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This is a good read and I liked the story from the beginning but I’m quite disappointed with the ending of the story, I wish they did not rush it because the ending didn’t make sense at all and it destroyed the story but I still enjoyed the reading it minus the ending.


Absolutely heaven revolting. Must read, it does get boring in between sometime tho but the ending the plot the storyline everything is really good.


Sorry for any inconvenience, google translation.

After the sect's arc of destruction, the author had no more ideas to create a wider world or more productive plots, so he tried his best to nerf the system's capabilities.

The consequence of this was a drastic change in the novel, making it practically another one. It became boring, because the author tries to roll up chapters as much as he can. I don't know where the original version is published, but it seems that he doesn't have anything to create anymore, so he scrolls until he arrives and completes what was left open as a way to earn +$ per chapter.

Ou seja, a partir do capítulo 101 a novel não presta mais.


It is somewhat funny, but fails to escape from the typical xianxia tropes and cliches. Besides that, some of the humor becomes a little excessive after being mentioned and reused multiple times. If you truly love xianxia comedy, I’m sure you could enjoy this.


The repeated attempts at humour overshadow the gravity of the protagonist's stupidity. Initially, I found it somewhat comical because it was used in moderation, however it is now becoming annoying. The protagonist is just incompetent, there are so many means through which he could progress, yet he is constantly sidetracked by menial tasks, he does not have the character nor the demeanour befitting someone in pursuit of strength. There is very little in the way of exploration because he immediately settles at any sect. There is so much potential and possibilities that are left unexplored, I question whether they will even bother addressing such ideas ever. What finally drove me to the tipping point was his cowardice followed by crude humour which leaves events of interest at a standstill.

Story was written by a 10 year old, and the protagonist embodies the author. Contains prolific amounts of pathetic attempts at humour which overshadow the events holding any importance.


Its a standard wuxia novel but with comedy. The world build and story are not the spotlight in the novel its the action and comedy. The comedy and action scene are unique and interesting at first then it becoming repetitive.


Excellent novel 5 star for awesome story , end was little hurried but in the end all was well and felt it was good , liked the concept and author imagination.


This novel definitely deserves a five star from me. Although the plot isn't anything too complex, the humour really makes up for it. The plot really isn't anything amazing, but the humour is on point and has always made me laugh. The novel always makes me laugh or smile at least once per chapter.

The twisted sense of justice of the main character is rather entertaining to read. When the main character shamelessly robs an unsuspecting victim it never fails to crack me up! Overall I highly recommend you read this is you are looking for some laughs.


a historia é otima, teve varias partes que eu chorei de rir, mas o final foi bem ruim,desde o capitulo 800+ a historia ja foi ficando muito apressada como se o autor quisesse terminar logo e o final ele simplesmente fez de qualquer jeito


4 out of 5 stars because for me the ending feels rushed and not satisfying BUT the novel is good and funny. The MC have a lot of different weird (but useful) skills. Highly recommended. Give it a shot, you won't regret it ;)