The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 153: Do You Really Think You Can Arrest Me?

Online violence was like an invisible dagger, able to hurt a person and leave behind a bloody mess.

The more Yu Gangan looked at the comments online, the worse she felt. It was like a large number of fine needles were piercing into her heart at the same time.

Fang Zhihan looked at the sad expression on Yu Gangan’s face and walked over to her. He then took the mobile phone right out of her hands, locked the screen and threw it aside.

Yu Gangan looked at the man in surprise, “What are you doing?”

“There are too many comments written out of anger; not enough of them are based on logic. Talking truths and reasoning with these people is like discussing the law with a criminal,” Fang Zhihan said coldly.

Was he comforting her?

Yu Gangan blinked a few times and smiled at Fang Zhihan, “An honest person shouldn’t be afraid of false accusations. I have a clear conscience, right?”

Oftentimes, women smiled out of politeness; their smiles, light and dull, thin and mild, like a natural instinct such as eating. But, Yu Gangan’s smile was bright and dazzling; her eyes curving like two crescent moons, outshining everything around her.

Fang Zhihan tapped his fingers on the table. As he looked at the woman, he suddenly felt his heart heat up.

Seeing that he looked a little lost, Yu Gangan moved in closer and repeated her question, “Right?”

Fang Zhihan’s eyes turned dark as he watched her stare at him expectantly. Her tender lips were pleasant, tempting him to have a taste.

As his Adam’s apple jolted attractively, he avoided her gaze and suddenly turned away, “I’m not deaf.”

The man’s tone wasn’t too friendly, but Yu Gangan still felt her heart almost jump out of her chest. Even she couldn’t explain the affection she felt.

She propped her chin up with her hands as her pink lips opened slightly, “Fang Zhihan, you look like you have a lot of free time. Why don’t you come be my assistant.”

Just as Fang Zhihan was about to say something, Yu Gangan suddenly said, “You’re not planning to take advantage of this situation and ask me for something in exchange, right? Don’t you see how pitiful I already am?”

At that moment, the door suddenly flew open and a loud voice interrupted their conversation, “Where’s everyone?”

Yu Gangan looked towards the sound and saw two men in police uniform walk in.

One of the men looked at Yu Gangan and Fang Zhihan and asked loudly, “Who’s the boss of this clinic?”

Just as Yu Gangan was about to approach the men to ask them what was going on, Fang Zhihan spoke up first, “What’s the matter?”

Seeing that Fang Zhihan spoke up first, the police officer thought Fang Zhihan was the boss of the clinic, so he scanned him up and down and said angrily, “Are you the boss of this clinic? Are you the one that killed a patient? Did you know that you need to pay for taking a life? Come, arrest him.”

Yu Gangan didn’t expect that the two police officers would directly arrest someone without clarifying the matter first. It was obvious that these men were sent by Qiao Pan’er.

Qiao Pan’er must have decided to fuel the fire after she rejected Assistant You’s offer.

Realizing this, Yu Gangan immediately ran forward and yelled, “I am the boss here. May I ask what I’ve done for you to arrest me?”

Fang Zhihan quickly grabbed onto her arm and shielded her behind him.

He then shoved his hands in his pockets and took a few steps forward. “Do you really think you can arrest me?” he scoffed.

The man’s look of disdain and icy cold presence made one struggle to breathe. The police officer that spoke earlier subconsciously stepped back, realizing his weakness. But, after a short pause, he raised his voice again and said, “Stop wasting your breath. Arrest him and take him away!”

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