The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 781: Massacre

Chapter 781: Massacre


Daoist Jin Lin was really startled. What did he hear? Wasn’t this the ancient incantation technique that could appear after one developed the Dao Race’s breathing technique to its ultimate state?

Wu Lunhui knew this, too? Even someone as calm as Daoist Jin Lin was strongly affected by this in an instant.

That was because he had only slightly dipped into it and couldn’t master it completely!

The history of the Dao Race’s nine lettered incantation was so great it startled the heavens. The race’s elder once said that this should have been a technique that circulated in the Yang Realm. It was very difficult for them to cultivate it successfully in the Yang Realm because the Dao Race’s breathing technique was incomplete and lacked sufficient Yang qi too.

Based on what the Dao Race’s ancestor said, a few powerful breathing techniques in this universe originated from the Yang Realm.

Every race continuously accumulated valuable wisdom over a long period of time to restore the breathing technique to perfection. The might of the breathing technique was far stronger than an incomplete technique, but some unique spiritual nature of the Yang Realm breathing technique was lost in the process, too.

JIn Lin knew that the ancient ancestors from the Dao Race only researched the three-word incantations of Combat, Arrival, and Person. This was a forbidden divine technique, so it was too difficult to completely master it without the Dao Race’s breathing technique from the Yang Realm.

The others were also subdued, too, because they knew this was the Dao Race’s legendary forbidden divine technique. It seemed as though it was only a legend and didn’t really appear in the world.


When everyone was holding restraining fear and feeling bewildered, they realized that the exquisite technique Wu Lunhui unleashed wasn’t that frightening.


Chu Feng sent a genius flying backward as he confronted that individual and caused the other party to cough out large mouthfuls of blood. This was a spiritual energy formation, yet it gurgled and bubbled more severely than actual blood.

Even though its destructive power was extraordinary, there was still a very large disparity between the two if one were to compare it with the unstoppable forbidden divine technique in the legends from the Dao Race.

“Die!” Chu Feng loudly roared. After that, he spread his arms and drew out many obscure tracts. Everyone trembled with fear as they thought that a true great murderous technique was going to appear. In the end… he decisively ran.

He even shouted at Ou Ye, “The situation is critical. Let’s go!”

Everyone wanted to throttle him to death. This really was much cry and little wool. He was dallying everyone like he did before again?

It was really intolerable for this to be done again and again.

“You’re going just like that? I still want to stab this yellow-haired baldie to death!” Ouyang Feng shouted from afar.

At this moment, Shi Hong didn’t make a move because after the Buddhist Race’s guardian vajra could move, he went insane and strongly requested for him to go and kill Ou Ye. If not, he would find it unbearable.

At this moment, Shi Wu heard Ouyang Feng deliberately mention the word stab in a vulgar manner. He also saw Ouyang Feng gesturing at him with the golden Soul Sword, and when he did so, Shi Wu immediately flew into a rage and frantically charged over to attack him.

“Run away! Quickly! The army of evolvers we’re waiting for hasn’t arrived yet, so I can only run off!” shouted Chu Feng.

After everyone heard this, they were immediately filled with a bellyful of anger. As expected, he was putting on a false bravado, and he dared to fiddle with their heartstrings so impudently. He was punishable by death!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Almost the whole group of people with the exception of the duo from the Buddhist Race charged at Chu Feng as about 100 evolvers were angry. They interweaved their soul light with all their might and bombarded the region in front of them until it broke into pieces.

Qin Luoyin softly sighed from afar. Sure enough, Chu Feng wasn’t fleeing, but rather he was unleashing a large skill as per her expectations. But now, it seemed like the former was occuring.

“Wu Lunhui, you’re courting death!” Yan Luo from the Corpse Race had an icy cold desire to commit murder. He let out a low roar from the back. He had sustained serious damage and was now swearing that he was going to deal the fatal blow on the other party.


Jin Lin from the Dao Race immediately used his trump card. He spat out a wisp of qi as he opened his mouth which then split into three. This was the Dao Race’s terrifying divine skill which was derived from the true meaning of Dao begets one and three begets all things.

In a split second, three wisps of qi shone and turned into glaring sword lights that then exploded once more before splitting into sword light by the hundreds and thousands. The spiritual sword light was frightening beyond compare. They were densely packed together as they flew toward Chu Feng.

This was a divine skill!

Chu Feng moved his body at top speed and used the kind of divine technique like End Of The World Is Near. He was like a phantom as he kept changing his position, but the Soul Bell still rang out loudly as the sword light pierced it.

One could imagine that if Chu Feng didn’t have the Soul Bell defending him, this kind of divine skill would definitely injure him.

Naturally, the main reason was still because there were too many enemies. About a hundred evolvers were being mobilized at the same time to hunt down and kill him alone. This was simply a powerful spiritual energy current that couldn’t be obstructed at all.

It was as though Chu Feng’s body was set on fire as Yang qi surged. He kept changing his position as he quickly ran across the wasteland. The regions where he passed by continuously exploded, causing the wasteland to cave in and stones to collapse.

