Chapter 1

[A monster with the hair as black as night, eyes as red as blood will ruin everything!]

It was a legend that descended from generation to generation in the Royal family of Rowain, the Denhelder Empire. Some said that this legend was a prophecy left by a famous wizard, some said that it was a will left by the Emperor who wants to hold reign in more years. In fact, whatever the source was, it didn’t matter much at all. People treated that legend as a tale from the old people.

The old tale continues to pass down from ancestors to ancestors, whenever someone asked them about a funny story, the story always come back without fail. Nothing special about it. It was until the crude Muhi, the person who was seen by Rowain III, led a ship as big as Namsan alone and entered the Imperial Palace. The child of Muhi had a hair as black as night, and eyes as red as blood, just like the legend said. Everyone was talking about the child.

[We have to kill him, tear his limbs, carve his body and bury the body in pieces.]

Rowain III, who was not able to suppress the nobles’ opinion, eventually followed their offer. He threw the baby without breastfeeding him to the river and left it alone in a forest full of lions. But the child surprisingly didn’t die.

Even if the rock was attached to it, it did not sink into the water, and it was not eaten by the wild animals when it was thrown into the forest with animal blood all over it.

The cursed child grew, survived and became Raytan.

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It was a name that meant to be a cursed person. The royals of the Denhelder Empire all had blue eyes and blonde hair. And among the blond in the palace, Raytan’s presence was like a foreign object. No one accepted him. He was mistreated and harassed.

Raytan was treated as a stranger.A stranger who will never mix anywhere.

A horrendous monster.

Someone even insisted, “One day he’ll ruin everything, like what the legend said.”

People seemed to think it was a pretty reasonable statement.

They talked about it whenever they could, and they said that they had to get him out of the castle as soon as possible before Raytan could rebel.

Contrary to everyone’s concerns, Raytan did nothing.

Raytan grew and grew more than the environment can think of.

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In other words, he lived like a dead rat, as if nothing had happened, as if it were dead.

Of course, he was bullied by his half-siblings, but never once was Raytan rebelled against them.

A living doll.

Who is just being silent, no matter how it is treated.

And a cursed one.

No matter what he does, he can’t be accepted by anyone.

That was Raytan.

But when Raytan turned 23 years old, everything has been reversed since his biological mother, Lise, was killed.

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It was another concubine, Yerena, who killed Lise.In fact, she killed many concubines besides Lise.

But Yerena should not have killed Lise.

If so, Raytan wouldn’t have caused a Coup d’état, either.

He might have been as quiet as he had been.

If others despise him, he will let them despise him, and if they want to bully, they can bully him…But the coin was turned upside down at once, like the legend that has been going down for generations said. The Imperial Palace became a living hell overnight. Raytan went insane and killed people. The servants, concubines, nobles, and half-brothers who faithfully followed Yerena and the Emperor.

Sezh Rowain was also one of those half-siblings.

To be precise, she was the only daughter of Yerena, the concubine who killed Lise.

“Huff, huff …”

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