The Villainess Lives Twice
The Villainess Lives Twice

The Villainess Lives Twice

악녀는 두 번 산다

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The Villainess Lives Twice novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Fantasy, and Josei genres. Written by the Author HAN Mint. 129 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


A genius schemer, creating an emperor!

“Only when your brother is happy can you be happy.”

She committed all kinds of evil deeds to make him Emperor. However, Artezia’s devotion was repaid with betrayal. It was the Grand Duke Cedric, a righteous enemy, that gave her a hand of salvation at the threshold of death.

“Devise a plan.”
“I can’t think of anyone but you who can reverse this situation. Marquess Rosan.”
“Lend me your strength.”

There is no plan that can reverse the already declining power and save the fallen empire. However, there is a method. To turn back time before everything went wrong.

With tears of blood she sacrificed her body to an ancient magic. This time, she will not fall.

Artezia, who returned to the age of 18 before death, resolved to become a villainess for the Grand Duke Cedric.

“Please give me your hand in marriage. I’ll make you emperor.”

In exchange for kneeling to the devil, the devil shall dirty her hands for you.

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  • Pinyapple

    GOLD! We need more meaningful stories with FL that isn't all about romance! Read this, your time won't be wasted. Great FL!

    1 months ago 1 Likes
  • Jenna27

    I like the story. I just sign up just to comment how i like this one 😁

    1 months ago 0 Likes
  • WinterCandyApple

    Nice novel. I hope we have constant update

    2 months ago 0 Likes
  • simpbawe

    at what chap should i read when i read the manwha?

    3 months ago 0 Likes
  • minako

    Please the cliffhanger. My heart is thumping so hard and loud. I was about to read the latest chapter one hour ago but after reading the note at the start I decided to stop and read when I was in my room. AAAA NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE 😭

    3 months ago 3 Likes
  • Lilith72

    hi guys. i created a wiki! but LNP won't let me share the link nooo. to make matter difficult for you: please go to "The Villainess Turns the Hourglass" wiki. in the homepage, copy the url, and replace the words with the title The Villainess Lives Twice. i have discord so if no one understands, please don't hesitate to message me bc i really need help in expanding the wiki. my discord is: Lilith#7637

    3 months ago 1 Likes
  • Lilith72

    to those who have goodreads: there are 8 books and an ongoing book with side-stories. chapter 1 to 72 is book 1 and 2. for spoilers you can check out novelupdates. the url doesn't work but you can just google it

    3 months ago 1 Likes
  • psychedahlia

    The person who said that FML isn't likeable is someone who just likes Mary Sue MCs, and can't handle real villains who aren't afraid to cross the line if there is something she wants to achieve. I recommend this for anyone who likes good female leads who are actually smart and scheming, not to mention really well-written. I love her character. The writing itself is perfect; the interactions between MC and the ML are tender, just like how you would expect a real relationship between two people develops. Expect that this is going to be slow burn because MC is doing everything out of atonement for her previous actions. The intro is gruesome so that should be a fair warning that this MC isn't a Mary Sue. Brace yourself with schemes, because this MC ain't taking shit from anyone. She'll raise hell to make ML the emperor, but this time, I have this firm belief she's not gonna lose her humanity .

    4 months ago 7 Likes
  • AnneRB

    I love how is this going, I know is going to be a slow burn because both protagonists are really shy and in the case of the FL she literally sees herself as a tool and not a woman. But she is really smart and I love how she managed to put herself away from her abusive family so fast so that erases a lot of gratuitous drama and I'm thankful for that.

    5 months ago 1 Likes
  • Morrighan

    SPOILER! I knew that she was going to be frigid for the honeymoon, yet I am still disappointed. These reincarnated villainesses are not very likeable.

    5 months ago 0 Likes
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This is a well-written story but it didn't leave me with awe. The author couldn't find the right balance between romance and plot.

Here are some notes I took while reading:

-In their first meeting if FL broke the wheel intentionally, how did she know that ML would go to the temple that day? Did I miss something?

-Miraila is too petty for this story. I guess it's okay since those people really exist in some ways. She is basically nuts.

-I'm at chapter 40s and the romance levels are quite unsatisfying.

-Lawrence acting mildly good in this timeline. Wow. He stays low because of selfish reasons but wow.

-Chapter 59 was the first kiss huh. Took long.

-Character's saying each other's names between sentences are getting very frequent and annoying. I hope the author realizes this problem.

-Chapter 110: FL and ML got separated for so long and seems like it's gonna stay like that a while. I mean the story getting very mild at this point. Before that, they weren't together often either. I'm cutting one whole star because of this. I hate long separations.


Finally Cedric confess his feelings to tia. Now just waiting for tia to full accept Cedric as lover and husband and let go the past. But when a lot flashback, even in the past, Cedric do fall in love in secret with tia but tia was Lawrence’s sister by that time.


I love me a Tia. She's just so inspiring. Good but evil and then some! All these villainess protagonist got me here wishing I've done some crazy evil deeds and go relive myself LOL


*caution* after reading this it’ll be difficult to settle for ur average novel!!

everything essential to a #1 story is there.
can we just talk about the depth of the characters? sheeeesh. bless author-nim, you’ve worked hard.


This is such a well thought out story and plot. It’s very well written and both main characters are smart and complement each other. I like seeing how their relationship develops. I already read the spoilers for all 8 books so I know what’s going to happen. The Manhwa is excellent in grasping most of the plot but there are small details that you can only get in the novel so I’m waiting excitedly for the next chapters. Thanks to the translators for doing this novel!


Well established world building, carefully written lead characters, and sweet, tender interactions of MC and ML. Overall deserves to have a physical book. This is how well-written this is, even the conspiracies and schemes are perfectly put together. I am so intrigued at how magic managed to be passed down, and how MC learned. This is unlike any other novel because this has the mystery if MC still has magic up her sleeve, aside from her being the puppeteer behind the scenes.

It's chapter 69 and we're just being introduced to other parts of the empire, but we're already given an idea on the topography and livelihood of the regions, and even brushed a little about the other kingdoms. This is how well it was put together, so I believe more exciting events are gonna happen.

So read this, bookmark it, and leave a review. The exciting stuff ain't even happening yet. I believe more is bound to happen and I can't wait. I also want to see what else MC has done in the past, as she's a legit villainess not just some party girl being obnoxious in noble social circles. Thousands died from her conspiracies, so she's not taking any shit from anyone.

I am in love about her character, and how well-written her image of herself is in contrary to how others see her, and how ML sees her as a human. It's a beautiful, slow burn romance of how the relationship is developed over time, not to mention that ML is actually respectful and gives MC her space to do her thing.

Overall, I believe we'll be in for a rollercoaster ride as we go along the chapters. Hopefully as more chapters come in, this novel's rank would go up. This deserves to be on one of the top spots, if not at #1.

I have high hopes for this novel. Please continue the hardwork, writer and translators. Thank you for translating this.


Very good. I highly recommend it if you like smart female leads. If you enjoyed reading the villainess turns the hour glass then you'll probably like this one too.


Definitely a must read!
The lead is an actual villainess. Someone willing to cross the line to make her goals become reality. It's quite amazing to see her do seemingly random things which pay off exceedingly well.


Despite a pretty gruesome beginning, this is really promising and interesting, I really hope someone continues uploading. More of a villainess trying to atone for her mistakes in some pretty clever ways, and of course a very hot male lead.


its really nice im pretty shook...