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Chapter 379 23 hours ago

It has a lot of chinese tropes , with "Courting Death " or "Take my Punch" or "Let Uncle Nappa teach you about power" or "arrogant " or "these things are not in his eyes now that he is powerful". Also it has a Harem. Also the trope of MC because Op in this power range but more powerful people show up in a high level map. I have watched DBZ so the chinese style dialog feels wrong . Also it is more fun to watch DBZ fight than read about it

_0w0_ 4
Chapter 888 2 days ago

*disclaimer: not a cultivation novel . writing style is simple with some mistakes and silly Chinese references but overall its good to read in one go.

FrostLeo 3
Chapter 291 5 days ago

This is the best dbz fanfic I've read so far😍. The story is really good and the pacing is alright👌. Although there is a lack of romance scenes but it's ok 👌. The mc is a smart guy and Op just to my liking. So I'll be giving this novel a solid 5 stars ⭐

lnwUser77907 5
Chapter 37 5 days ago

Chapter 37 If you're a fan of cultivation novels, this novel would be gold. Not only do they tone down the "cultivation" aspects which can get seriously annoying quick, they don't pull bullshit from their ass for some legendary medicine that can be used for all types of things along with the different paths(like alchemy), abilities(things gained from special constitutions, medicine, or worlds), techniques, and realms that come along with these types of novels. It's like cultivation but less complicated, so it's much easier to follow. They also tone down the "chinese"-ness in the writing and stuff so it's still present, but not crammed into your skull and is much easier to handle than the stereotypical novels. In that case, I think this novel is pretty good, just not for some, maybe even including me. Though I'm just getting started, so my view of it might change in a while

Chapter 4 5 days ago

🚨A db/dbz fanfiction eh. . . Let's see if the author can incorporate canon seamless or if they're just a novice fumbling at story building. . . ill update as I read🚨

  • _0w0_ 4

    what's the update?

  • Dakfahnirqrh 1

    You put a review when you literally didn't read it yet wtf

    • FRXZVN 7

      Bro... the admin approved my review...who are you... if you feel so strongly about it why don't you become an admin and delete my review and you didn't even read my review because I'm going to update my review as I read along...

Duke_Karl 1
Chapter 80 7 days ago

I am really liking this so far. The story slowly picks up pace, and the original characters are interesting while the others feel as if it's just canon.

Dakfahnirqrh 1
Chapter 883 9 days ago

Finished the story. It is enjoyable. You can read this if you like drsgon ball. The MC is quite OP just like what I want. There is also not much tragedy – just the way I like it.

ObsidianPigman 6
Chapter 36 13 days ago

This might be preemptive to write so early, but I'm not even 40 chapters in and loving what I've read. Also, as of writing this, there are no other reviews. It seems to have taken a great spin on the DB universe, and focuses on a guy with knowledge of DB reincarnating as a Saiyan about a decade before Frieza destroys planet Vegeta. It seems faithful to the original, however some of the original terminology seems to be lost in translation, although I honestly can't tell if this is English original or tled Chinese, but I lean towards the tled cn theory. Regardless, it's great for now, and I'll update this review later. If you're a DB fan, I reccomend. This might just be the Mythical "actually good fan fiction. "

supremebing3 3
Chapter 867 13 days ago

This one of the best things you will every read. not many spelling mistakes. great story this is a solid 5 stars. Oh yeah if your scared of harems there's only 2 girls.