being sounded. It crossed over space and time and oscillated over in a leisurely manner.

The whole cave dwelling vibrated in an instant.

Chu Feng’s body shook dramatically after that. He realised that his spiritual energy was rumbling and that the raptor was actually pulling it out of his body. The disturbance he had been subjected to was too violent and astonishing.

Chu Feng was greatly taken aback. He picked up the item from the ground. It wasn’t a bird’s egg nor was it a golden pill, but rather it was a small jet-black goblet. After light collected within it, it seemed to carry a slight glistening luster

When he placed his hand within it, he realised it was very deep. It seemed to be as big as a pigeon’s egg, yet it was even heavier than gold or stones.

Chu Feng suddenly understood something. What he saw before was nothing more than the top half of the small goblet. Gentle curved lines donned the top where it glistened with its perfectly smooth and round surface. It was still gold in colour at that time, so he had mistaken it to be the golden pill.

This was actually a weapon!

Naturally, he didn’t think that this was purely a weapon. It was most likely a seed and had a precedent before it was planted.

“A golden divine bird spat a seed out before turning into a small jet-black goblet in the end. It truly is strange.”

Chu Feng examined it carefully. There was a ring-shaped handle connected to the top of the small goblet for ease to be carried. He shook it lightly and the sound it made him jump out of his skin. It was even grander than before like a resonant voice ringing out as clear as a bell. The sound of an explosion sounded between heaven and earth, shaking the cave dwelling.

One could see cracks appearing on this mansion house supported by various domains. In the end, the scene of desolation in the aftermath of the disaster filled the eyes and the whole residence was almost destroyed.

What surprised Chu Feng the most was that this small jet-black goblet really could disrupt a person’s spiritual power. He tried to activate it with his spiritual martial arts. It immediately flew up high in the air and as Chu Feng increasingly supported it with his spiritual power, the goblet produced jet-black ripples. The ripples came out through the stomach of the mountain and could unleash a soul attack!

In a split second, Chu Feng’s heart leaped out of his chest. This small goblet could magnify a person’s spiritual power and unleash an unparalleled attack!

He tried it countless times. This was a remarkable secret treasure. It could unleash an attack when the opponent least expected it and exterminate the soul of living beings right away, chopping off all of his opponent’s spiritual power.

“Soul Goblet!”

Chu Feng felt that this was a powerful spiritual weapon that surpassed all of the secret spiritual treasures Chu Feng obtained in the past.

He attentively did his research and realised that every time he activated the small goblet, inscriptions would appear on the small goblet the size of a pigeon’s egg. They resembled interweaving order runes and the birth of law runes, accompanied by ist.

He swiftly sat cross-legged on the ground and started to comprehend it.

In a split second, there was a great tremor in his body. A wisp of multicoloured sunlight filled the air with clouds and rose from his flesh. After that, it submerged itself into his spiritual energy.

This was that wisp of mysterious multicoloured light that overflowed from the raptor not too long ago. At this moment, it didn’t bloom nor did he see pollen, but this wisp of light still appeared and corresponded with the cloudeater realm.

“I might be able to obtain an astonishing secret technique!” Chu Feng said to himself.

When he initially attempted to attack the cloudeater realm, he listened to Uncle Ming’s suggestion and went to the death planet where the Xilin Clan was responsible for guarding the universe’s black prison to obtain a wisp of multicoloured light. He finally succeeded and consequently evolved an extremely powerful kind of remarkable trick — he could conjure the embryonic form at the cave located at the end of the Reincarnation Road that could swallow his opponents.

The cloudeater realm was a very unique realm. If one could condense a few special divine multicoloured light and immortal qi, their strength could increase and they could give birth to a divine skill.

Chu Feng now used the divine seed to evolve and obtained a wisp of divine light that was extremely extraordinary, so he naturally wouldn’t let it go to waste. He derived it on the spot and comprehended the engravings that were linked together on the small black goblet.

Everything was fairly successful. He knew the implications of this wisp of light. As expected, it was of the divine kind — it was identical to the engravings on the small jet-black goblet and it developed into a spiritual attack!

Chu Feng’s heart violently throbbed. There was no need to overthink this — this was a kind of peak ultimate secret technique!

