Chapter 42

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The garden of Grand Duke Evron’s residence was quite neglected.

Like other places in the mansion, it was inevitable because the owner did not take care of it.

Horses and hunting dogs were grazing on the grounds, and idle servants were hiding. The old leaves and branches were also entangled in their own way, so it was a space that had nothing to do with aesthetics.

Cedric was no exception if the place stood out from others because he didn’t care about appearances.

The main gate was managed at least, but at best, it was enough to mow the lawn and cut the branches on time.

“I have to make a new road.”

The grass grew unruly. Recently, he hurriedly mowed the grass and made a trail, because a woman in fine clothes would not be able to comfortably walk around.

Cedric looked embarrassed. He thought that it wouldn’t matter as long as support and defense were well maintained. He thought it didn’t matter letting the horse and dogs loose.

However, when walking with Artizea, there weren’t one or two things that bothered her.

“This too. I feel like I’m in the woods, not in the garden.”


Artizea said without thinking. Cedric covered his face with his palm.

“I have to call the gardener.”

“Nevertheless, Ansgar told me that he had brought in new employees. Until now, he said there were only two gardeners. This mansion is large, so it would have been difficult for both people to manage.”

“Do you say that gardeners are called from far away?”

“Yes, from the Grand Duchy.”

Cedric sighed briefly.

“Even if it takes some time, it’s better to use someone you trust. The structure of the garden is particularly important for security.”

“I know, but……… But first, I have to lay the base for a temporary road.”

“It’s a waste.”

“I don’t know when it will be in order. Isn’t it difficult for you to walk right now?”

Cedric pointed to the grass getting under the dress.

She just needs to put a piece of cloth there. It was a little difficult to walk with shoes. Artizea lifted the hem of her dress and crossed a clump of grass.

“It is sometimes. Won’t it be like a change of mood?”

“It shouldn’t be sometimes.”

Artizea looked at him, tilting her head.

“Did the doctor not recommend it? Take a walk every day.”

“……I’m paying attention.”

“You’re not paying attention to the doctor’s recommendation, are you? I was scolded by Ansgar today.”

“We eat breakfast together every day. That’s enough for you to care for me.”

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“Is it bothersome that I keep pushing my face in front of you?”

“No, it’s not.”

Artizea looked at him with an embarrassed look. She never thought it was bothersome. However, she just thought he didn’t have to do that for her.

“I don’t think it’s enough to just say what you needed to say.”

It was.

Artizea knew Cedric well, but Cedric did not know her very well.

Even if it’s a contract marriage, it’s a marriage, and even if you’re married, it’s not that you’re going to be separated and never know each other.

Not only as a couple, but also between the master and slave, appropriate understanding and trust are needed.

Artizea knew it well enough to die for it, so she nodded.



“Because I can’t tell you everything honestly.”

Artizea lowered her eyes. Cedric asked curiously.

“Did it sound like I’m blaming you?”

“No. It’s not like that….”

Artizea hesitated.

It has been a long time since she gave up on being understood by others.

Rather, it’s okay for someone to have the kind of mindset like Freil.

But she was hesitant to ask for human understanding apart from all that.

Even if she was a vicious human, it was difficult to ask to believe that she was doing her best for the future.

It was more comfortable for Artizea to admit that she was a wicked person rather than to ask for understanding.

Since she is a wicked person who will fall to hell, it was more comfortable to fear and hate her so that she could move according to her will.

Cedric knew that she could be trusted, at least someone he could try to.

Instead of taking the easy way to condemn her even in the last minute, he was a person who could bow his head to try and help the world.

Therefore, even saying this requires great courage.

“Even if it looks like I’m hiding something from Cedric, or even if I’ve done something nasty, I’m not going to do it with hostility….” Artizea said carefully.

“If you want to know something, ask me the reasons why.”

If he did that, she thought she would be happy to die even if she would lose her head and climb the gallows.


Cedric was silent for a moment.

He wanted to ask why she said that, but strangely the words didn’t come out.

Even if he didn’t hear the answer, he felt like he knew it.

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Perhaps obviously, when that happens, she’ll know why too.

That’s what he thought.

