The Villainess Lives Twice
The Villainess Lives Twice

The Villainess Lives Twice

악녀는 두 번 산다

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The Villainess Lives Twice novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Fantasy, and Josei genres. Written by the Author HAN Mint. 230 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


A genius schemer, creating an emperor!

“Only when your brother is happy can you be happy.”

She committed all kinds of evil deeds to make him Emperor. However, Artezia’s devotion was repaid with betrayal. It was the Grand Duke Cedric, a righteous enemy, that gave her a hand of salvation at the threshold of death.

“Devise a plan.”
“I can’t think of anyone but you who can reverse this situation. Marquess Rosan.”
“Lend me your strength.”

There is no plan that can reverse the already declining power and save the fallen empire. However, there is a method. To turn back time before everything went wrong.

With tears of blood she sacrificed her body to an ancient magic. This time, she will not fall.

Artezia, who returned to the age of 18 before death, resolved to become a villainess for the Grand Duke Cedric.

“Please give me your hand in marriage. I’ll make you emperor.”

In exchange for kneeling to the devil, the devil shall dirty her hands for you.

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  • lnwUser93388

    So far 95% talk 5% action

    3 months ago 0 Likes
    • Han_Sooyoung_is_Queen

      Why are you looking for action in a Novel like this?

      1 months ago 1 Likes
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  • misshyuga

    dangggg.. this cliffhanger is killing meee

    3 months ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser84545

    loveee the story. I wish we can have more chapters on the southern prince and FL and the ML

    4 months ago 0 Likes
  • Rebeccakean

    Thaaaank you for the last release! 6 chapters with a lot of action! I love it ! ❤

    5 months ago 0 Likes
  • Pinyapple

    GOLD! We need more meaningful stories with FL that isn't all about romance! Read this, your time won't be wasted. Great FL!

    7 months ago 3 Likes
  • Jenna27

    I like the story. I just sign up just to comment how i like this one 😁

    7 months ago 1 Likes
  • WinterCandyApple

    Nice novel. I hope we have constant update

    8 months ago 1 Likes
  • simpbawe

    at what chap should i read when i read the manwha?

    9 months ago 0 Likes
  • minako

    Please the cliffhanger. My heart is thumping so hard and loud. I was about to read the latest chapter one hour ago but after reading the note at the start I decided to stop and read when I was in my room. AAAA NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE 😭

    9 months ago 3 Likes
  • Lilith72

    hi guys. i created a wiki! but LNP won't let me share the link nooo. to make matter difficult for you: please go to "The Villainess Turns the Hourglass" wiki. in the homepage, copy the url, and replace the words with the title The Villainess Lives Twice. i have discord so if no one understands, please don't hesitate to message me bc i really need help in expanding the wiki. my discord is: Lilith#7637

    9 months ago 1 Likes