The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother
The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother

The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother

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The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Josei, and Romance genres. Written by the Author LoveLetter. 282 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Right after getting the first-class chef’s certificate and before that certificate had been in her hands long enough to warm up, she woke up. Not only did she age ten years, she also gained two children…

At this time, her new daughter, who had lost two of her front baby teeth and spoke with a lisp, pointed at the TV screen and called out, “Dad!”

On the screen, the Film Emperor Meng Yan was extremely handsome and charming. Towards the camera, his gaze was overflowing with gentle and tender feelings. He raised up the hand that was holding hands with captivatingly beautiful bride. She was wearing a diamond-beaded wedding dress. At the bottom of the TV screen, the headline news was displayed in large font – Meng Yan and the rising starlet’s wedding of the century.

T/N: The second part of the summary is misleading. This isn’t a novel where the transmigrated main character clings onto the film emperor’s thigh.

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  • Mysteriousincognito 1

    I recommend

  • AvaRead 13

    This is a good read. It started out interesting but towards the middle I got bored and a little disappointed with Lin Yiyi for being too judging with Zhe.

    • Seraphielle 3

      Ah.. the part where the child og ml came to their house...? Yeah I quit it too.. cuz I feel sorry for the kid for the sudden malice .. and embarrassed by the mc behavior

      Edited: 5mo
  • KaruizawaK 5

    Lu Xun it's the best!!!

  • CrystallineBlue 1

    Is there a ML in this? You know, someone who will fall in love with her/ marry her and be a good father those kids?( someone other than the film emperor!) There is romance tag after all. Spoil me please!!!

    Edited: 2y
  • AnYeong 2

    It was nice to read something like this. There were no excessive bullying, cursing, scheming, etc. It was very light. Before u know it you were giggling all by yourself while reading. I feel sad for Meng Yan not to be able to reconcile with his two children, he wasnt so bad as well, he was just a typical hardworking person who focused himself in his job, and before he knows it time has already passed and he has taken for granted the important people of his life.

    Edited: 8mo
    Admin Edit: 31 Oct, 10:03

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  • Lowlycultivator 1

    "So bitin and kulang" lol hahaha. But indeed. There's no redemption for Meng Yan which was kinda sad

  • Daydreamer 1

    So hilarious, no big drama, no hard romance, but overall it's quite slice of life story. Although I want to know more about the romance story of Meng Yuran and Lu MingZhe, but, ah, the story is just ended at chapter 282. I want more 🥲

  • vynloml 1

    absolutely loved this!! especially the ending <3

  • yeonjunfoxy 1

    i read this in one sitting and im satisfied with this! although the ending was kinda not my taste. but if you guys love to read some chinese novels with a good plot, this is kinda good so yeah read it. lmao.

  • philows 1

    so I just finished this one, it's not that bad, but I think the struggles of the female lead is not fully showcased. There's a lot of chapters that I am not super satisfied because a side from the female leads business growth she lacked conversation with her children (especially w/ her son). And lastly, the ending is soooo bitin and kulang~