Once the spirit was involved, especially a martial art that could immediately extinguish a person’s soul, that was a secret book with astonishing value. Those that were sufficiently powerful were known as divine techniques!

There were many attacks directed at the soul, but such a tremendous and mysterious attack like this that could chop souls in an instant was exceptionally rare.

Chu Feng tested it out many times so that this wisp of multicoloured light could resonate with him. In the end, he completely absorbed it and then he comprehended the engravings on the seed. After that, he was convinced that he had mastered a terrifying skill. A secret technique such as this one was extremely and absolutely powerful!

The vague cave at the end of the Reincarnation Road appeared in his palm after that. This time, he had mastered another spiritual attack too. He had given birth to two kinds of trump cards at the cloudeater realm!

He nurtured a type of secret technique more than the ordinary person at the cloudeater realm!

He comprehended it many times and didn’t stop experimenting with it. A small goblet was suspended in mid-air between Chu Feng’s glabella. It lightly trembled and his spiritual energy rose dramatically. It turned into a black beam of light and attacked with terrifying destructive power.

He quietly left the cave dwelling and went outside to experience it for himself. The small goblet trembled and a multicoloured poisonous snake that was as thick as a water jar in the mountain sailed on the wind as it came over. It fell down immediately as it had its soul chopped off.

Soon, someone from the cave dwelling rental agency rushed over and entered this mountainous region. Once he saw the state the cave dwelling was in, he was immediately dumbfounded. It was filled with cracks and had almost been destroyed.

“Dao friend, you damaged the seclusion ground in such a way…”

“I’ll compensate you for the damages caused!” Chu Feng was very blunt. He immediately promised to compensate for the damages he caused of his own accord before waiting for the other party to finish his sentence.

After that, he chased that person away and entered the cave again. There was still a share of mutant soil left on the ground, but he couldn’t make that small black goblet grow roots and germinate again no matter what.

Chu Feng sighed. It seemed as though he’ll have to find mutant soil of even better quality next time.

One had to know that this pile of mutant soil had been dug out from where the saints were inhabited. Where could he find such mutant soil next time? For him to find mutant soil of such quality, he definitely had to go to the general headquarters of the top sects and the ancestral lands of the first-rate powerful races.

But he was looking forward to it very much. Since he had already entered the starry sky, there definitely was the chance to do so. As long as the mutant soil was of sufficiently high grade, he might be able to evolve all the way and climb to the peak!

Chu Feng carefully comprehended it. This time, he charged through the mid-cloudeater realm to the later stage of the cloudeater realm. After that he strengthened it once more and headed straight for perfection immediately. There was only a line separating him and an even higher and greater realm.

So much so that he felt that as long as he was willing to violently charge through, he could most likely breakthrough in a single sitting!

But he didn’t do so. Just like when he was about to advance into the cloudeater realm, he had to pay a great deal of attention to the next great realm.

Uncle Ming had originally taken him to seize that wisp of bizzare light to charge through the cloudeater realm and only then did he manage to breakthrough. As expected, it benefited him a lot.

Now, he thought that he ought to breakthrough after thinking things through clearly. Besides, the Dameng Pure Land’s destiny was before his eyes so he should go there to seize its fortunes away.

He could possibly dream of a hundred years in one sleep over there. What he had was time. The most important thing now was to clearly consider the path he would walk from then on.

“The cloudeater and visualisation realms are incomparably crucial realms. Even the direct descendants from the top ten races spared nothing and endured many years of suffering at these two realms. They purposely suppressed it and didn’t dare advance rashly for the sake of achieving a perfect golden body domain at the end!” Chu Feng mulled it over and decided to end his seclusion so that he could understand things thoroughly before advancing into the visualisation realm.

Today, he charged right into the later stage of the cloudeater realm from the mid-cloudeater realm all in a short while. He then crashed his way through the later stage until he reached perfection. It was truly astonishing.

A seed made him evolve and contributed to all of this!

Moreover, he didn’t feel that something was amiss; it seemed as though there was no danger concealed within it whatsoever.

It had to be known that even the direct descendants of the Quasi-sage Race, Buddhist Race and Deity Race would react as though they were faced with a great enemy at the cloudeater and visualisation realm. They would improve themselves through training over time for fear of leaving defects and hidden damages in their bodies.

