Chapter 70

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Subsequently, the vassals lined up and saluted. Those who met Artizea for the first time congratulated their wedding and even gave gifts.

Words of blessing and laughter bloomed. Artizea was enjoying it, smiling in a slightly unfamiliar mood.

She seemed to understand why Cedric considered Evron Grand Duchy as his home and his vassals and the people as his family.

The Imperial Palace’s New Year’s banquet is an extension of the political and social world. It would have been the same for Miraila and Lawrence.

Surrounded by countless people, she was struggling to read the true intentions of people who were coming and going.

Miraila, drunk with alcohol, woke up in the evening on the first day of the year. Lawrence was more often buried in a second feast of debauchery in a woman’s house.

So, there was no such a thing as a New Year’s banquet in the Marquisate of Rosan. This is because there was no one to share good words and wishes.

This was probably a family-like atmosphere.

It was strange and unfamiliar to Artizea that she was naturally involved in it, because she never thought it was acceptable to her.

It’s not really hers.

But it wasn’t something she wasn’t allowed to participate. Because she will be a part of this even if she divorces and sits down in the seat of the servant.

As she thought so, she felt happy and heartbroken.

It was then.

She felt the air in the banquet hall changing. Artizea looked around.

Lysia was just entering the banquet hall.

As if she had been running in a hurry, she was holding the hem of her skirt together. Her clothes were a simple but fine violet-colored dress.

Maybe she hadn’t had time to do her hair, she just braided her hair aside. There was no makeup on her face.

But she was more beautiful than anyone in this place. An overflowing light shimmered around her.

Lysia’s beauty was different from that of Miraila.

It was hard to say where she was pretty. It can be said that the light from her heart and the lively movement are beautiful.


As Artizea held her breath, she thought blankly.

Lysia immediately approached the two. She politely knelt down on one knee.

“I’m sorry for being late, Your Grace. I am relieved that you are in constant health.”

“It’s been a long time, Lysia. You’ve grown a lot. But are you alone? What about Baron Morten?”

“My father is refraining from going out because his legs are uncomfortable in winter. This winter, I decided to come as the village representative instead.”

“I see. Are you now eighteen?”

“Yes, I had my birthday last month.”

“If you’re eighteen, you’re old enough.”

Cedric said so in a complicated mood.

And he looked back and gently introduced her to Artizea.

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“Lysia is the daughter of the Morten family. She is from the village you know.”

“I’m Lysia of Baron Morten. It’s an honor to meet you, Grand Duchess. And, although it’s late, congratulations on your marriage.”

Lysia stood up and she turned her body towards Artizea. And she again knelt on her knees in front of Artizea politely.

Lysia’s lips touched over the ring of the Grand Duchess she was wearing. It was a sign of loyalty and obedience.

Artizea knows that her heart has been crushed, so she can’t answer for a while. Her ring felt as hot as if burning.

“It’s nice to meet you, Lysia.”

The tip of her tongue became heavy calling her name.

[If there is a next world and I can live once more, then I hope you can call me Lysia by then.]

It really did.

But what kind of relationship did Lysia hope for at that time?

Artizea stood up, grabbed Lysia’s hand and raised it up. She shouldn’t have had to kneel to her.

“Bring a chair.”

The servant who was waiting near her heard that, and quickly brought a chair.

She placed it next to Artizea. Lysia was embarrassed.

“Thank you, Grand Duchess. But I can’t sit in a seat like this….”

“Sit down. It’s okay. I need someone to talk to.”

Artizea said so with a soft, calm voice.

It was difficult to talk to Lysia as if she were treating a subordinate, but she shouldn’t look strange to others.

Lysia’s cheek redded with joy.

“Thank you, Grand Duchess.”

She felt guilty.

In her previous life, she was unable to protect Lysia. Cedric asked her the first and last time, but she couldn’t do anything.

She couldn’t even tell Cedric Lysia’s last word.

Lysia forgave her, but Artizea could not forgive herself.

What did she think when she came back to the past and opened her eyes? As she offered a candle to the saint, what did she wish for?

She will protect her this time.

She thought so.

She thought of giving her all that she had stolen. She tried to give her back what she deserves.

She intended to make her the empress.

She actually wanted to meet her earlier. She ought to go and apologize for her mistake.

This was not possible because the place where Lysia lived was the village of the rebels.

She told Cedric that she knew about this place from the start.

But she couldn’t find it easily. It was the most sensitive area in Evron, which is closed to outsiders.

