Chapter 93

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Cedric said.

“But now that I can specify who led this development, the problem is a little different.”

“It’s the first time we’ve got a negotiable person.”

Cedric nodded vigorously at Artizea’s murmur.

“It’s hard to think that those who understand humans that much and have the influence of gathering 20,000 warriors will appear again in the near future.”

If, indeed, such a person appears, conversation becomes possible. Whether it’s successful or not, it will be meaningful.

“On the other hand, if we kill him, Karam’s development will take a big step backwards. If failed experiences accumulate, it will be difficult to try new things again. Due to the nature of Karam, whose history is not easily accumulated, one failure remains only as a failure, and there is nothing new from it. It will take a long time for them to learn.”

Artizea smiled even though she said so.

“It seems like you have already made a decision in your mind.”

Cedric smiled awkwardly.

“Yes. I want to talk to him. The only problem is with what you are doing in the mainland. Right now, domestic politics is urgent and dangerous.”

“Don’t take me too lightly. Of course, if there’s a war, then it’s no different from starting to play poker with three aces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t solve the problem.”

Artizea flicked her finger.

“And besides, the priority is wrong.”

“The priority?”

“The work I am trying to do couldn’t take precedence over Lord Cedric’s will. What the Emperor decides for the future of the empire is the national decision, nothing precedes that.”

Previously, Cedric asked if a process without results was worthwhile.

Artizea had her own answer to the question. The process without results is not worthwhile. Nor does purposeless means move circumstances. Power without the purpose does not produce.

So Cedric’s purpose comes first. Acquisition of power is only a means.

Artizea had lived with her means and purpose reversed throughout her previous life. She knew it only before she died.

Now she was a means to serve Cedric’s purpose. So she was able to firmly answer him. She didn’t have to put off what Cedric was trying to do for her scheme.

Cedric’s face turned a little red. Artizea asked with a slight smile.

“You’re not going to say that you’re still not prepared or you’re going to think about it later, are you?”

“It’s not like that.”

He just started to feel weird about the fact that she considered him her master. He was captivated by the thought of whether he could handle it.

However, she felt closer when she was held in his arms.

And he knew now that feeling wouldn’t be wrong.

“I tried to assist you, but I’m going to get assistance. It’s going to be a lot of political pressure. Can you stop the Great Temple?”

“I’ve said it before, in the mainland, there are very few things that can’t be done with money.”

The Temple is corrupt. Enough to forge a trust.

In fact, it was a simpler opponent than the noble family, a blood-related group, in that she could move with power and wealth.

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She has several cards to negotiate with the Temple.

The problem was different from the Karam crop. Growing Karam crops is an active acceptance of Karam, which becomes an offensive card that allows the temple to excommunicate Evron Grand Duchy.

However, it is a military issue to have a dialogue at the Thold Gate. There was not much justification for the Great Temple to intervene here.

As a commander, Cedric had full control over the conflict area. The power of Grand Duke Evron in wartime is powerful.

In order to slow down the war, for the operation, for the ceasefire, for the exchange of prisoners, it is natural to contact the commander of the opposing army.

The Temple cannot interfere unless they have the authority to order Evron’s army to throw their entire lives away.

Of course, there will be backlash. Cedric will be happy to bear the political burden for the dialogue.

And it will be a thrilling cornerstone of the north in the future when he wears the emperor’s crown.

Problem that needs to be faced head-on is different from a problem that needs to be bypassed.

Instead, Artizea thought that she would have to raise a turmoil in the capital. The more she messes with domestic politics, the more free Cedric will be.

Cedric nodded his head.

“Okay. Then I’ll try to draw the wartime tension as much as possible, and try to engage in the negotiation as if it was an unavoidable crisis. I’ll leave the supply of supplies to you.”

“Now you know how to think about cheating.”

Artizea laughed.

Cedric smiled bitterly. And he stretched out his arms.


Artizea was pulled to him and held in his arms. Cedric patted her head lightly.

“There is no reason to overdo.”


“It’s okay to fail. In the worst case, Evron Grand Duchy will remain. Then you can start over. So don’t let yourself, mind or body be broken.”


“Okay. You’re a wise person, so I’m sure you understand what I mean.”

Cedric tapped Artizea’s head lightly, pressing it against his chest.

At first Artizea was straining her body tightly. But she didn’t want to get out of Cedric’s arms.

The serious conversation was over, and her thoughts stopped.

In his steadfast arms, her strength soon ran out. As she leaned against Cedric’s chest, she heard the beating of his heart in her ears.

Hearing the sound of his heart and the sound of the crackling and burning of firewood in the fireplace made her sleepy. What she ate was already digested, and she was no longer hungry.

