Chapter 10

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When they arrived at the manor of the Marquisate Rosan, Artizea handed Kishore the prayer candle that was blessed and then she went inside.

The employees of the Marquisate Rosan were doing their work quietly, without worrying about the Emperor’s visit.

The Emperor occasionally visited the Marquisate Rosan to surprise and please Miraila.

“Hand out the gift pouches that have been prepared.”

“You will use almost all the ones you have.”

Alice whispered in bewilderment.

Artizea had made dozens of small silk pouches containing a few gold coins and kept them in her personal wooden box.

It was to facilitate the handing over of bribes called gifts or tips.

Before returning to the past, she had taught Alice how to manage the information network.

「The higher one’s status, the more people in one’s service. And if someone is from the Imperial Family, there will be dozens of people following him from room to room to serve him. The number of people who clean, tidy the rooms, prepare and carry the food is countless.」

「It is true.」

「But most of the employees who work for these nobles are not even recognized as human beings. For that reason, they can obtain a lot of valuable information by acting as spies.」

「Well, I understand what you mean, but if they have valuable information, don’t they usually sell it? Isn’t it better to pay them at that time?」

Alice said, bowing her head.

A lot of employees knew they could make money selling information.

So they used to remember everything that the people they served talked about and did, to sell that information when the time was right or to achieve their own ambitions.

「If I do this regularly, won’t they come talk to me first when I have valuable information?」

「Ah, you are buying priority.」

「Especially trust, they will think that I am willing to buy any valuable information and also that I have the ability to pay no matter what it costs. It must be shown that regularly.」

Artizea also bribed those in unimportant positions.

She could not buy their hearts by spending money only when it suited her.

「You should know this. If you give money without asking for any favors, they will feel indebted. This is very important. When you give money and ask for something in return, the relationship will end immediately. But when you don’t ask for anything in return, the relationship will never end. They will always think they have to do something for you.」

This applied not only to the poor, but also to those in better positions.

With the gold coins that Artizea gave them, they could live quietly for months and educate their children.

So, naturally, they were grateful.

If she had had an inferior status, the recipients of the money would have seen it as a bribe and ignored it.

But she was the real Marchioness Rosan.

The money she gave was a bribe for the future, but the recipients did not feel that they were being bought, but that they were being favored by their superior.

And for them, loyalty was the way to pay for their superior’s grace.

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「Talk to them every time you hand over the money. They should know that I am willing to buy any information, even some that they did not sell because they thought it was not valuable. As my overall reputation rises and I gain their trust, people who have never been given money before will come to sell their information.」

Although Artizea might have an idea of the overall picture, it was important to be able to get a lot of information.

On the other hand, the quality of the information did not depend on the length of the message, but on whether it came from a reliable source.

Knowing that Artizea had prepared gift pouches for this reason, Alice spoke anxiously.

“It’s almost half of the budget you can spend this year.”

“It’s all right.”

Anyway, if she married Cedric, the wealth of the Marquisate Rosan would be in her hands. At that time, she would no longer have to worry about money.

Alice did not used to be insistent, so she did not ask again. She bowed her head politely as a sign of understanding, and hurried to Artizea’s room.

After Alice left, Artizea went to Miraila’s boudoir.

She was going to greet the emperor.

Miraila did not like it when she appeared before the Emperor.

But now she had no reason to be considerate of Miraila. She couldn’t miss the opportunity to make a strong impression on the Emperor.

The knights of the Imperial Guard and the servants bowed to her in silence. Artizea also bowed and told the servant at the door.

“Please let His Majesty the Emperor know that Miraila’s daughter, Artizea, wishes to greet him.”

Then she took a small silk pouch from her pocket and gave it to the servant.

It was the same as the pouches she had ordered Alice to hand out. Artizea always had some pouches on her for anything.

The servant, who had received several of these pouches in the past, nodded with a friendly smile. Then he opened the door and went in.

From outside, one could hear voices mixed with Miraila’s laughter.

The cheerful conversation seemed to stop for a moment, and then the door opened wide.

“Come in, Lady Artizea.”

“Thank you. By the way, if any visitors come while I’m inside, could you let me know first? I would like to take care of it so that it does not interfere with the time that His Majesty and my mother spend together. ”

“Of course.”

Artizea entered with cautious steps.

The emperor was sitting comfortably on the sofa.

Miraila was dressed only in a petticoat. The maids were to one side, arranging the dress she was to put on.

Emperor Gregor was a cold, selfish man.

He was more interested in securing his own power than in ruling the country. He was suspicious, vile and greedy.