He reached out his hand. This is because Artizea’s lowered eyelashes were glistening, and it looked like tears had formed.


“No, no, nothing.”

He came to his senses and lowered his hand.

Cedric thought he had a strange idea. Why is he thinking that she will do a rough job without his knowledge? And even so, he can understand it

And then he even wanted to hug her. All three were strange ideas.

Artizea promised to consult him before devising a scheme.

It’s natural she doesn’t say everything. Cedric had nothing to interfere with the work in the Marquisate of Rosan.

It wasn’t strange at all trying to hide the shadow she had in her mind.

Cedric reached out to her. Artizea hesitated.

“The road is rough. It is strange to say that inside the house.”


Artizea carefully placed her hand over Cedric’s hand.

Cedric grabbed her hand and let her put her arms around him.

He still had the idea of ​​wanting to hug her, but it was too early so he decided to be satisfied with this.

“I’ll make sure to lay the road properly sooner or later. If you’re going to take a walk for exercise, that would be great.”


Cedric’s hands and neck were warm.

Artizea couldn’t stop her face from blushing.

As they walked side by side, it was all good that Cedric’s face was not visible in the eyes of Artizea.

The two walked a little longer without a word.

“So, is there anything I can do to help you prepare for the wedding? No, I should say I have to help… it’s my job,” Cedric asked.


Artizea replied immediately. Cedric turned to her with an embarrassed face.

“You don’t have to say it so firmly, do you?”

“Did you fill out all the invitations?”

“Yes, I will write only what I will send to His Majesty and Grand Duke Roygar, and Ansgar will be responsible for the rest.”

“That’s enough. You got the formal dress. I’ll do the rest.”

“It’s because I only seem to be doing nothing. You look incredibly busy, and you have a lot to do.”

She did.

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Marriage, the birth of a successor, and funeral were the most important things in the noble family.

Among them, there has never been more work to be done than marriage, where family unity takes place.

Artizea doesn’t even have parents to do those things for her.

She had to prepare for the wedding while preparing for the Marquisate of Rosan.

Artizea’s wedding arrangements include preparing wedding dresses and gifts or preparing wedding invitations. However, the priority was to lay a stone for the future while adjusting various interests.

However, there is a limit to the physical strength and mental strength that can be used per day. Artizea had to pay attention to the distribution as she did not have a very energetic body.

In order to maintain a clear mental power, she had to take a break, so the problems that ordinary brides care about were forced to be pushed to the back.

Cedric felt sorry for that.

“Aren’t you so busy that you are barely preparing for yourself?”

“But I can’t help it.”

“You shouldn’t say that, Tia. I’ll be doing the chores, and you’ll have to prepare for yourself.”

“Ansgar is in charge of the chores. The most important preparations are made without a hitch. Don’t worry,” Artizea replied.

Cedric sighed. His chest was stuffy, but he couldn’t figure out exactly why.

He thought he wished Artizea would be more concerned with this marriage.

He didn’t want to say that a wedding is more important than what she is trying to do, or that marriage is the most important thing in a woman’s life.

But marriage is marriage.

Even if it is a contract marriage with a time limit, it is a marriage. And Artizea is a bride.

And he thought it would be nice if Artizea made good memories at the wedding. It was even more so because she was a girl who had never been in the leading role before.

He wanted to make her happy for a moment.

“This is our marriage.”

The words he said were barely squeezed out because he wasn’t good at speaking.

The main thing in this wedding is neither a scheme nor a conspiracy.

It is ‘our marriage.’ After his mouth said those words, his heart pounded.

“Do I look nervous?”

“A little.”

Cedric thought about how to properly convey his feelings.

“When I got engaged to you, the Western military problem had already been resolved. Remember I first said that I’m going to accept the contract for the Western Army?”


“Our purpose has been achieved in the first place. I’ve been granted the Western Army’s victory ceremony, and you’ve gotten out of Miraila. So think slowly for now. At least until the wedding. There is a lot of time left for us to be together.”

Cedric said, gently patting the back of her hand.

Artizea lowered her eyes. It was to hide the fire rising to her face.

“Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting it.”

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The word ‘our marriage’ tickled her ear strangely.

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