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It was better to wait to meet naturally and bring her to her side.

It was a rational conclusion.

Apart from that, however, Artizea knew that her own heart was completely unjust.

One day, two days, she delayed meeting Lysia.

She could have asked Margaret to call her to come naturally. She has already said that she will choose her lady-in-waiting among the vassals of the Grand Duchy.

She also knew that Margaret had made her own list of girls Artizea’s age. So, she could choose Lysia among them and ask Margaret to bring her here.

But she didn’t.

Artizea newly realized her own inferiority.

She just wished that she would be allowed to be by Cedric’s side a little longer. She must have been slowing down with such an unscrupulous mind.

She knew for herself that she did.

She couldn’t control her mind and she was obsessed with Cedric. She felt foolish and she couldn’t stand it.

Her heart was sore and painful. She originally felt like the world was getting darker just by thinking that she would lose the affection, even if it wasn’t hers.

However, it’s not up to her to decide.

She knew this wasn’t the place where she would sit. It was Lysia’s seat.

It’s only for 2 years, she only needs to sit for a while before she has to give it back.

She knew.

She then felt as if the time she had with him would go on forever. She hoped so.

Then her thoughts of Lysia finally stopped.

The band began to play dance songs.

Cedric stood up and reached out to Artizea.

Artizea looked at the hand in a feeling of hopelessness.

“What’s wrong?”

Everyone was looking at them.

It was customary for the first dance to be held by the host or the top person.

She placed her trembling hand on Cedric’s. Cedric held her hand and led her with a soft, natural touch.

This was the fourth dance.

Once at Lysia’s wedding, once at Count Enda’s ball, and once at the wedding.

All three times, Cedric kept the distance respectfully.

They had a conversation and came close enough to see the shade on the lashes.

However, he kept to all the manners he had to obey.

There was never a force in his hand that held her. The only thing that supported Artizea’s body was his arm.

While leading Artizea, who was not good at dancing, he never touched her body even though she made a mistake.

But today it was different.

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His hand on Artizea’s back came deeper than it was.

Instead of politely touching her back to support her, he naturally wrapped her waist around him.

When Artizea put her arm on his shoulder, it was as if it were in his arms.

And Artizea was compelled to admit that, just as she was accustomed to be in his embrace, her own body was already used to leaning against his arm.

But she couldn’t dare dance like this in front of Lysia’s eyes.

Cedric, who misunderstood the reason Artizea hesitated, said in a smiling voice.

“Don’t worry. If you make a mistake, I’ll cover it up. You know I’m good at dancing, right?”

“I’m not worried about that.”

Artizea muttered in a split voice.

“I will make you the most beautiful dancer in the world.”

Cedric assured her. Then he led Artizea and slipped into the middle of the banquet hall.


Aubrey was near the banquet hall.

Eventually, Margaret failed to find Aubrey first.

Aubrey is also someone that has lived in the stronghold since birth. It wasn’t just a day or two where she ran to hide after a scuffle with her mother.

Aubrey went home and hurriedly, getting mad at her close maid and changed into the most gorgeous dress she had.

It was a dress that had gold thread embroidered Iantz embroidery around the hem of the rich skirt, and spread around the chest.

Margaret said she hated the clothes because it overflowed. It was made by designers from the capital and it cost quite a bit. Aaron thought that his youngest daughter was cute so he gave anything to her and was able to make the dress.

She wore it, ran through her mother’s jewelry and wore the most expensive ruby ​​necklace of Count Jordyn.

In her opinion, today’s self was pretty. And it was mature.

At this point, she thought she would be able to draw attention of the banquet hall.

But Aubrey couldn’t even get into the banquet hall.

“There was an order from Countess Jordyn that you could not enter the banquet hall.”

The guard did not know the details.

Aubrey had always had a small incident, so he only thought it would be like that this time.

“Please wait here for a minute, Miss Aubrey.”

Through the blocked door, Aubrey saw Artizea dancing her waltz in Cedric’s arms.

The hem of the heavy skirt spreads out like a flower and goes round and round with the fur inside.

‘Damn it.. Damn it, damn it, damn it!’

Aubrey clenched her teeth. It felt as if Artizea had taken her place.

She turned around and ran out.

“Oh, Miss Aubrey!”

The guard shouted.

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There was a command to catch Aubrey, but the guards thought it was the usual mother-daughter fight.

In Evron, there was always a problem with Karam and the mainland of the Empire, but there was never a problem with the people in the castle

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