The Villainess and I, her Zombie

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This is good of you want a weak to strong type of mc. The mc is a slave and the fl is abusive in the start. I wouldn't recommend this to people who doesnt like mature content aka abuse, brainwash, and etc. I don't really like this but I ignored the parts I didn't like and it was pretty good. If you really don't like a submissive type of mc I don't recommend reading this because the mc is a slave to the FL and will follow anything she say because of the eternal slave mark so don't get your hopes up for a independent mc


For the people that say that the MC is a masochist is bullshit. The reason he gets beaten so badly at the begining is clearly explained, not only that. Thanks to that he becames strong with the FL. The romance is fast but slow, let me explain, the feeling towards each others for us are clear like water but for the MC and FL they just miss the point, so they don't know about each other feelings. The story is interesting and has a lot of misteries, the evolution at one point takes a turn that makes you completly bewildered about chp 70~80 but after it gets up to speed again it hooks you up so give it a chance. In general a pretty good novel a shame it has just begun so the story is not to advanced.


okay honestly this novel is not my favorite not sure if the words is right but I would tag it with gore. I read this till chap 134.
well either way some times its pretty annoying cause it feels like there are holes in the story especially regarding conversations between the 2 mc.
Well when you read the description to rotton brain that will clear up a bit.
if you don´t like a violent charakter who got next to no mercy don´t read it...


Okay so this novel is something that will have extreme haters calling it trash and people who will somewhat enjoy reading it.

I liked it (I'm not an M).

This is different from other isekai(another world) novels where the MC is op and is the best, is the king and stuff. Here our MC is unfortunately or fortunately a slave(?) of the female lead, but, it's not a typical master-slave relation, it's more like a familar/master-knight relationship.
I came here expecting a slave story where she abuses him but it's not bad. It's pretty decent. When I say decent I mean that it gave me a pleasant surprise when I read it and I enjoyed it.

A four star review because its a good read in your spare time and mostly because I don't rate that many novels badly...
Give the first 20-30 chapters a read.

Thank you for reading this shitty review


It was quite good... I'm kind of sick of mc controlling or having ability of necromancy and I like how he was he servant... The fl may have bad temper because of her family but she change little by little and she is badass