Chapter 64

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That winter, it was the story of the empress that struck the social world.

“I heard there was a prophet who knew that Her Majesty would quit her seclusion and step outside the palace.”

“No, you shouldn’t say that kind of thing. What if they hear it at the temple?”

The noble ladies shouted and covered their mouths with fans.

“He’s not a prophet, but a necromancer. I heard that he’s from the slums…”

“He predicted that the doors of the Empress’ Palace would open?”

“It’s not a prophecy. There was once a seance held at Grayson Viscounty, and the ghost that appeared there was that of a woman of the noblest status that decided the future emperor.”

“Ah, that’s what anyone can say. I don’t know that Sir Lawrence’s qualifications will depend primarily on Her Majesty’s will.”

“But only then, no one could have imagined that Her Majesty would really open the doors of the Empress’s Palace and come out.”

“Of course it will. Grand Duke Evron, of course, as a relative of hers, he sometimes met Her Majesty. Her attendance at the wedding is amazing, even so…”

The noble ladies said that it was amazing to have used Miraila’s daughter as her lady-in-waiting and stood in as the mother.

“She also gave her a pure gold orb. It happens when a lady-in-waiting doesn’t have a mother, but….”

“Do you understand a little about Her Majesty’s feelings? Hasn’t the Marchioness of Rosan boasted of her son?”

“The young ladies these days don’t know, but before the Empress, she used to say that the mother who lost the Crown Prince and her children in a row doesn’t deserve to live, so that she brought in Sir Lawrence with her.”

“By the way, her daughter has become Her Majesty’s lady-in-waiting, and Lord Lawrence has come and gone through the threshold of the Empress’ Palace these days…”

“But, isn’t it a little too much to say Her Majesty has quit her seclusion? The Empress’ Palace door is open, but she doesn’t actually meet anyone.”

“At least, she has revealed that she is willing to be involved in the future affairs.”

People were looking at the door of the Empress’s Palace in a tense manner. Apart from that, the topic of the necromancer was very interesting.

“But I think that necromancer is the real deal.”

Someone lowered their voice and said.

“Baroness Landon also found her son.”

“Didn’t the son of Baroness Landon leave the house because of a maid that caught his eye two years ago?”

“Yeah. But without the son, the baroness is a little… You know. Baron Landon was lying in his sickbed and didn’t know how to get up, and he had the worst relationship with his ex-wife’s daughter. They haven’t heard from him since he left the house but the necromancer told them where he is.”

“That’s great. The necromancer sometimes shows up, but I think this is the first time I’ve heard stories about finding something or getting it right like this one.”

“By the way, it’s a big deal for Baron Landon. Maybe he wouldn’t accept the maid, right?”

“Why not?”

Someone said interestingly.


The rumored necromancer was in the mansion of Henry Keyshore, the emperor’s captain of the guard.

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It was invited by Keyshore’s daughter Miel and her cousin Hazel.

Miel hesitated terribly at first. Hazel urged her.

“It’s just for fun. It’s no different from watching coffee dots. You don’t have to take it that seriously.”

“But if my father knows, I’ll be scolded.”

“Aren’t you curious? Why the hell is there so much sensation in the social world? Didn’t you hear that? Not long ago, he guessed right when Sir Noah was going to sue Count Atilla. Until then, no one had ever guessed the love Sir Noah has for Lady Atilla.”

Miel was tempted. Hazel said energetically.

“What if the necromancer comes and only tells lies? There is nothing to lose.”

“That’s right.”

“I’m going to write an article about it.”

“Really? Did your aunt allow it?”

“If the newspaper sells my article, my mother won’t say anything anymore. Help me, Miel. I want to keep it a secret until I finish the article.”

Miel was defeated.

Miel provided the place, and Hazel prepared everything else.

Some of the noble ladies, who were interested in the seance, immediately announced their intention to attend.

The invited necromancer appeared wearing a purple hood over his eyes.

“A perfectly circular table, 9 people, red candles as many as the number of people, white tablecloths… All right. You have everything you need.”

The necromancer said seriously. Then he took the knife out of his arms.

He stabbed his finger and drew his blood. With the blood, a magic circle was drawn in the center of the white tablecloth.

Then the lights were turned off and the curtains were drawn to darken the room. Then there was a rather mysterious atmosphere.

“Everyone, please put your hands under the table and hold hands with the people on both sides. This is called the circle of life. It plays a role in keeping the spirit from going out.”

The necromancer said with a serious face.