There was a layer of mucus on Chu Feng’s body. This was the substance that his body excreted not too long ago when he was intensely evolving. He walked out of the cave dwelling and washed it off by the bank of the mountain spring. This signified a complete end to his seclusionary journey this time.

Twenty or so days had passed since he went into seclusion this time. Most of his time was spent on circulating his breathing techniques so that he could nourish the divine seed with his Yang qi. Even so, it was extremely worth it!

After he walked out of the densely covered mountainous region where the cave dwelling was, Chu Feng activated his photon computer and received many pieces of news in an instant.

What affected his mental state the most was that the Dameng Pure Land’s distinguished meeting was about to begin!

“Everyone attending the meeting is requested to carry a wisp of haze that is of excellent quality as well as the resources for a divine object needed at the transformation realm on their person.”

Chu Feng was surprised. The requirements of the Dameng Pure Land was rather high.

BUt the Dameng Pure Land weren’t concealing their intentions. They frankly acknowledged that since this was a distinguished meeting, only three or four people could obtain the fortune in the end. There was no harm in profiting from it a little, so all the geniuses had to bring the items necessary for evolution. Whoever who could attain comprehension there could win various divine items and collect a large quantity of resources to their benefit.

After Chu Feng read those explanations clearly, he sharply inhaled and secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, he hadn’t charged into the visualisation realm hasitly. As expected, there were many things he had to pay particular attention to.

For example, Ying Wudi of the Quasi-sage realm had already birthed eight kinds of secret techniques that belonged to him alone at the cloudeater realm and a peerless battle skill had even emerged!

Golden Scaled Daoist was the number one youthful expert from the Dao Race. He only birthed one kind of secret technique that solely belonged to him at the cloudeater realm. The path he walked on was that of breaking a myriad of techniques with a single technique. But he had consumed nine wisps of rare divine light and immortal mist to do so!

“It’s no wonder they have to endure so many years of suffering at this realm. They’re waiting for opportunities and gathering them all endlessly. That won’t do! I have to plan for a bit!” Chu Feng said to himself with a brilliant expression in his eyes.

Maybe coming to Dameng Pure Land this time was the opportunity he needed. Hundreds of geniuses were gathered together in one spot. If they were all brought good fortunes along with them… A fire burned in his eyes like two suns emitting intense light.

“I’m at the cloudeater realm. Should I fuse and walk on the path of breaking a myriad of rules by mastering one technique or should I successfully cultivate the forbidden path that exists simultaneously with the ten ultimate techniques?” Chu Feng hesitated as he earnestly pondered it over.

After that, he looked over the news again and saw the code words that group of people on Earth had left on some platform informing him of a few matters.

“Toad came out of seclusion and obtained his fourth Divine Kind form?” Chu Feng was astounded. He understood that Ouyang Feng had entered the universe.

Old Donkey left a comment saying the current Toad was so awfully handsome and was of casual and elegant bearings. He guaranteed Chu Feng wouldn’t recognise Ouyang Feng when he saw the other party for the first time.

The big black yak also earnestly told him that Ouyang Feng had a valiant appearance and that he had truly shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones; he was no longer the same as before.

The group of great demons didn’t stinge in their praises. They said that Toad was outstandingly elegant and had an impressive appearance after he reached Nirvana; he had changed completely.

Chu feng was suspicious. Why didn’t they tell him what Toad looked like when this group of people were praising him so?

After that, Chu Feng took the initiative to contact Ouyang Feng. The first thing he asked him was what was the degree of handsomeness he had attained for Old Donkey and Manchurian Tiger to praise him with all their might.

Toad was initially feeling very cocky when Chu Feng had gotten in touch with him, but after he heard the words Chu Feng had to say, Toad immediately fell silent.

After a short period of time passed, Ouyang Feng gnashed his teeth and said, “I can certainly beat that donkey, Old Black and the SIberian Tiger!”

“What on earth do you look like after your transformation?”

“I’m confidently handsome and outstandingly elegant. When we meet, I guarantee you’ll feel inferior to me!” Ouyang Feng said in a low muffled voice and firmly ended the call!

Chu Feng was speechless and a wave of suspicion hit him. Did this fellow really become handsome? He wanted to join up with him right away and have a look!

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