“You’re exhausting your limited abilities. You’re still going to behave despicably and flee again?” Yan Luo laughed as he chased after Chu Feng with the intent to kill him.

Chu Feng was wounded with so many people attacking him at once. Blood trickled down from the corner of his lips and he staggered back multiple times. The interweaving brightly colored soul light everyone launched at him had narrowly obliterated him into oblivion many times.

Many people stared at Chu Feng’s Soul Bell enviously. This was truly an exceptional spiritual martial weapon, and it really was too astonishing. They were certain that if he didn’t have this bell protecting him, Wu Lunhui would have died from the attacks launched at him a long time ago.

Chu Feng was shedding blood along the way as he sustained serious damage.


Ying Zhexian came attacking with her shining fist. She was clearly a graceful and rather elegant woman who drifted like a fairy, but she was now tyrannical beyond compare and had unparalleled might as she mobilized her attack.

Everyone in the surroundings paled in comparison to her fist light that covered everyone beneath it. Their spiritual energy couldn’t compare with hers at all.

Chu Feng’s expression changed as he rapidly dodged. After that, that region exploded with a bang and an abyss appeared. A vast expanse of black fiendish qi soared and a pit to bury the dead appeared.

“Suppress!” Daoist Jin Lin softly hooted. The region between his palms shone as he launched a secret skill from the Dao Race at Chu Feng.

Whoosh! Chu Feng dodged again, but the attack from the others smacked him like raindrops. His Soul Bell kept ringing and Chu Feng spat out large mouthfuls of blood from the impact of being shaken which indicated that his spiritual energy was being depleted. He was sent flying as a result of that.

“As it turns out, you’re really putting on a false bravado. Just die then! The so-called Wu Lunhui will be expunged today!” A hint of a cruel smile revealed itself from the corner of Superfluous Combat Physique’s lips.

Yan Luo burst out laughing because he felt incomparably carefree as he said, “So this is all you’ve got. I still thought you could really defy the natural order of the world. Who do you think you are to dare to challenge us, the descendants of peak orthodoxies?!”

“Wu Lunhui, do you think you can stir up havoc like Chu Feng just because you can confront him?” Purple Cloud God Body ridiculed as well. A cold smile hung on her face as she said, “Demon Chu only occupied an absolutely favorable position on Earth. If he really dared to enter the starry sky, he would suffer violent losses sooner or later and die without a burial site!”

At this moment, Chu Feng didn’t say a word as he fled with all his might from one region to another so that one’s eyes were filled with wounds on this wasteland.

“I say, Old Wu, can you do it?” Ouyang Feng shouted in a slightly anxious manner. He had already charged over in fear that Chu Feng was going to die here.

“Let’s go! Hurry! Quickly retreat based on the paths I pointed out to you!” Chu Feng was the one who was secretly transmitting his voice in an incomparably serious manner as he called out to him to to mobilize immediately.

At this moment, not only did Shi Wu chase after Ouyang Feng to have a fight with him to the very end, Shi Hong had also done the same thing.

Upon seeing this, Chu Feng roared at them, “Old, Emphasis, How, Bang, Mi, Hou!”

Even if Shi Hong had a dignified expression on his precious face, his cheek couldn’t help but to twitch at this moment. This Wu Lunhui had trampled the Dao Race’s nine-word incantation and really had a sneaky move on the Buddhist Race’s six-word incantation?

He immediately put this plan into motion and participated in encircling and annihilating Chu Feng?

The golden light specific to the Buddhist Race that shone gloriously made him look like a virtuous people among common people. But now, he was cold and resolute. The Buddhist Race’s large handprint exploded in this region and the explosive sound it produced was deafening.

Chu Feng’s pressure rose dramatically, and he could practically die at any time!

But multicolored light were shining astonishingly in his eyes at this moment as he muttered, “I can do it this time. I can massacre everyone as you so wished!”

He suddenly disappeared from where he was.

Everyone was gobsmacked. After that, they realized that there were runes constructed in a bizarre pattern flickering where he previously stood. That was… a domain!

“Let the feast begin!” shouted Chu Feng from afar.

Bang! As his glabella continuously shone and bombarded the ground, this region suddenly lit up brightly and the ground rumbled as it moved. Dazzling traces of patterns were densely packed on the ground. It lit up for a moment like it was being set on fire.


Winged Godhead was horrified and he quickly took to the air.

In reality, Jin Lin, Shi Wu, and Ying Zhexian reacted faster than the other. They all took to the air and fled at top speed. They had a premonition that a major event that was not too encouraging was going to occur.

Those marks on the ground were regions they had once passed by, and they used to be battlefields, too. It had been continuously bombarded with attacks, yet various traces of rune diagrams unexpectedly appeared now and took the shape of domains?

They faintly felt that Wu Lunhui was using their spiritual energy just now to sculpt and irrigate this region in a terrifying manner!

In reality, that was certainly the case. Chu Feng took risks over and over again to fiddle with everyone’s heartstrings and provoked them to chase after him so that they danced to his rhythm. He did so in order to take advantage of the riot and draw support from their energy. In doing so, he could engrave and activate a domain in this region.

