The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1366 Chaotic Battle

When an ordinary person had their throat pierced by a sharp weapon, it would mean certain death, but to a powerful contestant, it was merely a heavy injury. Even though the digitalised property of the throat was gone, the rest of James' body was still digitalised, and it was tenaciously maintaining James' life.

He twitched and rolled around on the ground. Gurgling noises came from his throat, and blood poured out of it in large amount. However, his eyes were still vicious, and he hatefully hugged Sheyan's feet, trying to forcefully bring him to the ground!

At the same time, Gyan also used his innate ability. An orange glow close to the shade of red suddenly enshrouded the area. The Physique of everyone in range instantly increased by 20.

Gyan's innate ability was not too strong, but it was not bad either. First, it was effective on everyone in range. Second, it could stack with many other related bonuses, and once it did, it would not be limited by distance anymore, only by its duration of one hour. The ability was rather practical.

With 20 points of increase in his Physique, James instantly calmed down. He was now determined to pull Sheyan down to the ground. Both his hands were wrapped around Sheyan's legs tightly, and he had learned some martial arts throwing techniques, so he had all the advantages and was feeling quite confident.

But unexpectedly, when James exerted force on his hands, he received the notification that his throwing technique had failed!

A chill instantly crept into his heart. Sheyan stomped down on his chest, and several of his ribs broke with loud cracks. Sheyan then immediately dashed towards the flirtatious woman named Artemis!

Sheyan firmly believed that a problem like her must be resolved as early as possible, or she would forever be a thorn in Ronnie's heart, a fatal weakness. Since Ronnie was already one of his men, Sheyan would of course prefer him to have as few weaknesses as possible.

Seeing Sheyan charging at her fiercely, Artemis did not seem too alarmed. Her movements actually left multiple afterimages in the air. This was an ability of hers that was both offensive and defensive. If she was hurt, some of the damage would be shared by the afterimages, and when she attacked, the afterimages would also perform the corresponding actions, so the power of the attack would multiply.

Artemis and Gyan had worked together for so long that their cooperation was seamless. One of them specialised in offence while the other in defence. James specialised in crowd control, so the three of them originally formed a perfect golden triangle, but unfortunately, he had been ambushed by Sheyan. He initially still had some strength left, but after being stomped by Sheyan, that last bit of strength seemed to be gone too.

Artemis was a smart, calculative woman. Sheyan had sneaked in quietly and ambushed James with a fierce strike, eliminating him from the fight with just one move, so she naturally thought that Sheyan was an assassin-type.

But what happened next completely overturned her conjecture. James failed to throw Sheyan to the ground because he failed the Strength check. It was no surprise that Sheyan's stomp after that had left James half dead.

Therefore, Artemis immediately labelled Sheyan with a tag of "possessing decent Strength". In addition, she also knew that it took a Perceptive Sense of 50 or more to see through the camouflage at the cave entrance.

So in Artemis' mind, she immediately judged Sheyan's Strength as A, Perceptive Sense as B+, and his Agility seemed to be around B. In addition, Sheyan had shown that he possessed strong close combat ability.

So, Artemis' final evaluation of Sheyan was... a Berserker.

And therefore, based on her wealth of combat experience, and the fact that they still had other party members outside, Artemis decided on the strategy of fighting offence with offence! If they could quickly deal with this guy before their other teammates come back, they would not have to share the spoils with them.

In fact, with the advantage in numbers that they currently had, there was nothing wrong with Artemis' strategy.

The only mistake in her assumption was...Sheyan was much more durable than she thought!

Sheyan stood in the middle of the cave and stared at the two opponents with a toothy grin.

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"Do you want to give me the thing now, or do I have to step over your dead body to get it?"

Artemis placed her hands on her hips and chuckled. "You think the place we chose is so simple? You're not walking out of here alive!"

As soon as she said that, a strong ray of light was suddenly emitted from the nearby wall. It shined on another wall, and was then reflected onto another. After multiple reflections, the whole cave was now filled with countless reflected light columns. Sheyan's vision became greatly impaired! No matter how strong his digitalised body was, it was impossible to defy physiological laws and be unaffected by strong light!