However, his love for Miraila was the only thing that was genuine.

He was involved with countless women, but Miraila was the only one he kept by his side for 25 years.

Although Miraila had given birth to another man’s daughter, they were only separated by a year at most.

He was kind to Artizea because she was Miraila’s daughter.

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But she never knew what true love was. There was a time when she was curious about love. But now she didn’t care.

The important thing was that he loved Miraila and would never leave her.

Artizea knelt down on one knee and bowed to the Emperor.

“May the sun of the empire descend upon its citizens. Artizea, the daughter of Miraila, greets Your Majesty the Emperor. Long live the Emperor.”

“It has been a long time since I last saw you. You have grown up in the blink of an eye.”

Said the Emperor.

He smiled like a snake and looked at Artizea from top to bottom. It was a critical look.

“If you looked like your mother, you would be much more beautiful.”

“I know I’m beautiful.”

Said Miraila. Then, she walked up with soft steps and sat on the Emperor’s thigh, grumbling.

“What can I do? Even her face is ugly, but she’s my daughter, so I have to live with her.”

“Why? Although Tia doesn’t look like you, she has the features of a beautiful woman. If she gains a little weight and her body matures more, she’ll look pretty in no time.”

“She’s already grown up and remains the same. If you say those things, she might actually believe it, honey.”

Speaking lovingly, Miraila caressed his cheek. The Emperor smiled.

“I meant it. Did you think it was a joke too, Tia?”

Artizea looked down politely.

When Artizea was a child, Miraila hated her and beat her because she didn’t look like her.

「”If you were at least a little like me, wouldn’t His Majesty the Emperor have treated you like his own daughter?”」

Artizea truly believed in her words and cried. Even some nights, she dreamed that she had also been born as the Emperor’s daughter, and that she received the love of her parents, just like Lawrence.

But now that she thought about it again, that was foolish.

If she had resembled Miraila, she would no doubt have been dragged into the Emperor’s bedroom as soon as she turned sixteen.

She had been fortunate enough to have a face that didn’t look like her beautiful mother’s.

“I’m glad to hear it. Your Majesty loves my mother and thinks I’m beautiful. What could make me feel more honoured?”

“How old are you?”

“I recently turned 18 years old.”

“You have really grown up. I need to find a suitable husband for you.”

“No, she is just an 18 year old child. What kind of marriage would that be?”

Miraila said bluntly. The Emperor laughed, grabbed Miraila’s wrist and kissed her hand lovingly.

“I know you want your daughter to be by your side forever, but she should be engaged before she turns 20.”

“Mm, but still…”

“I’ll get her a suitable husband. She’s not going to live with her brother forever, right?”

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The Emperor smiled.

By suitable husband, he meant not a good marriage for Artizea, but a political marriage that would only help Lawrence.

But Miraila did not understand and grunted with disapproval. Although she was upset, the Emperor still found her cute.

Artizea bowed politely.

Miraila rose angrily, to put on her dress.

She had not put on the dress she had previously decided upon, because she wanted to show her figure to the Emperor.

A beautiful green satin dress, with a sweetheart neckline on her chest and a straight neckline on her back.

At that moment, the servant entered and said politely.

“A visitor has come to see you, Lady Artizea.”

Artizea said hastily.

“Forgive me. I must leave.”

The emperor gestured, giving her permission to leave, and Miraila glanced at her.

Artizea turned around and left the boudoir. The servant followed her and said in a low voice.

“Countess Eunice is now in the foyer making a fuss. She wants to see His Majesty the Emperor.”

“All right, I’ll take care of it.”

“Did you know the Countess Eunice was coming?”

“Yes, I supposed to.”

Artizea hadn’t gathered this information beforehand, she just remembered it.

However, the servant didn’t know, so he said with admiration.

“You’re amazing. Thank you very much.”

“Why do you say that?”

“His Majesty is in a very good mood for the first time in a long time. If the Countess had disturbed him, I’m sure we would all have been harmed.”

“It is natural for me to welcome visitors. Besides, it is not yet known. If I don’t manage to appease the Countess, she’s sure to make a big fuss.”

Having said that, Artizea headed for the foyer.

The sound of Countess Eunice’s screams reached the second floor.

“You mean His Majesty won’t even see me, his own daughter, because of that dirty bitch?”

The butler was nervous and stooped.

Artizea walked down the stairs at a snail’s pace.

“Hello, Countess Eunice. What brings you here…”


Suddenly, the Countess Eunice raised her hand and slapped Artizea hard on the cheek.

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