Chapter 78

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“You want to assassinate the queen?”

“I’m going to do the most necessary and desperate thing for Your Highness.”

Cadriol looked at Artizea with a sunken face.

Artizea knew he was willing to negotiate. So, she added quickly.

“We have already planted a sword in the Riagan Duchy. I will assassinate Her Majesty and accuse the Riagan Duchy. Her Majesty is secretly holding hands with the Riagan Duchy. I’m sure you know.”

“The opinions of both sides are different.”

“Yes, but Your Highness is not officially aware of the relationship between the Riagan Duchy and the Queen, so it will be enough justification for military action.”

Cadriol asked with a suspicious face.

“How can I believe you’re going to do it?”

“You must have already found out about me in the capital, so you must also know that I have become Her Majesty’s lady-in-waiting?”

Cadriol nodded his head.

“It is the Empress’ desire to destroy the Riagan Duchy.”

“You’re going to use it for the empire’s infighting.”

“Yes, because the Riagan Duchy is not a small prey.”

In all likelihood, Grand Duke Roygar will come out. Because the salt business is lucrative.

And now, the Riagan Duchy is in charge of the distribution of salt in the South Sea under the leadership of the emperor.

The money earned from the monopoly of salt was also the emperor’s greatest source of income. If you put your hand on it, it was easy to drive it into another direction.

Cadriol thought about it for a moment. Even if Artizea didn’t have to explain it, he could guess her thoughts.

“In the worst case, father will be related to the imperial rebellion, and even if it is not, it will be revealed that the queen has a hand in the empire’s salt monopoly. There’s no way Gregor could stay still.”

“I can’t interfere with the internal affairs of other countries, but Eimmel’s King will also have to show his sincerity.”

So it meant to force the abdication from the pressure of the Krates Empire as the cause.

Artizea said calmly.

“This isn’t something I’m doing for Your Highness Cadriol, and it’s something I can only do if I’m in the Empire.”


“All Your Highness Cadriol will do is to take action in time for your case. If you hide that we met here today, there is no one to doubt you.”

She waited calmly for Cadriol to think.

In the meantime, the trembling of her body stopped.

Cadriol suffered from his father all his life, and fought his stepmother, who he had a bad relationship with. He also learned that he would be betrayed by his father even if he established contribution and made his country rich.

If he could get rid of the two without hearing a say that he had hurt his parents, he would have nothing more to wish for.

If Artizea succeeds, he can be crowned without any moral flaws. If she fails, he doesn’t lose anything.

And once he is crowned, Artizea’s way of harming him disappears.

For Cadriol, it is to solve both of these worries at once.

If he could also have some of the assets of the Riagan Duchy, it would have been a great profit.

Artizea knows Cadriol well. She knew at least as much as Cadriol knew Artizea.

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So she knew that this was an acceptable offer for him.

Cadriol looked at Artizea with a complicated face.

Artizea was dumped on the carpet in front of the fireplace. Cadriol looked down at her.

“You are smart. The successor you give birth to must be born with very good qualities.”

“So, are you accepting my offer or not?”

Artizea asked without shaking.

Cadriol laughed in vain. He then raised his body.

He reached out to Artizea.

Artizea grabbed the hand and barely sat up. Her weary body seldom moved, so it was difficult to take her back off the floor.

“I have an offer on my side as well.”


Artizea tilted her head.

Cadriol said, holding her hand.

“Isn’t it the purpose of the Marchioness to raise Grand Duke Evron as the emperor? What to do after you’ve finished?”

“Are you saying you’re going to call me as Eimmel’s servant?”

“No. I say come to me as a woman.”

Cadriol’s breath passed through Artizea’s palm.

“If Grand Duke Evron is your only master, you don’t have to insist on him after everything is done, right? After all, you wouldn’t have any intention of staying in a small publicly exposed position anyway?”

“That’s right…”

“If you’re going to retire and go somewhere, come to me. The South Sea’s climate will surely be good for the Marchioness’ health.”

“You don’t have to go through such troubles to keep an eye on me. Even then, you won’t be able to believe me anyway…”

With his lips on Artizea’s palm, Cadriol lifted up his golden eyes.

Then she lifted her head with a bleak face.

“Are you really saying this because you don’t understand my intention? Or are you deliberately pretending to not understand?”

Artizea hesitated.

Cadriol shook his head. Then he pulled Artizea’s hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist.

Artizea was carried lightly in his hand. It became a posture that seemed to be held in his knees.