“Run!” Many people were roaring!

But the true danger wasn’t the ground. Even if they soared high up in the air and had speedy reflexes, they were slightly too late, too.


A few bloody mountain peaks shone and terrifying blood-colored lighting flew out one after the other as it struck this area. That lightning was too frightening.

Pop! Numerous people exploded under the scarlet lightning on the spot and they turned into Divinity Granules right away. It was impossible for them to die again in this universe.

The lightning that flew down from the bloody mountain peak struck the tyrannosaurus at the perfect golden body realm to the point where it was seriously injured, so there was much less to say about these people.

“We’re so far away from it, so how can it strike this region?” some people were baffled and they couldn’t understand how this could happen as they fled for their lives.

That was because their battlefield was sufficiently far away from the bloody mountain. They had validated this fact a long time ago. They wouldn’t be able to attract the blood-colored lightning from that place, but they were now suffering huge losses.


Another scarlet lightning field flew over and glittered like the glow of sunset. In the end, six people miserably shrieked altogether before exploding and turning into Divinity Granules.

“What do you think? Is this as you guys had so wished for?!” Chu Feng shouted.

With the help of special domains, he and Ouyang Feng shifted the battlefield. This was a kind of transportation doman. It couldn’t compare with the transmission domain, but it was very suitable to shift them from within the battlefield.

When the others had responded to what was going on, Chu Feng had already activated the spiritual light beam where his glabella was at so this vast region turned over and the domain changed positions.

“How does he know how to use domains!?”

Even Daoist Jin Lin, who rushed to take to the sky because he wanted to cross over, also encountered a life and death crisis as the blood-colored lightning that flew over tangled them up.


During this crucial moment, they used various methods to flee and everything they had at their disposal. They activated their soul weapons and used the Death Substitution Talisman in their souls!

But these people were still in tragic states as someone’s attack penetrated them and they turned into light rain in a split second.

This region was very far away from the bloody mountain peak. It was initially very safe because they wouldn’t trigger the lightning attack. However, Chu Feng was a Great Domain Master, and he had already researched this region thoroughly. He drew on everyone’s power to move this region’s ley lines and arranged it into lightning path domains that could attract electricity!

As a result, once the domain was activated, it would attract those lightning bolts from the bloody mountain peaks located in the distance over here and bom everyone indiscriminately!

“Let’s go!” Chu Feng shouted as he indicated to Ouyang Feng to charge up the firmament. There was a vortex over there that was currently drawing in light rain to send those who had died back to their original universe.


The Soul Bell rang and the large black bell above Chu Feng’s head shone with a black light as it detained the six balls of light rain. The large bell enveloped them and brought them over to Chu Feng. After which, he activated his mutant technique with all his might.

He walked out of the large bell after a moment. When he did so, many Divine Granules were overflowing from his whole body and they subsequently turned into fly ash. Even so, there were still many Divine Granules remaining in his body which fused with him.

He smelted part of the six universal geniuses’ Divine Granules. In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng’s injuries had completely healed and his whole body felt relaxed, safe and warm.

“The taste of this feast is too delectable!” Chu Feng laughed.

At this moment, Ouyang Feng was incomparably excited, too. He used his mutant technique and the Soul Bell to refine the few balls of light rain.

Many people miserably shrieked below. In just a short period of time, not only did the others find it difficult to avoid the calamity of death, but even Jin Lin did too as his Death Substitution Talisman exploded once.

At the same time, Shi Hong, Winged Godhead, and Ying Zhexian were battered and exhausted. They had sustained serious injuries as a result of the minute electric arcs striking them after the large lightning exploded.

If the thick blood-colored lightning had directly enveloped them, they would undoubtedly die.

In addition to that, they weren’t completely free from the perilous situation they were in. A few bloody mountain peaks exploded, unleashing successive lightning bolts as it almost covered this region completely.

“Ah…” In a very short period of time, a dozen geniuses crumbled again and they died tragically here. After that, a vast area of light rain soared.

Chu Feng’s spiritual energy was increasing. He was keeping watch not far away from the vortex. He wasn’t wasteful in the slightest as he used his Soul Bell to attract the light rain before activating his mutant technique with Ouyang Feng to refine the Divine Granules.

The Corpse Race’s descendant, Yan Luo, was rather fortunate in comparison as he managed to escape from that region with much difficulty. The Death Substitution Talisman he had on him shattered and only the lower half of his body was left now. This was a tragic sight, but he was considered to have great luck to be able to escape alive.

But all that was waiting for him up in the sky was a large black bell. A bell wave pressed on over with a bang as it attacked him. Light rain fluttered as the impact of the bell wave caused part of his body to explode once more.

“No!” he screamed.

Even so, the Soul Bell shone and detained him as it took him high up in the air. Chu Feng smiled as he activated his mutant technique!

“I said I was going to massacre all of you. How can I disappoint you guys?!” Chu Feng’s voice rang from high up in the sky.

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