“So now that you’re here, I have to talk to you about it. About the Jordyn family.”

“Dispose of them as you wish.”

“Can I do that?”

“Even if I didn’t come, don’t you already have a plan about what to do?”


“Just do it. I’ve already left the stronghold to you. It seems better for you to do it yourself than getting it turned around a few days after I’ve given the punishment.”

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“That’s also true.”

Cedric’s hand caressed her ear.

“Are you sleepy?”

“Yes….. Are you going to depart for Thold tomorrow?”

“I have to. I can’t be away for long.”

“I see.”

Artizea tried to hold her eyes half open.

With Cedric’s early-morning nature, he will probably leave tomorrow before she even opens her eyes.

Then she won’t be able to meet him for a while. If her luck was really bad, this could have been the last time.

Or even if she’s really lucky, this could be the last time, too.

She thought it would be better to leave without seeing his face, but she felt disappointed about it.

Cedric’s hand covered Artizea’s cheek. Artizea grasped his top with strength in her hand as she was about to fall into sleep.

Then Cedric hugged her and carried her to bed. Artizea slightly woke up from her drowsiness, as she lay her head on the pillow.

Cedric said.

“Do you not want to fall asleep?”

“A little bit.”

“Then I will make you sleep well until morning.”

Artizea’s face turned red.


The next day, as expected, Cedric wasn’t there when Artizea opened her eyes.

The key to the door between the two bedrooms was in the keyhole. Artizea gently touched the key.

When she turned it halfway, the key was unlocked.

Artizea locked it and she released it again. Then she threw the key back into the drawer.

It was in the afternoon that Lysia returned home.

She, too, came in with a new reddish face after greeting the cold wind. As soon as she came in, the first thing she did was complain to Artizea.

“Please stop His Grace.”

“What happened?”

“We started traveling together, but he ignored all the knights and went alone. His Grace’s horse is an excellent horse, so if he runs that fast, no one can catch up. What if there were more Karam troops when he went alone there could be a big commotion….”

“I see. He’s on his way back?”

“I ran into him in the middle.”

“Oh no. The knights must have gone back without a break.”

“Yes. It would have been okay if he didn’t rush so much. He could have come here slowly. I know he’s doing that because he wanted to see Your Grace quickly, but if that’s the case, he can be gone a few more days…”

Artizea looked at Lysia awkwardly.

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However, Lysia didn’t seem to care about the fact that Cedric had come to see her like that. On the contrary, she said it with a light smile.

“When Your Grace said you were going to the capital in such a hurry, I wondered if it would be okay to inform him with a letter. Of course, the two of you would have spoken enough, but it happened only a few days ago. Besides, you’re a newlywed…”

“Oh, well.”

“There is a difference when it’s a distance you can go in a few days and the distance you can’t.”

Artizea turned her head and said.

“I heard that the war situation is stable.”

“Yes. Unless there are more reinforcements on the side of Karam, it will be fully controllable. It’s a relief. I think it would be okay if His Grace stayed here a little longer.”

“I’m sure there will be work for him to be done at this opportunity. So do I.”

“Yes. “

Lysia looked at her with a slightly sad face.

She didn’t know Cedric’s purpose, nor Artisea’s purpose, but she only guessed Artizea was being chased by something. And that Cedric is trying to catch it.

Both Cedric and her father would always tell her that she had eyes to see the truth.

Lysia didn’t believe that she had that power. If she had, she would have already understood what the thing was, and she would have been able to settle it over for Artizea.

Said Artizea.

“Go and rest. You look tired.”

“You have to be angry with His Grace later. He shouldn’t walk away from the knights.”


Artizea smiled.

It was then. Sophie came in and asked.

“Madam, Dame Mel Jordyn, Dame Fiona Jordyn and Dame Haley Jordyn are here.”

“Take them to the parlor. Tell them I’ll be there soon.”

“Yes, I’ll pick up the tea.”

Sophie politely greeted and went out.

Lysia tilted her head.

“Did you call Mel?”

“Yes. Would you like to meet them with me?”

Lysia briefly looked at herself and her outfit.

She didn’t change her clothes, so she wore cotton trousers, a thick sweater, and a fur leather vest. Her hair was tied tightly so as not to get in the way. Now she looked at herself, she was not like the lady-in-waiting of the Grand Duchess.

Of course, she didn’t care in front of the sisters of the Jordyn family, whom she knew well from an early age.

“If Your Grace is not ashamed of me.”

“Then let’s go together.”

Lysia stepped forward and opened the door in front for Artizea.

As they went into the parlor, the three sisters knelt at the same time.

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