While his vision was filled with a fuzzy whiteness, Sheyan suddenly sensed something amiss. He instantly tilted his head, and Artemis cut a long trail of wound on his cheek. Sheyan immediately turned around and counter attacked, yet he hit nothing but air!

Sheyan instantly knew that something was wrong. His feet dug into the rocky ground and took root. The tendrils of the 'Stairway of the Sun' illusion immediately extended in all directions below the ground!

Then, the ferocious SARS virus joyfully spread like the cheers in a carnival, filling up the air in the cave. In that instant, both Artemis and Gyan could smell the scent of a trap. The sharp pain that had assaulted all their nerves was not only sudden, but also filled them with the fear of the unknown. More importantly, none of the things happening to them was showing up on the battle log!

Sheyan closed his eyes and grinned at the two people in front of him.

"Now we're even."

Artemis stared daggers at him, but did not speak. However, her back began to slowly bulge into a fist-sized lump. The lump burst open like a cocoon, and a pair of wings sprang out of it. The wings were originally folded, and when they were stretched out, they became a pair of transparent wings like those possessed by dragonflies and fairies!

Artemis was already a fourth-order Temperer!

She already had the ability to mutate a part of her body to enhance her fighting ability!

Artemis proceeded to launch another attack on Sheyan. Even before this, her movements already carried afterimages, and with the addition of the wings, she now moved as fast as a spirit. Furthermore, Sheyan's vision was currently greatly affected!

Artemis immediately sprinted towards Sheyan with astonishing quickness. Sheyan was never good at dodging to begin with. A gush of blood soon flew out of his chest as he muffled a groan.

In truth, if Sheyan did try and dodge the stab, he actually had a chance of avoiding it, but he did not have much of a dodging instinct. His first reaction was usually to parry the strike, a result of his identity as an MT. The others left their backs to him because they believed in him. If he shrunk back like a turtle every time there was danger, he would expose his teammate's vital parts to the enemy...

But after Artemis' attack was successful, she did not expect the side effect of SARS, 'SARS Asphyxia', to suddenly assault her ('SARS Asphyxia': The SARS virus spreads to the enemy's respiratory tract, causing asphyxiation. The enemy will immediately suffer 100 points of true damage. Besides that, the enemy's movement speed will drop by 50%, and the enemy's hit rate will drop to 0%. These stats will slowly recover to their original values in the next 10 seconds.). With Artemis' speed, Sheyan's counter attack would never have hit her, but after her movement speed was reduced by 50%, Sheyan's sword hacked down right towards her head!

The bone-chilling crimson flash was, of course, the unique signature of Apophis! The sword was characterised by its viciousness; it would hurt its wielder first before hurting the enemy. The sword was still half a metre away from Artemis, but the woman could already sense the vicious chill. Every hair on her body stood upright. She screamed and tried to move away, but her body simply would not respond quickly enough!

Fortunately, Artemis was not alone in this fight!

Next to her was an MT who was willing to die for her.

Gyan was currently over seven metres away from Artemis. He instantly hurled his shield, which met with the sword that Sheyan, who had his eyes closed, was swinging down!

A crisp clang filled the air. Such a sound was the result when two weapons of incomparable grades collided. The sword G-spot transformed into was a high-tier legendary weapon, while the shield was only silver storyline grade at best. When the shield met with Sheyan's downward chop at full might, sparks flew, and the resulting noise sounded a little off.

The shield throw was a personal skill of Gyan's, which was specifically used to protect an ally in the distance. After throwing the shield out, it would fly back. When Gyan saw the crack left on the surface of the shield, he shouted at Artemis in a hoarse voice, "Be careful! That guy's weapon... might be legendary grade!"

Artemis' mouth was slightly agape. A glint of resentment and greed crept into her eyes. She instantly rolled away and stayed on the ground afterwards. Her ample breasts rose and fell with her breathing, but unfortunately, Sheyan could not see them, so this kind of seduction was of no use to him at all.

Artemis' eyes that were staring at the blood-red weapon in Sheyan's hand suddenly turned resolute. "This place will be your grave!" she yelled.

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