The Strongest System
The Strongest System

The Strongest System

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The Strongest System novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Martial Arts, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Xin Feng. 1159 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Yours Truly shall have all of you bow down to me!

Arriving in this brand-new world, Lin Fan found himself in possession of a system which allows him to level up indefinitely unbounded by the limitations of this world. Upon learning a powerful technique of Monkey Steals Peaches, Lin Fan realises that he’s poised to literally become the strongest person in this entire world. But of course, how boring would that be unless the whole world gets to know about his great name?

Shameless. Righteous. Smart. Lin Fan will let no one (or balls) stand in his way to glory!

Hilarious for all the wrong reasons and exciting for all the right ones, this novel will definitely have you roaring out in laughter and set your blood pumping all at the same time. Join us in this rollercoaster of a masterpiece with Lin Fan and his trusty sidekicks as he shows the world what it truly means to be YOURS TRULY.

There is a person, whose entire life is a legend. There is a person, whose extraordinariness radiates from his brows There is a person, his name is Lin Fan. Everybody: “Lin Fan, I want to have your babies.” A dominating life of unrestrained swag needs no explanation.

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  • jiajieruan696969 6

    Read all of the author’s work. Sad to say he was a one hit wonder. After TSS the rest is just downright garbage. Worst part is his best work didn’t even have a good ending🥹

  • AncestorDuck 5

    which chapter should i stop if i want to avoid the ending

  • _SOLO_ 3

    Let's get started!😤

  • sianndd_ 3

    casual read at best. Had to give it to author for making an mc that b*llsh*t shamelessly and has hilarious personality. I'm full to the brim from laughing so hard that I actually had to comment every f*ck*ng thoughts I have. Ending.. erm we don't about that we just had to swallow that and accept it as it is. Do I recommend it? Read the peeps reviews pal

  • Giorgi90 3

    I was looking at the tags and saw " Reverse Rape" what the f*ck is going on here

    • sianndd_ 3

      i just encountered it, it's on chap 577. Reason why? let's just say the mc dug his own grave...

  • sianndd_ 3

    a journey truly, you got to read atleast 300+ chaps to reach biggra level intensity. Peak comedy, shamelessness, and a lot of bs. I'm not even half pass the novel but I think I'm going to sh*t my pants from laughing so hard LMAO. idk about the ending or will this fun atmosphere keep up til the end but rn it's fun as hell, read it!

    Edited: 1mo
  • Brkt2001 2

    currently ch 19: WTF am i reading

  • Aphrodite000 1

    Never read last chapter

    • Mahyar_gg 2

      You mean like really not read it or some kinda joke? I haven't even started this. Do u recommend it?

    • Ateen_earold 3

      Should have commented that 2 years ago dude i read it 3 times already i mean the whole thing

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  • Diora 1

    I read this novel a long time ago and the author stopped posting chapters at that time. Now I see it and it's finished D*mn I don't even remember what chapter I read 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Celestial_Rio 5

    D*mn. Author did me dirty in the last chapter😭

    • Emperor_cruelCase 3

      Ikr, what the heck was that? I just finished it today as well.