“You’re crazy. Have you forgotten what I proposed to you?”

“No, I do remember… It was for alliance, wasn’t it?”

It wasn’t long after Grand Duke Roygar was ousted.

Artizea had already obtained everything she would get from Cadriol at that time. So, she didn’t want to make complicated things like marriage alliances.

It was a time when there was a lot left to do for Lawrence. She had to be next to Lysia as well. She had no intention of leaving the capital and going to Eimmel.

So she refused.

Cadriol had a stunned face.

“This is the first time I am this humiliated. I mean it.”

“Do you have any weird habits of favoring a woman who axed your own neck?”

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“Hey, I think I have a bad taste, too. But I can’t help it. I know what kind of jewel when I see one.”

Cadriol lightly put his forefinger on Artizea’s temple.

Then, he slid along the contours of her face, raising her chin.

When this happened, Artizea could not help but be nervous.

All sorts of complex emotions raged in Cadriol’s eyes.

Half of that would be hate. But the other half was something beyond that.

“Think seriously, Marchioness Rosan. I’m willing to wait for the situation to be resolved.”

It was right when he said that.


He heard a shout from outside.


The door was torn apart with a strong sound. Cadriol knocked Artizea to the floor and covered her with his body.

A bloody smell came in with the cold breeze.

Artizea, who was astonished, was pulled by Cadriol. Then he jumped up and pulled out his sword.

A body fell through the door.

Cedric slowly stepped over the body. He was holding a bloody sword.

“Oh my God. I didn’t expect you to come personally.”

Cadriol groaned a little.

Less than 48 hours have passed since he snatched Artizea from the stronghold.

He thought Evron would make all-out efforts to track him down. However, he didn’t think that Cedric, who had been out hunting, would come this fast.

Cedric looked at him with a cold face to freeze.

“Let my wife go, then I’ll kill you in a way that you don’t suffer.”

“The reality is that I’m going to die the moment I let her go.”

Cadriol replied lightly.

“What do you think, Marchioness Rosan? Now, if I put a knife to your neck and threaten you, can you get me out of this terrifying situation?”

“It’s not time to joke.”

The moment Artizea replied, Cedric’s complexion changed.


Cadriol raised his arm in astonishment.

In an instant, Cedric’s heavy sword cut his steel forearm guards in two at once.

Cadriol took his back step and was attacked by Cedric.



The sound of metal crashing from the blades resounded in the narrow room.

Cadriol stepped back further. He drew a pistol from his waist.

However, Cedric’s sword was faster. Cadriol pushed Artizea away and rolled over the floor, avoiding the sword from piercing his shoulder.

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Cedric’s sword smashed the wooden window shutters.

Cedric’s cloak fluttered, causing the wind to stir the lights in the fireplace.


Cedric’s hand grabbed Artizea’s arm and pulled her.

Artizea had no idea what the fight would be like. When her mind was thinking, Cedric was moving to the other corner of the room, leaving her behind him.

It was to defend her from new enemies who might come through the door.

Cadriol shouted with anger.

“You think I don’t want to kill you, right?”

“Barking in the middle of a fight is something that even dogs don’t do.”

Cedric said softly.


Artizea ran and hugged Cedric’s waist. Because her arm couldn’t even reach torso.

Cedric flinched and stood there. It was because he feared that any wrong moves would hurt Artizea.

Artizea cried out to Cadriol.


“You’re telling me to run away from the enemy!”

“Are you going to fight Evron in Evron? Are you crazy? You know this is his territory!”


Cedric called her.

“Please let him go. He shouldn’t die right now.”

The diplomatic situation that would arise from the death of Cadriol here would be heavy.

Artizea couldn’t see Evron’s under that burden because of her.


“Please, trust me.”

Cedric said nothing.

Artizea spoke this time to Cadriol.


“Marchioness Rosan.”

“I will keep my promise. If you do not believe me, I will swear by Her Majesty the Empress’ name.”

The empress, which Artizea spoke of, did not refer to the present empress, but to the future empress, Lysia.

Cadriol got it.

He took the sword.

The oath Artizea made under the name of the Saintess is unbelievable.

And Artizea is right; He can’t fight Evron in Evron.

And even if it’s on the sea, he wouldn’t know. He had no ability to break the Shield of the Empire while on the ground.

“I will come back to pick you up.”

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Cadriol said that and turned around. Then he jumped over the body and ran out of the broken door.

The whistle sounded. Cadriol gave the signal to the warriors of Eimmel to escape.

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