“Never let go of your hands. Even we don’t know what good spirits would do if they go out of control. Above all, these holding hands serve to protect each other. Spirits seep into the palms of a living person, so make sure to hold the palm together.”

Hazel giggled. It was because the words of the necromancer sounded too absurd.

The necromancer mumbled and memorized an incomprehensible spell.

The guests were going to enjoy this funny game in their own way, but they couldn’t do so when the blue sparks started splashing in the magic circle drawn by blood. Hazel, who was giggling, stopped laughing.

There was tension in the room.


The magic circle spewed out a flash so that it couldn’t be seen for a moment.


Startled Miel screamed.

A silent footstep ran from outside. Keyshore, who just came home, heard Miel’s scream and ran.

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“What’s going on, Miel!”

The door opened wide, and a light came in. The frightened guests hurried. Some screamed that if you let go of your hand, the spirit will escape.

Keyshore pulled the glowing tablecloth and threw it off the floor.

As the candles fell, the carpet caught fire. Keyshore struck it off with a tablecloth.

Then Keyshore opened the curtains wide open.

Then he glanced at Miel, squeezing her chest in the chair, and turned his stunned face to Hazel.

“What’s going on with this, Hazel?”

“Oh, that’s it. We just had a seance….. Don’t get mad, don’t get mad, uncle. It was just for fun. Miel’s yelling was just of surprise…”

“Seance? Is this the scammer who is famous these days?”

He grabbed the collar of the necromancer.


The necromancer laughed awkwardly.

Keyshore dragged the necromancer to the library.

And he threw him to the floor.

After taking his hood that was shaped and worn upside down. Inside, there was a young man with no mystery or anything.

“What are you doing?”

Keyshore asked fiercely. The necromancer said.

“I am just a clown.”

“Even if you’re not, I heard ridiculous rumors about you. Clown?”

“Well, what is it…. Gives a little fun to the rich who like that, and they give me a little reward…”

“I heard the words that you call a real soul and prophecy.”

“Ah, who seriously believes in such a thing? I’ll tell you, I try to find out a little about the guests beforehand to make a realistic acting.”

The necromancer groaned and rubbed his palm.

“It’s just gathering rumors of social affairs and wrapping them in plausible words. The Lady’s marriage partner is the one who seems to hate the Lady now. He has charming eyes…. Something like this.”

“How did you create the light?”

“Well, that’s where I picked up an ancient script and learned it. It means ‘shine,’ I draw it with blood, and it glows after a while.”

Keyshore touched his forehead.

It was absurd to say that this scammer is so rumored in the social world. He was almost ashamed of himself.

“Go away. Don’t show up again.”

He shouted loudly.

The necromancer slipped and fell while striking his back with a shy, frightened face. Then he quickly turned around and ran out.

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Outside the study, Hazel and Miel snooped with frightened faces. Keyshore said in a harsh voice.

“Come in both of you.”

“I’m, I’m sorry, Father.”

Miel bowed her head. So did Hazel.

Keyshore sighed.

“You have to have something to be curious about. I thought you guys were smart ladies, so I didn’t say anything and just watched. So, what stupidity is this?”

“It’s just a play. I know it’s a scam. I’m curious about the trick…”


Keyshore yelled.

“Does it make sense for children under 20 years old to attract scammers to their homes for fun? If it’s a scam, it’s a scam, it’s a big deal! What would people think? What about the temple?”

“Ah, it’s a trend here and there, that’s…”

Hazel flinched while trying to make an excuse. It was because Keyshore had a scary face.


As the necromancer was expelled, he stretched out his shoulders and sighed as he stepped out of the Keyshore mansion.

As he walked around one of the alleys, a black carriage was waiting.

The necromancer lamented as he climbed the carriage.

“Today is a really wild day.”

“Did something happen? Rye?”

Asked Freil, who was riding in the carriage.

“Don’t you say Rye, it’s Watt. By the way, how long have you been calling me by my name?”

The necromancer, Rye Fidget complained.

Freil laughed. Artizea called him Rye, so he just followed accordingly.

“What about Sir Keyshore?”

“I was thrown out after being treated as an absurd scammer.”

“You’re a ridiculous scammer, right?”

“The absurd conspiracy….”

While saying so, Rye saw Freil’s sarcastic face and corrected his words.

“It’s called ….. a pawn.”

Rye sighed.

“By the way, I did what I was told to do, but I didn’t know that the wave would grow like this. It seems that Lord Keyshore already knew me.”

“You didn’t say your name, did you?”

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“Don’t worry. I know that disappearing with nothing but a fraudulent necromancer saved my life.”

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