The Steward Demonic Emperor

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FrostLeo 3
Chapter 914 5 days ago

It's one of the best novel I've read. The mc have brawn and brains unlike many other mcs. Every chapters are fun to read. I hope the translators update this novel faster.

Dfan69420 1
Chapter 914 6 days ago

10/10 Has a cold and cunning mc, mild (VERY MILD) romance, and great story. Highly recommend to new light novel readers. The manhua was my very first manhua and this was my first light novel. updates are fast but cliffhangers will be the death of me.

Magiepie 6
Chapter 898 17 days ago

This xianxia is a bread n butter for me He is not ur average generic MC + this story dosent have clingy harem it's a plus for me There are not many points to be nit picky about MC, though sometimes the story seems a little fast paced I will definitely recommend it, if u are in the market in search for manhua (or whatever this category is) like RI

jinn 4
Chapter 878 22 days ago

Ruthless mc and subtle but slow character development. Mc is extremely shrewd and big brain but he's also what carries the novel all the other characters are kinda dookey

Chapter n/a 25 days ago

The main characters personally and story is really good, except for 2 issues. . 1. The main character takes a declining clan of 2 spoilt as sh*t kids to ruling the country. However, there's NOTHING they've done to show they deserve it, they do the bare minimum whilst smarter people are putting their lives on the line just to end up working under them cus of plot. The girl is the most generic of female characters serving 2 roles, 1 getting jealous of his interactions with other girls and 2 getting worried when he's losing a fight. There already exists a girl more "pure" than her doing the EXACT same roles. The smaller brother is too naive and there are already people (3rd prince) with better qualifications who actually earned the right to rule the country. . 2. The point that made me drop the novel; main characters personally get absolutely ruined when girls/romance is involved because of his tsundere bullshit. E. g. In the latest instance the main characters team is fighting in a tournament where people are dying left and right (MC kills a whole team without batting an eye). But God forbid one of his 'evil' team mate hits his love interests on the opposing team. Before the fight he even asked for permission and the MC said its fine, but after the fight MC beats him up for it, cringiest of romance. Also, EVERY love interest is a burden in every competition, where they do nothing except blindly holding faith the MC will show up to save the day (even though they don't even know if he's in the country).

Temper 3
Chapter 864 28 days ago

Absolutely stunning work of art ok pacing great power scaling and best of all no flying swords the world building is shocking in just 15 - 20 chapters the author increased the size of the world ten fold honestly is on reverend insanity level right now

Tykeane 1
Chapter n/a one year ago

one of the best novels out there if every chapter of the novel was translated I would've binged it really enjoyable I hope the translators can translate alil faster

lnwUser94559 1
Chapter n/a one year ago

Just the best novel I ever read. every god-damned person should read this fucking blast of mind. I can't ever go back to reading normal xianxia novels that are bitch with cliche main characters

  • _Azch 1

    I'll be damned since this is my first xinxia(or what u call it) my standards might have gotten too high for the other ones

Danae 0
Chapter n/a one year ago

I love ML and its twisted personality, it's a story that surprises you and excites you to know what's going to happen hahahahaha I love it. It's going to be on my list of my favorite novels.

I3lue 2
Chapter n/a one year ago

This is one of my favorites if not my favorite light novel I read and I highly recommend reading it, it has if I am not wrong around 1300+ chapters and it is completed, you can read some of the chapters here and some on webnovel where the translation is meh but if I don't remember wrong there is doubled chapters in webnovel so if you want to finish it you have to look for another website or you have to read it at MTL (yes I know the translation sucks but if you want to finish the LN you have no other option) anyway I highly recommend this LN and I hope you like it.

  • Readingtilldeath 1

    Is there any website you recommend. It will help a ton as i dont know much about websites and similar stuff

    • I3lue 2

      i'm pretty sure that i can get banned but idk so im just going to say that you should look for the name of the novel on google and check the available websites then just decide what translation is better :v (sorry if this was not of much help :'v ) fine... (Webnovel is one that is kind of legal idk but i know that some of the novels here are stolen from there so you can check that out) and pls dont check MTL (the translation is bad for your mental health but if you want the chapters earlier i guess thats the price to pay :'D )